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so I waited国产白丝美腿娇喘高潮的视频

I was down in L.A. for spring break. The break had officially ended the day before, but I stayed on another day as it was the Day Kiki was going back to work full time after the baby was born. She'd woken before me to feed the kid, then came to wake me. Breastfeeding always makes her totally horny, she tells me it feels like she's coming, but she doesn't, so she wants me to fix the not coming for her. I can make her come in a variety of ways, but we were running late today, so we use the quick option. I just knelt on the floor and went down on her.After that, she jumped in the shower, and left me with a hard on. I don't always get off in the morning, when I'm in L.A., sometimes, like this day I take it to work instead. That is for my part time job, I'm the fluffer at Kiki's porn production house, at least for the girls in the office.When we're both ready, she drives us both to work. She goes into her office to do CEO type things, and I stop at her secretary's desk to get any updates for my calendar. Megan, her secretary, is a rather matronly lady, not really my type at all, but I still like her. Kiki says she's super efficient, so encourages me to be particularly nice to her. This morning, she's in playful mood, so she makes me go down on her, before I can check my calendar. My job description includes requests from employees as well as talent, so that's good. I'm sure that's not good for productivity, in the short-term anyway, I leave her flopped in her chair and smiling.I go to my locker and change. I always end up naked anyway, so I just take everything off to start with now. Then into the green room. "Green room" is an entertainment industry term for a room where the talent relaxes before or after they're working, usually they're not painted green. Someone with a sense of humor did paint this one green, and most of the furniture is green. There is a red sofa and an easy chair, for contrast.There are already a couple of girls in there, talent. Talent gets priority on my services, I'm not actually sure who it was in the green room, it tends to blur together after a while. But, whatever, they're naked, and one of them points to the floor between her legs. I kneel there, this is one of my favorite ways; the girl pulls my head into her pussy. I like it when they're assertive like that.Things blur together even more after that, there's a parade of girls I get to go down on, until my watch vibrated (the watch is the only thing I'm wearing), a calendar alert had popped up. "1:1 with Jade." So I finish the current girl off as quick as I can, then say, "I've got to get to a meeting." And left. I could hear grumbling murmurs of disappointment behind me, but I have my priorities.I walk to Jade's office and knock on the frame of the open door, I'm standing there naked (except for the watch), and hard. Jade looks up and smiles. She's looking very businesslike today (as always), she's wearing a dark skirt suit. "Come in, Matt." She says, and licks her lips. Then she shucks her jacket, leaving it on he back of her chair. She had on a crisp white tailored shirt under that. She'd have looked all business, if her cleavage wasn't visible from the few undone buttons. She slouches in her chair, and pulled up the hem of her skirt. That revealed she wasn't wearing panties, her legs opened wide, revealing a wet pussy. It was obvious what she wanted, so I knelt in front of her. She started unbuttoning her shirt at the same time, but I didn't have time to take in those sights as I got to work on her pussy.She added, "We've got plenty of time." That was good, no need to hurry, I could enjoy myself down there. Yup, not a lot better than licking a pussy, but I thought If there is, I'm sure I'd get to do it later. I'd gone down on Jade often enough, we had a scheduled weekly meeting (when I'm in L.A.) for this after all, so I could pick up on her reactions by now. I liked having the scheduled meeting, it appealed to my submissive side for some reason. That and the anticipation, if I happened to be not otherwise engaged before hand (though that would be rare). The scheduled meeting wasn't the only time she had me, she could have me anytime she wanted, being second in command to Kiki. Also Kiki deferred to her sexually, so really she had first pick on my time. I liked that, I liked Jade.I worked on her pussy, she liked me to hurry her to a plateau, then keep her there for a while. After a while I ramped up the action, but didn't quite make her come, before I backed off again. I could tease her like that all morning if I wanted to, but after the third time I started to back off, then went for it. That surprised her, to find herself unexpectedly coming. I liked playing with Jade like that; she made it so easy. I knelt at her feet and looked up to her and she stopped twitching and slumped in her chair. I think I did alright.Jade doesn't do back to back orgasms, she usually has something else in mind after she comes, so I waited, as patiently as my hard on would let me, for her to regain her senses. She hadn't regained the power of speech yet, so she patted the desk in front of her, I helped her get out of the chair and sit on the desk. I'd have some interesting episodes on that desk, sometimes I'd play at being her secretary and she'd "sexually harass" me.The company does have a strict sexual harassment policy, I'm sure a lawyer sweated over it. They didn't want to ban sex at work, it was part of the company culture, but it had to be done right. It has clauses like, "Except in performance of duties, affirmative consent must be given." I was alright there, my duties were to serve the women, so I didn't need to give consent. I liked that. Then there was "Unless a prearranged safeword is in place, 'No', means no." I did have safewords in place, but I don't remember ever wanting to say "No" though.But anyway, Jade lies back, and obviously wants me to fuck her, her legs are open, inviting me in, so I do. Her humongous boobs are on display, she's looking overall, very tasty (and she is, I've already tasted her!) and tempting. I'm really turned on (from eating almost every girl I've met since I woke up this morning) and I still haven't cum yet. This is not going to be a marathon. Jade looking so tasty isn't helping, and the fact she's totally getting in to the fucking, is really not helping either.I want her to come first, but unfortunately, that's not going to happen. I've been thrusting away, and Jade is really into it, but I feel my orgasm coming too soon. I'm coming, I look at Jade, who's really out of it, and say, "Sorry." as I shoot into her pussy, and sit down on her chair, before I fall down. Jade looks up with a half annoyed, half-desperate look on her face, and I hear laughing from behind me. Kiki is walking into the office, she's laughing, she goes to Jade, kneels, and goes down on her.I guess that's Kiki's plan for the morning, why she didn't make me come, so I'd be quick with Jade. That's what counts as a prank in this office. Kiki's programmed her own app on the watch which monitors my vital signs, it recognizes when I'm coming and alerts her. The watch also tells her where I am, her "electronic leash" as she calls it. It's the virtual equivalent of the one she'll put around my dick and balls, I like that so much, I like being Kiki's. With the leash, she can always find me when I've come, and she does like cleaning up after me.So, I'm slumped in the chair, resting, as Kiki is going down on Jade, finishing what I started, and cleaning up after me. That's hot. I'm starting to get interested again, I get hard. Eventually, Kiki finishes off Jade, and leaves her on the desk to recover. She gets up to kiss me, she tastes of Jade's pussy, I like that, and my cum, I'm not so fond of that. Then she kneels again, and goes down on me, only briefly unfortunately, just to clean me up a bit. Then, she leaves to go do her thing again, but reminds me, "Don't forget lunch." We have a lunch appointment, and it’s almost lunch time.I check with Jade, she's happy for now, so I leave her office. On the way out, I'm stopped by Brooke, Jade's secretary. Brooke looks like she belongs in a porn film, but she doesn't do porn. She's an actress, "between roles," but doesn't play that sort of role. She doesn't mind working for a porn company though, obviously. She's been watching the whole scene, her desk is positioned so she can see Jade's desk in the office. She's been turned on by it, not an unusual occurrence. In this case, she bends over her desk, pulls up her skirt, and makes it obvious she's not wearing panties.Now I've come in Jade's pussy, it's "safe" for me to fuck the girls. There are only a few times a day I can come, and those are reserved. So once I've come, and in no danger of coming again in a hurry, the girls know I can fuck them. So I fuck her. I like that, I like fucking,男女啪啪激烈高潮免费动态图 but I am trying to get to lunch, so I try to get her off quickly. She comes, and I leave her slumped over her desk.I walk through the green room on the way to my locker; the news has spread it seems. When one of the girls in there sees it's me, she does much the same as Brooke did. No skirt to pull up though, she started naked. She bends over and waggles her ass at me. So I fuck her as well, I'm still trying to hurry, so she comes quickly, then the other two girls want a piece of me as well. I'm starting to think I might come if I'm not careful, but I manage to make them come, and go change without coming myself. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I love my job.I get changed and manage to find Kiki to get to lunch. Jade is joining us, and so is Dee. I like Dee, she's fun as well, and so sexy, and a great fuck. We go to the usual place, TGIF's for lunch. The hostess and the waiters are used to us now, I've fucked most of the girls, so they're nice to us. That started with Kiki picking up one of the waitresses once, and I joined in the sex. After that my reputation spread, so I got more offers. The male waiters just ogle the girls and are nice to us. Kiki, Jade and Dee had business to discuss, I didn't take much notice of that. Mostly, I was distracted by Dee's boobs which are still trying to escape from her top, they never quite seem to manage it, but it makes me wonder. I did notice the top was less colorful than some she's worn, I must really like her to have noticed that.I was disappointed when Dee said she was leaving, not coming back to the office with us. I'd been looking forward to having Dee, she's an investor in the company, so she gets preferential treatment. She did say she'd see us later which was encouraging. Back in the office, I helped out Kiki with her breast pumping. She's producing milk for the little one to eat, but producing it has the same effect as feeding does on her. With me on hand, she likes me to go down on her while she's pumping. That works for me, I do wonder if her coming while pumping has any effect on the taste.Later in the afternoon I help interview potential new talent. There are lots of girls who say they want into porn, the main thing is we try to put them off of the idea before someone takes advantage of them. Most of them really have no clue what they'd be getting themselves into. If it's progressed to a face to face interview, they should have some idea of what it's about. So now we see if they can go through with it. Before finally having them fuck on video, Kiki will have them strip in the middle of the office, with an audience, like me (naked and hard remember). Then ask them to fake an orgasm. They've got to be able to do that sort of thing in front of people.If all goes well and they do seem like the right stuff, I'll go down on them. That's usually a surprise, they're expecting to have to act again, I try to get them to come for real, after playing with them for a while. Kiki values my opinion of the girl. This time it was Enya, she was smoking hot, she betrayed no self-consciousness when stripping off, and her fake orgasm was suitably pornish. I found her very easy to read, so I could play with her forever, but I eventually decided to finish her off, leaving her in a sweaty heap on the casting couch. I gave the thumbs up to Kiki, I'd like to do that again, and I think she'll make a fine porn actress. Kiki then kissed me and I left to go do my regular job. There were plenty in the green room.The afternoon is another blur, then its time to go home. I get dressed and Kiki drives us home. At home we do normal domestic things, Kiki feeds the little one, we get some food, we sit down to watch the TV. That's when I notice that Kiki isn't sitting. She's kneeling, not quite at my feet, a bit off to the side. She's also lost her crop top. Her usual CEO (of a porn company) attire is a mini skirt and crop top, usually nothing else. So now she's wearing just that white leather mini skirt I like on her so much, I didn't think she'd been wearing that earlier. If I thought about it, I'd have realized she never asked me for anything after feeding the little one, so she must be so turned on.She's looking up at me, with an enigmatic expression, I've seen it before. Not quite pleading, not quite resignation, not quite lust, a lot of expectation, I'm really not sure what the expression means, except that she wants me to do her. She'll do anything I want. If you've never had someone look at you like that, you won't know how much of a turn on it is. A look like that goes straight to my genetic programming, I revert to a more primitive state. Maybe Neanderthal, maybe homo erectus, maybe my lizard brain takes over. She wants me to do her, and the more primitive and forceful the better.You know I'm normally the submissive, but she's now the submissive. Domination isn't my thing, but that offer of ANYTHING does it for me. I'm also sort of the masochist, but now she'll take whatever I can give her. Though, I'm really not a sadist, if she cried out because of what I do, it'll reduce me to tears. That's a way to ruin a scene like this.I'm not thinking, I act. I pick her up, literally, and throw her over the arm of the sofa. I start to fuck her hard, doggy style, still not thinking much. She does come a few times, I'd like that if I cared, but I don't. I'm not coming soon, so I drag her off the arm, and hold her by the hair on the scruff of her neck, while I fuck her face. Still not coming, so, still holding her, jack off over her face, while she gasps for breath, finally I come over her face. That really is my favorite thing, of all my favorites.I let her go and slump onto the sofa. After a pause, she gets up with me and hugs me. "Thank you." She says, I never know why anyone would thank me for that. After that we're just a normal domestic couple (though we may have a bit more sex than most couples). We were just about thinking of going to bed (to sleep), quite early as I had to catch an early flight back to school in the morning, when Dee arrived.Dee was going to be staying with Kiki for a while to help out with the kid, she had been supposed to get there earlier, but had gotten held up. That did put a crimp in the evening, we went to bed (all together in our bed), without sex. That was weird.However, I have this hazy memory, at the time I wasn't sure it was a memory, not a dream. Kiki roused me when she went to feed the kid, and pointed me towards Dee. Dee was lying naked on her back, with her legs apart. She'd have been very tasty, if it weren't so dark, she was just a vague shadow. But anyway, I moved down to her feet, and gently pushed them apart some more, so I could get to her pussy.That may be the only time I've got to Dee's pussy when she wasn't turned on already. She was asleep, so had an excuse, I set about rectifying that. I gently licked at her outer lips, running my tongue up her crack, trying to pry it open. As she warmed up, her lips opened and I started to find some moisture, that was a good sign. Also a good sign was the sleepy sounding sighs, and her legs opening further. She was nicely warmed up now, she was tensing up and moaning, then she came.That was when I woke up for real; a tidal wave of girlie cum squirted all over my face. I hadn't been thinking about that, I was mainly asleep, Kiki had thought of that, and handed me a towel to mop up the mess. I hadn't noticed Kiki was back on the bed. I'm not sure Dee was awake or not, she sad in a sleepy voice, "Thanks coz." I think that's what she said, then she snored, I think it was a snore, she never usually snores, she must have been really relaxed. She was definitely fast asleep. There's a story there, I'm going to have to ask her about sometime.I must have got back to sleep as the next thing I remember is the alarm going off, at a really stupid hour. It was an even stupider hour that it might otherwise be, as we had two girls to get through the shower before we went of to the airport. While Dee was in the shower, I had a farewell fuck with Kiki. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for me to get to Dee before we left for the airport.I have the best wife, and the best job in the world. Though she only allows me to do the job part time, she insists I have to finish the doctorate. I'm not going to see her until the weekend, but I'm sure we'll make up for it then. In the meantime, we have FaceTime sessions. Now we're married, Kiki has a rule, when we're living apart, no coming without her watching (well, I might be allowed once a day, in an emergency). That's such a turn on in so many ways. Kiki asserting her dominance is going to get me hot. And it's so embarrassing to be on display like that, particularly if she plays it on the big screen in the conference room for the others to watch. I come so hard when she does that.Kiki's going to know anyway if something's happening, either if I try to get myself off, or like say Rose or another of Kiki's friends coming round to my place. With the electronic leash in place, she'll quite often interrupt me if I forget (or am too distracted) to make the call. Or there was the time Dee called, to show me Kiki working away between her legs, that was hot, that helped me get off (on my own, unfortunately). Though I did insist Dee make Kiki come as well, with Dee being dominant, she sometimes tries to deny Kiki orgasms, I never understand that, that's just cruel.


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