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massage them国产福利萌白酱精品tv一区

When I found her, she was just 19. It was by accident, as she was the daughter of a friend from work. It was my weekend with my kids, but I had a date and was in a pinch. My friend George suggested his daughter Stephanie, could watch them. After another failed date, I came home, the kids in bed. The dishes in the kitchen that I had left from breakfast were cleaned and put away. The living room was cleaned and vacuumed. Stephanie was sitting on the couch watching TV. She immediately got up and asked why I was home so early? Long story Stephanie.Stephanie, tells me all about the kids. What they did. So on and so forth, but I was not listening. In the 2 hours I was gone, she cleaned the kitchen and living room, fed the kids played with the kids and put them to bed. I moved to my recliner and sit down. Stephanie goes to the fridge grabs a beer opens itandbrings it to me, saying I looked like a could use it. I thanked her. That is when it got weird. She its on the floor next to my legs. She leans her head into myknee and says "I don't want to go home right now, can I stay here for a little bit?"I think to myself, sweetie you can stay as long as you like.Stephanie? I say with an iquisitive tone.Yes Sir! She responds as she turns her head upward looking me in the eyes.Taken back by being called sir, I take a moment before responding. I see her fragile expression as she looks at me as if she were seeking approval. I pat her on her head and tell her how happy for all she has done.Stephanie responds as she looks at me, your welcome sir. You are pleased? Yes?Yes I am. Very pleased. I am just confused as to why? I ask.Stephanie looks at me equally confused as to why I would wonder. She says Mr. Evans, I enjoying serving and you have been nothing but nice to me. It makes me feel needed and secure. It only make sense that I show you myappreciation. Does that make you uncomfortable? She asks as a concerned look covers her face.Stephanie, I truly appreciate everything you have done. For the first time I seethe beauty in her submissive face. I see that she is a sexy young thing and deep inside I am aroused. With that I add, you are so beautiful... ummmm I stutter.I should not have said that. For Christ's sake your George's daughter.Awe, how sweet of you sir. Don't worry about George. He is not my real dad anyway. Stephanie responds. Distracting me and looking to change the subject,she begins to remove my loafers...I allow her to remove my loafers.... laying back in the chair. Relaxing and just getting into the moment. She removes my socks. Running her fingers betweenmy toes. She looks at me and says "sir, just relax, I will erase all your stress" Now she is kneeling between my legs as she rubs my feet. I become more aroused as she moves her hands up past my Achilles up my calves. She placessher chin on my knees as she looks up at me. Seeking my approval, she asks sir, do you like? I pat her head, slightly moan, and say sweetie, it feels real good. Beginning to understand, that Stephanie is a natural sub. Not ever playing the master before, I prepare myself for the role. Although for Stephanie it is no role, it is a way of life. Looking at her gorgeous body, I think to myself, I could get into this.Yes sir! She quickly responds. Beginning to rub my legs.No! Stephanie, not with my slacks on. I banter, as I stand up.Sorry sir, she responds. She unzips unbuckles and removes my pants. Leaving my boxer briefs on and being extremely careful as to not touch my growing penis. Engorged and restrained by the cotton fabric, my averaged sized penis looked much larger than it actually is.Oh my! Stephanie exclaimed, as my manhood was only 18 inches away. She quickly turned her attention to my legs as I step out of my slacks. I am sorry sir, she appologizes. I meant nothing, it's just... so big. She turns away and focuses on my calves. Sir, would you like to lie on the couch?Actually Stephanie, I would feel much better in the bedroom. That way if the kids get up, there is a lot less explaining to do. Stephanie replies with a strightfforward,日本公与熄完整版hd高清播放 yes sir! As we move toward the bedroom, Stephanie a full step behind me, "sir may I be blunt?""Of course Stephanie. I quickly respond.Sir, I love being told what to do. It works out much better, because I knowstraight away that I am doing as you please. The whole time I was cleaning your house, I was worried that you would approve. With that said, sir please command when you want me to do something or change what I am doing. I will do anything to please you. I only ask that if I say Kansas, that you stop. I no longer feel safe.Stephanie, that sounds fine to me. Close the door and lock it.she smiles sheepishly, but with a resounding voice. Yes Sir! She moves toward the door and does exactly as she is told.I lie on the bed with my back exposed, wearing only my underwear. Stephanie, come here. Rub my feet. Knead them, massage them, run your fingers between my toes.Yes sir! Smiling as she moved towards the bed. She sat Indian style, placing my feet in her lap. She slowly kneaded my feet first one then the other. Then she massaged my feet and finally she ran her fingers between my toes. The feeling was exquisite. It was all that I could do to not squirm when she ran her fingers between my toes. Stephanie suck my toes! Without hesitation, or a yes sir, she began sucking my toes. Her tongue played with my toes. I could not see her, but I envisioned her mouth playing with my toes like the were tiny little cocks. After a few minutes of her kissing my toes, I told her to rub my calves. I spread my legs so she could sit between my legs. Like a good servant she rubbed my calves. I found myself becoming aroused slightly. Stephanie, rub the backs of my legs all the way to my butt. First though, remove my underwear. She tugged on my underwear. I lifted up to help free the boxer briefs. Totally naked, I lie on my belly. My balls free and totally visible between my spread legs. She gave my legs and butt the same treatment. Stephanie! I am going to roll over. She stopped her caressing of my butt. When I rolled over my cock sort of leaped upward. Startling her as it pulsed. It was not completely hard, but it was at least 5 inches of its normal 6 1/2 inches. Stroke it!Yes sir! Her youthful hands began moving up and down the shaft. Now, take the head in your mouth and lightly suck it. Right on que, she sucked my hardening cock in her mouth as if it were a sucker. Taking just the head, sucking hard swirling her tongue all over and around my stiff cockhead. All the while she id stroke me. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssss! Daddy likes alot. Play with daddy's balls. She immediately took her free hand and cradled them as her other hand stroked me. Her mouth continued it's incessant pursuit of drawing every drop of my semen into her waiting mouth and wanton belly. I could feel the pre-cum oozing ftom my cockhead. I could hear Stephanie mutter ummmmmmmm master you taste soooo gooooooddd. Stephanie's wet mouth sucking my stiff cockhead and her stroking hand had my loins tingling. That feeling that tightens the asshole slightly and makes a man spread his legs. As I did, it encouraged her. Ohhhhhhh Yeessss!!!!! Suck it harder. Ohhhhhhh gaaaawwwddd!!! I'm gonna cum. I gonna cum. Stephanie cradled my balls with one hand. With the other she stroked my shaft. All the while she sucked my cockhead. No swirling or teasing, just straight sucking. Jerking me off in her mouth. She firmly gripped my balls. I could feel my load building, but her grip was bholding me back. She increased the speed of her jerking hand as she continued sucking my head. Then just as I thought I could not take any more, she relased my balls and ran her down my taint and through the crease of my but cheeks to my asshole. She teased my tight bung hole. OHHHHHHH MYYYYYY FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKIIINNNNGG GAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD. I exploded in her mouth. She continued to stroke and suck. I must pulsated at least a dozen times inside her mouth. She took every last drop, not even a drbble in yhe corner of her mouth. She swallowed it all. It felt so damn good. It was I who was about to cry Kansas. I have had my cock sucked many times, even by true pros, never have I had my cocked as well as that little slave. My slave. It was so damn intense, I passed out. When I was waking a couple hours later, I thought it was a dream. Until I looked down and saw nestled in my lap. A sleep her mouth only mere inches from her mouth. I lay there physically spent, although it was her who did all the work. I thought to myself, whatever I have to do to keep her happy, I will. Then it occurred to me, she calling me master, but it is I who feels like a slave. I knew I wanted to fuck her, but I dont think she left any semen. I fell back asleep ss I carressed her face gently.


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