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crawl into the backseat国产av一区二区三区香蕉

This is the first part of a multi-part story...if the feedback is good I will post more. Though this is based on factual events it is strictly a work of fiction and the names have been changed to protect the innocent. DATING DANIELLE(The making of a slut)Danielle was the daughter of my employee at the convenience store I managed. At 11 she was cute as a bug and just starting to develop as a woman. Her small breasts were mere bumps at this point on her otherwise flat chest. Her mother had confided that she had just started her period. Her mother treated her badly, so my plan I felt would work well. The day came when I could proffer my plan. Danni as I called her was at the store one day with her mother, and I overheard her complaining about having to go to a babysitter with her younger siblings. I approached her mother with my idea.“Do you trust my psychological insights and understanding? I did after all accurately depict your negativity and bitchiness as walls of protection and have helped you tear them down.”“Yes, I guess so.”“You know I love your children as my own, so I propose the following. Instead of making Danni go to the babysitter, let her spend the evening with me. I will take her to dinner and a movie. We will have fun together and I will bring her home, after you get home. It will be kind of like a date, though that is a ridiculous notion, considering her age, not to mention our age difference. Since pumping a young girls self esteem is so important, you might want to even characterize it as a date, though you and I both know it is really a different kind of babysitting experience, she doesn’t need to realize this.”“I don’t know if that is a good idea or not.”“Listen, Tracy. It isn’t like I am going to molest her or anything, and with the history you have with men in her presence, she needs a good male role model to prevent the cycle of abuse you have experienced and drawn to yourself, from being visited onto her. If Michael turns out to be a good man and doesn’t become abusive to you, Millie might be spared the indoctrination that Danni has already certainly been made victim of. If this works with Danni, I can extend it to Millie when she gets older, if necessary. It will be good for her and allow me time with a ‘daughter-figure’ I was denied with my own daughter. If I buy her anything to bring home, I will have her select things for Robbie and Millie too, so there won’t be any sibling rivalry develop.”I guess the daughter-figure comment had its effect, because Tracy agreed. She asked Danni if she would like to go with me Friday night rather than to the babysitter, and Danni eagerly agreed, no doubt gladly doing anything but go to the babysitter, though ostensibly that was all I was to be. Later in the week, I told Tracy I was taking Danni to a fairly fancy restaurant and so a dress might be in order or at the very least nice jeans. I also told her it might be a good idea to play it up as a date to Danni to make her feel more grown up. I picked Danni up at 7 sharp on Friday night. She was cute as a bug in a little girl way, dressed in what must have been her Easter Dress. It was prim and proper and cute. Those were the words that came to mind immediately as I saw her. “Aren’t you cute tonight.” Danni blushed and replied “Thank you.” We left and just as I would a grown woman date, I held her door as she climbed up into my truck. I was able to lift the back of her dress, undetected by her, and was treated to a glimpse of her panties as she was more a girl than a lady as she climbed up inside the cab. They were typical little girl styling. This worked well for my plan. We drove away from her house. “That is a cute dress. Is it your Easter Sunday dress?”“Yeah, kinda. It is for church.”“It is apparent your mother still treats you like a little girl. The dress makes you look cute like a little girl should be, not pretty like a young woman would be. Would you rather look cute like a little girl or pretty like a young woman?”I knew what the answer would be.“Pretty. Mom can’t afford to buy me big girl clothes, so I have to endure these when I need to wear nice things.”“Tell you what. When we go out, and I hope this isn’t the last time, we will be going to nice places, so if you want I can afford nice big girl things, so I will buy you clothes to wear when we date, how is that?”Danni got excited.“Really? You don’t want me to look like a little girl? Mom said you wanted to take me out because you didn’t get to with your daughter. She said I should act like a little girl and as if you are my daddy.”“Well, yes honey, but my daughter wasn’t a little girl forever. So we can think of you as my daughter, but at your age or even a little older. OK?”“OK!” she replied enthusiastically.Danni was very excited now. She was beginning to think this might be fun, after all. She must have thought I was going to treat her like a baby like her mother did. That was the furthest intention in my mind.“Yeah, we will pretend you are 14 and the clothes we buy will be for a 14 year old, OK?”“That would be great. Can I get anything I want?”“Probably yeah. We will have to see. Also I think your mom tells you she doesn’t have the money because she doesn’t want you dressing older. She is trying to keep you a little girl, though with Millie, a little girl, that shouldn’t be necessary if you want to grow up. You are the oldest though so you have to blaze the trails.” I felt it necessary to downplay her younger sister Millie, because mom quite obviously played favorites with Millie her baby girl. “Can we go to the Gap?”“Yeah let’s go right now and get you something to wear tonight. I think though, you should leave these new clothes with me for now and then your mother can continue to indulge herself by treating you like a little girl. When we date I will treat you like the young woman you are, and we will just plan in time for you to change each time we go out. OK?”“OK.” She was literally beaming. We went to the Gap and picked out two very nice very sexy little dresses for Danni. She started referring to me as daddy in the store, and so the young girl who waited on us thought nothing of the purchases I was making. While she was trying one of them on, I picked out several pair of sexy panties for her, including a couple of thongs. I had told her I was going to pick them out before I did, so she wasn’t surprised when they were included at the checkout counter. She chose to wear a clingy little mini-dress out of the store, and when we got to the truck I explained some things to her about fashion etiquette. I had her stand and pointed to the panty lines the little girl panties made on her ass under the tight fitting dress and the lines her little training bra made, too. “So if you don’t want panty lines to mess up the sexiness of the dress you either wear none or a thong. Which do you prefer?”“Well, I am not used to not wearing panties and this dress is a little short too, so I guess I need to wear a thong.” I fished a thong out of the bag of purchases and handed it to her.“Ok, put them on.”“Right here?” The tone in her voice was incredulous at what I was suggesting. “Yeah, no one will see. Just pull up your dress and take off those little girl panties and put the thong on. If you are worried that I might see, crawl into the backseat, pull your dress up and take the little-girl panties off and put the thong on. The tinted windows will prevent anyone seeing in, and you can get behind my seat and I can’t see. Besides I will be driving so looking forward.”Danni took a moment to think about it and then crawled over the console into the backseat. I have power mirrors, so I adjusted one of them so I could watch her change. She pulled her dress up and slipped the Little Mermaid emblazoned panties off and then put the thong on. Her little, as yet bald pussy was a treat to my lecherous old eyes and a treat to look forward to. Probably not tonight but certainly down the road. As she started to crawl back into the front seat, I purposely touched her breast and said.“While you are back there, you should take your bra off. A dress like this should be worn braless. “Danni just said “yes” and retreated into the back seat to again unwittingly put on a show for me. Her little titties were just buds at this point, but promised to be so much more like her mother’s big DD-cups. She removed the offending garment then returned to the front seat. I was treated to a view of her crotch as she climbed over the console and it looked to me like a little lust had crept into her pussy as the crotch of the thong was filling out some. Her nipples were hard and pressing against her dress, and I would have thought her cold, if it weren’t for what I saw in her panties. We went to the restaurant I had in mind and ate. The conversation was light, like a father and his daughter and I was able to get Danni to laugh a bit, which was a good thing. After dinner we left to go to a movie. I stopped at a liquor store and bought some sweet wine coolers. I gave Danni one and whispered it was our secret. She winked back at me, and said ‘OK’ in a conspiratorial tone and started to drink the intoxicating beverage. I didn’t want her to get drunk, as I wasn’t sure I could sober her up in time to take her home, but if she got a little loose from the alcohol it might work to my advantage. “Instead of a movie, let’s go some place where we can talk, OK?”“OK.” She agreed, with a look that said ‘I think I know what you have in mind and that works for Me.’ on her cute face as she gave her assent. I drove to a place in the country I knew about, knowing we wouldn’t be bothered there. Danni was starting to slur her words a bit, so I figured she was ready for what I was about to proffer and also that she had had enough alcohol for tonight. I wasn’t going to fuck her this night, but I hoped to set the stage for future dates. I turned to face her in the cab of the truck. “Do you like your new sexy clothes?”“Yes they make me feel all grown up.”“Are they sexy enough for you? Do they make you feel sexy?”“Yes I feel very sexy in them.”“Good I had hoped you would. You are a very sexy young woman and I want you to always feel that way with me.”As I spoke this next sentence, I reached over and brushed the back of my fingers against the nipple pressing against the inside of her dress. It was the juncture that could send me to prison so I was a bit nervous though you couldn’t have detected that with the boldness of my gesture and the conviction in my tone. In my state there is no statutory rape law, but there is an indecency with a child law that was much broader in its reach, so everything from this point forward was a potential prison sentence. “At first I thought it was because you got a little cold when you took your bra off, but since your nipples have stayed hard I guess it isn’t the cold. The dress must make you feel a bit slutty too, huh?”“Yes, I feel all sexy and a little slutty too.”Danni smiled a wicked little grin as she said those words and I figured I was in no jeopardy of going to prison. “Do you like feeling this way?”“Yeah, it is nice, I feel like a big girl.”“Do you like feeling sexy or slutty the best?”“Sexy I guess. No, slutty I guess.”“How does it feel when Danni feels slutty?”“It feels good. I am all itchy down there.”“Down where?”“Down there.” Danni nodded her head toward her lower body but was still nondescript in her reply. “I am your friend and supposedly your Daddy even if we are just playing, so you can talk openly with me.”“OK.” Danni was starting to breathe a little heavier and that was a good thing in my estimation. “By down there you mean in your panties?”“Yes.” Danni blushed. “So you mean your pussy itches?”“Yes.” Her blush deepened.“When you are with me you can say anything you want. So go ahead and say it. When I feel slutty my pussy itches and it wants to be touched.”“When I feel slutty my pussy itches and it wants to be touched.” Danni stammered out the reply, but even with the stammering it still was said with a degree of conviction.“Do you want me to touch it for you and make the itch go away?”“If you want to.” There was a certain amount of pleading in her tone as she voiced her assent. “I will be glad to, but we have to come to an understanding, OK?”“What is that?”“I will be glad to touch you all over, and make any slutty itches go away and feel good too, any time you want me to, but both of us must agree it is our secret and to never ever tell anyone. Otherwise we will both get in a lot of trouble. I agree, do you?”“Oh yes, I will never tell anyone or do anything to get you in trouble, Daddy.”“Ok, let’s get in the back seat.” Thanks Detroit for pickups with backseats.We crawled into the back and I had Danni sit in my lap, her legs straddling both of mine and facing me. She had to pull the dress up around her waist, and though she blushed a little at first when she did, she was rather unabashed as she sat on my thighs, the skirt around her waist, the red thong panty completely visible as a consequence.The crotch of the thong was full, so it looked as if Danni’s pussy was fully engorged and lusty. I slipped my hand between our legs to cup her thong-clad pussy and she took in a sharp breath as my hand cupped her girl sex. I rubbed her lusty pussy for several minutes, and Danni seemed to be getting hotter and hotter.“Does that feel good?”“Oh gawd yes.”“Is the itch going away?”“Well yes and no. The itch is gone, but there is a new feeling like the itch.”I had Danni stand up and I slipped the tiny thong down her tiny little legs. Her little bald pussy was gorgeous fully engorged with lust’s blood. I had her sit back on my lap. As she sat she looked deep into my eyes and asked.“Are you going to fuck me now?”Wow! To hear a little 11-year-old slut talk dirty, I thought I would bust a nut right there. And the fact she was asking in a way that was essentially giving me permission to fuck her was intoxicating in its lustiness. “Do you want me to fuck you?’“I think it might feel good and be fun.”“Remember Danni you can talk to me openly. Do you want me to fuck you and make you my slut for all time?”“Yes.”“Then ask.”“Please fuck me and make me your slut for all time.”“Well, I am not going to fuck you tonight. I will teach you a lot of other things that feel almost as good as fucking, and then I will fuck you on a future date, then we will fuck all the time, OK?” She sounded almost disappointed with her response to my reply.“OK. But why can’t you fuck me tonight?”“I told you that we must keep all of this secret, and this being our first date, your mom may check you out pretty carefully when you get home. This is certain if you are walking funny as some girls do after they fuck for the first time. So I will show you all sorts of other things, and make you feel really, really slutty tonight without fucking you. It will feel almost as good as fucking, I promise. Besides, I want to fuck you the first time in a bed, not in the backseat of my truck. There are also things you must learn, so when we go to bed to fuck, you can be a participant and not just the girl getting fucked. I know you want to be a slut and more specifically, my personal slut. “You will be, but first you must learn how to be discreet so we don’t get in trouble. And you must learn to be a lady in all situations other than when you are fucking me. When we are fucking, and the like I will allow you to be the nastiest slut you can be. In fact I will want you to be the nastiest slut you can be. Otherwise, I will want you to be a total lady. This way no one will know Danni is a slut. This is important, not only in our lives to keep us out of trouble,国产思思99re99在线观看 but also in the rest of your life so people don’t think badly of you. Tonight I will show you how to do things, and how to be a slut. You will feel all slutty, and the same on future dates, then I will fuck you and if you want we can fuck all the time.”The disappointment still strong in her voice, she agreed.“OK, show me how to be a slut. I will also be the lady you want me to be.”I showed her how to kiss an adult kiss. Her kisses became more passionate as I rubbed her tight virgin little-girl pussy while kissing her. She loved French kissing and got hotter than hell in doing so. “You must never kiss anyone like this except me. A girl your age isn’t supposed to know how to kiss like this. So you must still give everyone else little girl kisses as you always have.”Breathlessly, she replied.“Ok I won’t. Kiss me again, please.”She sucked on my tongue as it invaded her mouth on our kisses. Afraid to stick my finger in her pussy for fear of breaking her maidenhead, I rimmed the entrance to draw the moisture her lust was creating and used the slick girl juice on my fingertip to rub her clit. Her clit was going to be a big one. It was already as big as or bigger than a lot of grown women’s clits, and was hard as a cock from the attention it was receiving. I moved her hand to the stiff bulge in my jeans and she started rubbing and caressing my cock, as if she had been doing it her whole life. I was in heaven. Here was a young girl, only 11-years-old, taking to sexual activity as a duckling takes to water. What we were doing tonight was minor, but would increase until Danni was a complete and total slut when we were together. If she wisely kept her mouth shut. After a time, I sat her up and unzipped the back of the dress and pulled it off the top of her body, exposing her bare chest. The dress was now completely bunched around her waist, exposing the rest of her body. She never stopped rubbing my cock through my jeans, except in the brief instant in time it took to remove her arm from the sleeve of the dress. The nipples on the teaspoon size pieces of breast flesh were larger than you might expect considering her breasts were just forming and all but non-existent, and they were stiff and stood out like little pencil erasers. They had been that way most of the night, but had gotten stiffer while I rubbed her pussy and taught her to kiss. I bent forward and took one turgid little nub into my mouth and started to suck. Though I was still rubbing her pussy with one hand, Danni took in a sharp intake of breath when I drew that little nub into my mouth. While I sucked, she pressed her chest into my face and her free hand came up to grasp the back of my head, holding me captive to her little titty like a mother breastfeeding her infant child. I wet the tip of my finger that was rubbing her pussy with the juices from her virgin cunt and twirled it around the brown star of her ass. She seemed to enjoy the sensation, so without preamble, I drove my index finger into her ass to the second knuckle. Danni moaned but still tried to jump away from my finger. I began to saw it in and out of her in a fucking rhythm, and after a minute she started to respond. She began to squirm and squeal quietly in my lap as my finger fucked her ass.“You like my finger fucking your ass, don’t you?”“Oh gawd yes, it is so good feeling. At first it hurt a little, but now it feels great.”“Then say fuck my ass.”“Oh yes, fuck my ass.”“After I fuck your pussy, I will fuck your ass the regular way, ok.”“Oh yes, please fuck my ass anytime you want to.”With my finger sawing in and out of her ass and my thumb rubbing her clit, Danni started to get very animated in my lap. She needed a good hard fuck, but that was for another night. Tonight she needed to learn how to give pleasure, not just receive it. “Danni, you like this slutty play?”“Oh yes, I just wish you would fuck me.”“I will precious, but for now, let’s do other things. Have you ever seen a man’s cock?”“No. Are you going to show me yours?” a look of hopeful expectation bathing her cute little girl face.“Do you want to see it?”“Oh please. Let me see your cock Daddy.”“In a minute, I want to show you something else first.”I moved Danni to the seat and laid her down. I came down between her legs and started eating that virgin treat. Virgin pussy is oh so sweet!Danni’s hands came down and grasp my head on both sides of my face and her crotch began to buck against my tantalizing tongue. I wet a finger and put it back in her ass and after a couple of thrusts was burying it to the last knuckle. I wet another finger and it joined the first one. Danni grunted from the stretch of the additional digit but said nothing. Danni was writhing all over the seat as her orgasm was steadily approaching. “In a minute you are going to cum. When you do I want you to scream out ‘your slut is cumming for you daddy. Thank you for letting me be your whore.’”Panting breathlessly Danni replied “OK Daddy.” She was punching my face with her little-girl pussy like she was a bucking bronco. I added a third finger to the two fucking her ass and she just moaned real loudly. She was going to be a vocal slut and I looked forward to that. Her orgasm arrived and though not exactly as I had directed she screamed her pleasure. “YOUR SLUT IS CUMMING FOR YOU DADDY! “THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!“FUCK“FUCK“FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!”Surprise, surprise, Danni it seems is a squirter and her girl juice came streaming out of her pussy and I eagerly drank it down. I continued to eat her pussy and her writhing eased a bit though she never got still, and after a moment I stopped and helped her to a sitting position beside me. I still had her juices dripping off my chin and I gave her a big sloppy wet French kiss. She didn’t mind her pussy juice in my mouth and even commented,“My pussy tastes good doesn’t it Daddy?”It seems she was growing comfortable with talking slutty around me. “Your pussy tastes the best baby. After we start fucking I will give you regular tastes of your pussy.”“Are you ready to see my cock?”“Oh yes Daddy show it to me. Now please.”I moved her to her knees between my legs, and unzipped my pants and slid them down to my ankles, my boxers in a bunch went along. My turgid cock sprang to life free from its garment prison. Danni wasn’t but four or five inches from my cock and she feasted on her first view of cock, though she might have seen Robbie’s her younger brother. Yet, this was a different sight. First it was a fully erect cock on a man, and second it was the cock that was going to fuck her soon. “Wow daddy it is so big. Will it fit in my little pussy, so you can fuck me?” She sure seemed to enjoy saying fuck and appeared to be over her shyness with me and certainly wanted to get fucked it appeared. I sure enjoyed hearing her say it, too. As long as she doesn’t screw up and say it around her mother or discuss it with her friends everything would be fine. I like trashy-mouthed sluts and Danni appeared to be growing into one. “Sure honey. When it comes time to fuck you, your pussy will open up to accept all of it. Then you will be glad it is so big, because it will fuck you so good.”“May I touch it?”“Sure baby.”Her hand reached out and tentatively wrapped around my erect cock. Her little hand wouldn’t go all the way around its girth, so she used both hands. Her touch was electrifying. “Stroke it up and down like this and it will get even bigger.”“Really” she said in wide-eyed amazement as she began to gently stroke more life into my soon-to-be-virgin buster. “You know how I ate your pussy a minute ago?”“Uh huh.” She said without ever looking away from the cock. “That is what a man does with his mouth for a woman. A women sucks a man’s cock for him. So take it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop. Sluts love being cocksuckers, so learn how to suck it good baby."Danni looked at me skeptically, then leaned forward and dipped her tongue into the drop of precum that had bubbled up at the tip. Not finding the taste unfavorable, she leaned in and took the bulbous head into her mouth. “Suck it like you are sucking soda through a straw. Now like my fingers fucked your ass fuck your mouth with as much of my cock as you can get in.”After a few minutes practice, Danni was sucking like a pro. She would push cock into her mouth until she gagged and then back off and do it again. Not holding back as some women do, she gagged herself every time. When it came time to teach her to deep-throat she would be an easy teach. I placed my hand on top of her head, but didn’t apply any pressure it was just there for the ride.“Oh baby you make Daddy feel so good cuz you suck his cock so well. Suck it slut.”She stopped long enough to reply. “I’m glad I can do it good daddy, you made me feel so good when you ate my pussy, I wanted to make you feel good too.” Then she resumed giving that tremendous blowjob.It was all I could do not to grab her hair and slam my cock into her throat, or throw her onto the seat and violently fuck her virgin pussy or virgin ass. But that was coming. And I was about to, as well.“Daddy is going to give you his love now baby.”My cock erupted and I don’t usually cum very much but it felt like I was unloading buckets into her eagerly sucking mouth. Danni was caught by surprise at the first eruption, but never lost a drop. She sucked until I stopped spewing, and then released my cock from her mouth. “Open your mouth and let me see the love Daddy gave you.”She dutifully opened her mouth and the last jet was still resting on her tongue. “Swallow it now precious. Do you like the taste of daddy’s love?”“Oh yes Daddy, and I love the feel of your big hard cock in my mouth. I know it is going to feel great fucking my pussy and ass.”Danni had made no moves to adjust her clothing and cover her tits and pussy.“Get dressed honey, so we can go. You don’t need to put your panties back on though.”She pulled the top of her dress back up and I zipped up the back, then she tugged the skirt back down. I figured her pussy was probably still very juicy, but the dress was a cotton spandex blend so I figured the girl juice would wash out alright and not stain and if it did stain I would just get her new one and be more careful about stains in the future.I hadn’t intended to take her to my house, because of nosy neighbors, but I figured it was better to do that and get her a bath than to take her home smelling like she had been having sex all evening which she had been, to a point. I used the electric garage door opener and drove into the garage and closed it before we got out. I gathered up the bags of clothing we had purchased, and we got out of the truck. I had Danni, go through the door into the backyard with the bags and I went through the front door with my key. I opened the slider to the back porch and let Danni in. She set the bags down and walked up and gave me a big hug and a wet French kiss. She had a ‘come fuck me’ look in her eyes and slyly asked,“Can I see the bed where you are going to fuck me?”I lead her down the hall to the Master bedroom and my California King waterbed. She jumped up on the bed, pulled her dress up around her waist spread her legs and started stroking her clit and spoke,“I’m ready, fuck me now Daddy.”“I told you I would fuck you and soon, just not tonight.”It was oh so tempting, but I knew it was wiser to wait. Seeing her on the bed like that with her dress up and her little girl pussy fully exposed, I started to get hard again, so I got on the bed and showed her how to 69. I ate her pussy to two more orgasms, and she sucked me to another eruption. It appeared she would be multi-orgasmic and that was a nice discovery. Afterwards we lay there a few minutes in the warm afterglow of good sex, but time was inexorably passing. After a few minutes I spoke,“Now come on we need to get you a bath so you don’t smell like you have been having sex all night, so I can take you home.”She had a disappointed look on her face as she got up off the bed. She turned and patted it and said “I’m going to enjoy getting fucked on you, by Daddy’s big cock” a serious note in her little girl voice.I led her into the Master bath and told her to take a bath, but to try not to get her hair wet. She stripped the dress off over her head and stood before me naked and without any modesty. She walked over to me and handed me the dress. She grabbed my crotch and spoke as if she were talking to my cock,“You see all this? It is for you.”She started the water running in the tub and I reached under the sink and pulled out one of those prepackaged douches and had Danni sit on the toilet. Only inserting the tip so as not to rupture her maidenhead, I rinsed out her pussy. Then she got into the bath and started bathing herself. I sat down on the toilet lid next to her and watched her wash her nubile young body. I felt a caution was in order,“You are MY slut aren’t you?” I stressed the word MY.“Yes daddy, I am your slut for all time.”“Ok Danni, this is important so listen carefully. You like sex I can see that already. That is cool, but must be controlled. When you are with me you can be the nastiest little slut around. I like that and you do too. But at home you must ALWAYS be that cute little 11-year-old who left her mommy’s house tonight and NOT the little slut Daddy is bringing home.”“I understand daddy, it will be alright. Danni the slut is a secret.”“You CAN NOT let the boys at school play with your body. No kissing either. Your body belongs to Daddy and no one else. When you get older and have been fucking a while, I may bring other people to fuck you, if we want.”“No daddy, my body belongs to you. I am YOUR slut only, otherwise I am just a cute little 11-year-old, that mommy likes to treat like a little girl. Daddy treats me like a woman so I can be slutty with him, but I must be a lady and a little girl with everybody else. I will only fuck and suck and kiss you, unless you want me to with somebody else. Then I will because it makes daddy happy. Don’t worry Daddy, I can keep our secret safe.”After her bath, Danni redressed in the Little Mermaid panties, training bra and the Easter dress. I snuck her into the truck in the same manner as I had snuck her into the house, and we left to take her home. Halfway across town she made a request,“Daddy can I suck your big cock again?”I looked at my watch and it was a little after 9 and I had promised Tracy to have Danni home by 10 so there was some time left. “I will see if I can find a place.”I found a secluded place, and Danni started to climb into the backseat, so I stopped her. “We’ll just stay up here” I said as I reclined my seat, slid it as far back as it would go. I reached into the back seat and retrieved a towel I kept there for utility purposes, and laid it on the floorboard between my feet and tilted the wheel up out of the way. Danni moved in between my legs, kneeling on the towel. I pushed my jeans down and without hesitation Danni began to stroke my cock. She lowered her head to my cock and started sucking. She would again gag herself on each in thrust then back off and do it again. With a little more training, she would be taking my cock to the balls in her throat and be an awesome cocksucker. She stopped after a moment and looked up at me with those bedroom eyes she was quickly developing.“Am I your slut and whore Daddy?”“Yes you are my slut, and after I fuck you, you will become my personal whore. Why do you ask baby?”“I want you to call me those names Daddy.”Danni resumed sucking my cock and I began the lusty diatribe she had asked for. “Suck it slut.“Suck it like you want me to fuck you with it and make you my whore.“You are such a nasty slut Danni.”She was sucking hard, the nasty diatribe obviously a turn on to her. I was about to blow again.“Daddy’s going to give you his love for being such a nasty slut and such a good cocksucker.”My cock erupted in the little slut’s mouth and she never lost a drop. She continued to suck until I told her I needed to get her home, and then moved back to her seat. I adjusted my seat, pulled up my jeans and started the truck. I turned to Danni one last time before taking her home and gave her a long, slow, wet, and deep French kiss. She was breathless afterwards and commented,“I love how your kisses take my breath away Daddy.”On the way home I reminded her she had to act like that little girl who had left with me earlier in the evening, and asked if she wanted another date next week. “Oh yes Daddy.”“Then start asking your mother to do it again and I will work on her at the store.”To be continued……

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