hopped onto their bed国产chinesehdxxxx老太婆

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hopped onto their bed国产chinesehdxxxx老太婆

Apocalyptic Lovers:Life Begins to Revive(I suggest your read Apocalyptic Lovers before getting into this sequel.) Following the massive meteor strike near Kansas City, a strong earthquake had moved in a wave across the entire North American continent.Megatons of dust, rocks and dirt had been hurled into the atmosphere.The resulting dust and dirt cloud that enveloped the earth blocked out much of the sun's light.Massive worldwide crop failures soon followed.Slowly, the cloud of dust and dirt had fallen back to earth and the skies began to clear.Rain eventually washed away much of the layers of dust and dirt that had coated everything following the meteor's impact.Millions of people had been killed immediately by the impact and resulting earthquakes.Many millions more died of starvation and illness within a few months following the impact.Roving gangs of thugs took advantage of the helpless people who ventured outside and added many more to the death toll. Curt had been prepared.He was a very rich businessman who used his wealth and power to build and stock a personal survival shelter and storage bunker.His shelter and bunker had all the comforts of home, a massive stockpile of supplies, and many automatic high tech defense systems built in. Curt and his lover, Amy, had survived the meteor's initial impact.Their heavily fortified living quarters and supply bunker had provided more than adequate protection from the ravages of the meteor strike and its aftermath.The distance from Kansas City to their location in the far eastern area outside of Atlanta had helped minimize the damages to the Eagles Nest and many other well built buildings in the area.The Eagles Nest was the name Curt and Amy had given their shelter.They had come to realized they were like eagles.They were mated for life and would defend each other and their shelter to the death.The death of anyone threatening their home or each other was just another step in the process of survival. It had been a little over eight months since the meteor strike.Curt and Amy continued to make love to each other almost every day and night.Curt had monitored the local conditions outside the Eagles Nest daily.Amy had maintained the Eagles Nest as any good wife would.After several months, he began to receive and respond to the transmissions of other survivors over his radio and satellite systems.There were even a few local radio stations coming back on the air.Civilization was trying to make a comeback. Since the meteor strike, there had been little activity on the nearby streets.Except for the occasional gang of thieves and thugs that roamed the area, there had been little activity noted on the Eagles Nest's monitors. The authorities had their hands full trying to secure the more populated areas.Therefore, they were rarely seen near the Eagles Nest.The Army National Guard had been deployed nationwide to bolster the local authorities.Even so, they did not have the manpower to move out into the more rural areas that surrounded the cities.The Eagles Nest was located in such a rural area.The few patrols that were sent out were frequently attacked by the roving marauders.Those attacks were met with overwhelming firepower from the authorities.The attacks soon came to a stop.The gangs seemed to have been subdued by the authorities deadly response. Then one day Curt said.“Amy, are you feeling adventurous?” “Sure Curt, but I think our life here has been one long adventure.”She replied. “I know, baby!Being naked for all this time has led to some exciting times.However, I think we should go up to the roof and visually check the structural conditions up there and in the nearby area.Besides, you are starting to show signs of a touch of cabin fever.You've been a bit irritable lately and seem nervous.Maybe a little fresh air will do you some good.So, put some clothes on and we'll go up to the roof for a little while.” “Cool, let's do it.Can we have a picnic lunch up there like we did before the strike?”She asked. “Sure, that sounds like fun. After Amy made them a picnic lunch, she and Curt dressed in work clothes, strapped on their sidearms, and each carried a long gun.Amy carried an AR-15 while Curt toted a 12 Ga. pump shotgun.As they climbed the steps to the roof there was little debris to impede their progress.Even the blast door leading to the roof opened fairly easily.While Amy looked over the roof for damages, Curt scanned the perimeter.Except for several large cracks in the raised perimeter wall at the edge of the roof, no serious damage had been done.He was quite proud of the construction of the Eagles Nest and how well it had withstood the impact of the shock wave that had followed the meteor strike. After clearing an area on the roof, Curt and Amy sat down to enjoy their first meal in the fresh air in over eight months.It was a warm and sunny day.After finishing their meal, they sipped a little wine and cuddled.Even after being cooped up together for so long, they still loved each other deeply.They greatly enjoyed petting and sexually arousing each other. About the time Curt reached into Amy's blouse to fondle her sizable tits, an alarm sounded.They both jumped up, grabbed their weapons and headed to the perimeter wall.They spotted a small group of marauders standing outside their security fence.Two of them were trying to climb the fence. The apparent leader of the thugs pointed toward Curt and Amy and shouted.“There they are.”He and several others began firing their handguns at the roof top. Amy and Curt took aim and fired at nearly the same time.The leader of the thugs went down with multiple pellet wounds from Curt's shotgun.The thug to his right dropped with a .223 round in his head.The rest of the thugs ran for their lives. “Well, so much for a peaceful picnic.”Curt said with a laugh in his voice.“Let's go back inside, baby.” Once back in their secure Eagles Nest, Curt made a thorough check of the surrounding area using his cameras and sensors.“All seems clear, baby.What do you say we finish what we started on the roof?” Amy smiled broadly.“Great idea.You know how much I enjoy making love with you.”She then stripped out of her clothes, hopped onto their bed, and stretched out her arms to welcome her lover. After shedding his clothes, Curt joined Amy.He kissed her passionately and held her tightly to his body.He loved the feel of Amy's large tits when they were crushed against his chest as he rolled on top of her soft body. As he began petting her, Amy again seemed to be a bit nervous.“Baby, is something wrong?”Curt asked. “Well, nothing is really wrong.I just have something I need to tell you.” Curt lifted himself up on his arms and looked down at his lover.“What is it, baby?” She took a deep breath before continuing.“Curt, I love you.I don't know what I'm going to do.Well, I know what's going to happen.It's pretty normal.Honey, do you remember I had a six month supply of birth control pills when we moved into the Eagles Nest?Well, it's been over eight months since we've been here.I hope you don't get mad.Honey, I'm pregnant!”Amy looked up at Curt with concern. Curt was looking back deep into Amy's eyes before speaking.“Amy honey, I love you too.Why would I be mad?I am thrilled and look forward to becoming a daddy.I can think of no one I would want more to have as my baby's mommy.I guess our Eagles Nest is about to add an eaglet, and the earth's population is about to be replenished by one well loved and cared for baby.Now, what were we doing before your earth shattering news?Oh yeah.” Curt then lowered his body down onto Amy and wrapped her in his arms.He hugged her tightly.She threw her arms around his neck, returned the hug, and covered his face with kisses.Almost as if it had a mind of its own, Curt's cock slipped fully into Amy's pussy.Even after all the loving they had shared, her pussy was still tight. She groaned in pleasure. A short time later, Curt pumped his load of cum into Amy's depths.She soon followed and bucked her way through a strong orgasm. Curt rolled off her and began sucking on one of Amy's erect nipples while fondling the other tit.He laughed and said, “I guess I'll have to share these puppies pretty soon.At least there's plenty to share.”He then squeezed both of her substantial tits. Amy giggled.Smiling broadly, she said, “What if there are two babies?Twins run in my family.” “Well, I guess I'll just have to wait until they've finished before I get my turn to play with those beautiful titties of yours.” As the months passed, the surrounding area slowly began to return to normal.Curt was in almost daily contact with the Atlanta and central Georgia authorities.The law enforcement authorities and National Guard had for the most part eliminated the thugs.Most of the thugs had gone down with a fight never to bother anyone again.City services returned as well.One day, out of the blue, the city water began flowing.The next day, the electricity came on.Their nuclear generator and deep well water supply automatically shut down. Amy's baby bump began showing and continued to grow.She estimated she was about six and a half to seven months along.Curt enjoyed laying next to Amy's expanding belly and stroking it while talking to his unborn child.Amy adored him for it.Doggie became one of their favorite positions because it put no pressure on Amy's expanding belly. One day Curt brought up the need to seek medical help for the approaching birth.“Baby, I think it may be safe enough to go out for a while.I think we need to get you to a doctor and let him give you and our eaglet a check-up.I've spoken to the hospital by radio and they said to bring you in for a check up.They're going to be here in the morning to take us to their facility.” “Okay, Curt.”Amy reluctantly agreed.“If that's what you want we can do it, but I think we can handle this ourselves.We've been here for over a year now,中文字幕精品无码亚洲幕 and we've handled many problems without help.Don't you think we can handle this too?” “Baby, we can handle many minor emergencies ourselves.But this is something else.I can fix almost everything in our Eagles Nest, but if something goes wrong, I don't know if I can fix you, or our baby.” About that time her baby decided to kick Amy's innards. She gasped and held her belly.Here Curt, feel our eaglet.I think he's learning to fly before leaving the nest.” Curt laughed and laid his hand gently on Amy's swollen belly.He then bent low and spoke to their baby.“Easy there eaglet.You can't fly until you leave the hanger.” “Okay Curt, I'll go to the hospital tomorrow.” Their ride to the hospital the next morning turned out to be an armored car equipped to be an ambulance.Their appointment with the doctor went well.After numerous tests and scans, he said that Amy and the baby were doing well.He also told Amy and Curt that he thought she had less then two months to go.He sent them home with some vitamins for Amy to take. On the way back to the Eagles Nest, Curt had the ambulance stop at a local National Guard armory.He knew the Commander there and Curt convinced him to sell them one of his older original H-1 Hummers.His previous car had been destroyed in the earthquake, and the Hummer might be usefulif they needed to go somewhere where the roads were bad.Plus the Hummer was one of the armored units that has seen action in the middle east.So, it could stand up well if they ran into any of the few remaining thugs. When they arrived back at the Eagles Nest, Curt and Amy relaxed the rest of the day.Amy's pregnancy was draining her energy more than she cared to admit.She decided to take a nap. In the mean time, Curt checked out the video feeds that were becoming available.Almost daily TV and radio stations that had been knocked out were coming back on the air.Of course the satellite signals had never stopped.It was so disheartening to see the total destruction that Kansas City and cities in the middle of the country had suffered.However, cities and towns all over the country were coming back to life. He could see people out and about in many areas.Some were clearing debris from their homes and neighborhoods.Others were trying to find supplies at the few newly reopened stores. Curt knew he had to help in his own small way.He contacted via radio a local group that was trying to open a new store nearby.The building was complete but they told him they were having a great deal of difficulty getting supplies transported to them from around the country. When Amy got up from her nap, they discussed what they wanted to do to help their neighbors.There was more than enough left in their supply bunker to stock a medium sized store.So, they decided to give much of their supplies to their neighbors.They would, of course, hold back enough to meet their needs and the needs of their soon expected addition. The next day, about twenty pick-up trucks and dozens of people arrived to get the supplies Curt and Amy had offered.Many of the trucks made more than one trip loaded down with supplies. Everyone, except Amy, worked hard loading the supplies. Curt had refused to allow Amy to work loading.“Your job is to make a comfortable nest for our eaglet.” Amy took it upon herself to bring the workers drinks and snacks.She was exhausted by the time the last truck was loaded.Before it had pulled out the store supervisor came to Curt and Amy.“How much do we owe you for all you have done?” “Nothing.”Curt and Amy answered simultaneously.Curt added, “Just charge your customers what you must to cover your operating expenses.Now is not the time for excessive profits.We must all help rebuild our little part of the world.” Curt then secured the bunker door.Amy went to lay down.As Curt came into their bedroom, Amy laughed and moaned. “What is it, Amy?” “Nothing serious.Our eaglet seems to have decided it's time for more flying lessons.” Curt smile at his mate, laid down beside her, and they kissed tenderly.He then scooted down and began gently rubbing the lump that indicated the baby's location in Amy's belly.Soothingly, Curt talked to the baby.Surprisingly, it worked.Their eaglet soon landed and settled down so Amy could get some rest. They slept through the night.Early the next morning, Amy was the first to awaken.She was overwhelmed with love for her mate who was still sleeping.Quietly, she slipped down the bed and took Curt's soft cock into her mouth and began licking and sucking.As he awoke, he felt a warm and wet sensation coming from his cock which had developed a serious morning hard-on.Amy looked up and smiled but never altered her loving motion.As Curt's cock grew in her mouth, she took more and more of it in.Deeper and deeper she inhaled Curt's cock.She soon had his morning wood deep in the throat and was swallowing all he had to give. “Baby, I'm about to cum.”He warned. “Um hum.” She grinned up at him and kept sucking. Curt groaned and began pumping his load of cum deep into Amy's throat.She never lifted and swallowed all he fed her.As she slowly pulled off Curt's cock, she swabbed it thoroughly with her tongue before letting it go.With a wet smack, Curt's cock popped out of Amy's mouth. “Wow, Baby.That was fantastic.” “I'm glad you liked it.You've been so good to me ever since we've been together, especially since I've been pregnant.I wanted to do something kind of special for you before I get too fat and ugly to take care of you.” Curt helped Amy crawl up his body and passionately kissed her.When they broke the kiss, Curt looked deep into her eyes.“Amy, you know I love you.We had a rough beginning, but we've gotten through it fairly well.Now, you're are about to have our baby.You will never be too fat and ugly for me to love you.I see only one real problem.” Amy looked at Curt with a bit of trepidation.“Problem?What problem?” “Well Baby, our little eaglet will be confused.” “Confused?Why?” “The poor little thing won't know what it's name is.” “Sure it will.It's name will be whatever we decide to call it.Well, maybe we'll call it eaglet now and them, but it will know it name.” “Yes, but what about a last name.Baby, I love you and I don't want our baby being confused about it's name.Amy, will you marry me?” Amy looked shocked for a few seconds.Then she threw her arms around Curt's neck and covered his face with kisses.She said joyously, “Yes, yes, yes!I'll marry you.”Then in a more serious tone, “I certainly would not want our eaglet to be confused about who he is.And another thing, I don't think we started too rough.Oh sure there was that meteor thing, but I could not have asked for a more loving and gentle start to my life as your mate.” Curt again radioed the group at the new store.As it so happened, one of the men that had come to move the supplies from the bunker was an ordained preacher.He was overjoyed at the opportunity to perform a marriage ceremony for Curt and Amy.It was held at the new store and many well wishers joined them.So, they officially became Curt and Amy Johnson. The next six weeks saw a great deal of improvement in the surrounding area.Even down town Atlanta was beginning to come back.All over the region, people were coming out and picking up the pieces to restart their lives and civilization.Everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood. The next month was hard on Amy.Curt tried to do all he could to ease her discomfort.There just wasn't much anyone could do for the near term mother to be.She was just miserable.Then while they were sleeping one night, Amy's water broke. She woke Curt in a near panic.Curt calmed her as best he could, then helped her up the stairs and into their Hummer.Just a short time later, they were pulling into the hospital emergency entrance.Just a few hours later, Amy and Curt were in her recovery room taking turns hold Curt Jr., Eaglet for short.


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