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cunt with his cum国产av一区二区三区香蕉

Blue Balls 6 - Tiffany's Troubles (mf, Mf, incest, school, Exhibitionist) Summary – Tiffany, her father and brother continue their adventures. She decides to speak to her teacher, to see if he has blue-balls too.Previous Story Summary – Tiffany learns other ways to help out her brother. OMG! Does her dad have blue-balls too?Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives! “We’re home!” Holly yelled, pushing her son Theo thru the door and slamming it behind her. She was carrying a single shopping bag and looked angry.“Well, you guys are home early!” Greg said. He was seated on the couch with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap, hiding his wilting erection. Tiffany walked into the room, her face freshly washed, and sat in the chair across from him. They both appeared a little nervous and disheveled, hoping no one noticed.Just moments ago, they heard the garage door open and scrambled to eliminate all traces of their sexual tryst. Tiffany urgently pulled on her panties, almost tripping over herself as she tried to slip her foot into the elastic-bound hole. She slipped on her skirt and then tried to press out the wrinkles. She was trembling with fear. Her father glanced at her and snapped, “Your face!” She ran out of the room to wash off the splattered remnants of his recent ejaculate. Greg struggled to pull his pants over his still hard cock. Then he sat down, nearly breathless, trying to hide his erection while he waited for his wife Holly, and his son Theo, to walk in the door.Even through his guilt, Greg vividly remembered mere seconds ago he was looking at his daughter’s wet, naked, twat after she sucked him off and he had feasted on her tasty, little, slit. The tiny brain in his rock-hard cock had wanted nothing more than to pop his daughter’s cherry, fuck her long and deep, and fill her tight, little, cunt with his cum, while she creamed all over his thrusting shaft. That was when they heard Holly and Theo coming home. Tiffany had whispered to him, just before she ran to wash up, “I can help you out later, OK daddy?” She was still concerned about his ‘blue-balls.’“And, why are we home early?” Holly said, exasperated, answering her husband. “Your son! That’s why!”Theo looked down at the floor.“I popped into ‘Victoria’s Secret’ because they were having a sale! I wanted to pick-up a few things for myself, and find some bigger bra’s for Tiffany - the way her boobs keep growing – when Theo started acting up! “First, I couldn’t get him to come in the store with me, then; I couldn’t get him to leave!” Holly looked at her son sternly. “I had to walk out without my things and threaten to leave him behind! Don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again, young man!”“I said I was sorry!” Theo whined.“Now, I have to go back out again,” Holly said, and turned to her husband “Do you want to come with me, Greg? They are having a sale at Kohl’s too, and you need some new shirts…,” She looked at Greg strangely. “Why is your face all red, Greg?”“Uh…,” he looked down to check his erection and noticed his dirty work pants. “I just came in from finishing the yard work. I’ll need a shower first.”“Well hurry up, and what did I tell you about sitting on my furniture after you’ve been working? You have grass on the floor, and it looks like a wet spot on my couch!” Holly pointed to the exact place Greg had eaten his little princess’s pussy. Greg and his daughter turned and looked - there was a large, shiny wet spot on the seat cushion.“I’m sorry, dear,” Greg said. “I, uh…,”“You were very sweaty when you came in, dad,” Tiffany said. “Don’t worry, mom. I’ll clean it up for you and vacuum up the grass too.” After all, Tiffany thought, it was her fault for giving her daddy ‘blue-balls.’ She felt it was only right that she clean up their mess.“Aw, how sweet of you to offer, honey,” Holly said. “Oh, Tiff, I bought you the biggest bottle of lotion I could find and I got you some vitamin-E cream too; strawberry scented. Try to make it last, OK?”“Thanks mom!” Tiffany said. She couldn’t wait to rub the cream onto her tender breasts! And now, she had plenty of lotion for her brother and father if they needed a jack-off, or if her daddy wanted to massage her breasts again. Hey, maybe she could try to slide a slippery finger up her butt-hole tonight? It really felt good when her daddy did it to her.“Greg. Go!” Holly ordered. He was looking at Tiffany as she stared at her lotions with a glazed expression on his face. “If you hurry,” Holly added, “Maybe I’ll let you help me pick out some pretty things at ‘Victoria’s Secret,’” she winked at him. Greg smiled back at her lecherously and left the room.“Eeeewww!” Theo said, imagining his mother and father having sex. Holly winked at her son next, and with a sexy shake of her ponderous breasts, followed her husband from the room.Tiffany was confused. Why was Theo acting disgusted by the thought of their mother wearing sexy lingerie? He liked looking at her body, especially if she was only wearing a bra and panties. She guessed he was just trying to hide the fact from their parents.“Why did you get mom so mad at you?” Tiffany asked her brother. “Are you crazy?”“I had a boner…,” Theo said softly.“What?” Tiffany exclaimed, “A boner?”“I didn’t want to go in the store, ‘cause I knew my cock would get hard in there,” he explained. “She got mad at me, so I went in the store with her anyway. Mom started picking out bras for you and her, holding them up to her breasts, and asking me if I liked them, or if I thought you would like some bra and panties she picked up. I started imagining you and mom wearing them, and I got…, like…, really, really, hard!”“You didn’t!” Tiffany said, “Right there in the store?” Her eyes widened and she brought a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh.“Yep,” Theo admitted. “I turned my back on her - that got her mad - and then I walked away for a while, but it wouldn’t get soft again. OMG, even the mannequins in there were hot and wearing sexy underwear!”Tiffany started to giggle, imagining her brother walking around with a huge boner in the store.Theo finished his story, “She was finally ready to check out, but I wouldn’t come out from behind a rack of clothes. She left, all pissed off at me, and I was finally able to catch up to her in the parking lot. I think a lady saw me, uh, ‘adjusting myself,’ as I was leaving the store.”Tiffany snorted with amusement. “Why didn’t you just tell her you had a boner?” Tiffany laughed, “I’m sure she would have understood. You’ve heard her talk about you and dad having boners before! She’d probably think it was funny!”“You are the crazy one, Tiff!” Theo said, “Like, I’d say to her, ‘Hey mom, I got this huge boner from staring at your tits and imagining you wearing sexy bras!’ Yeah, right!”Tiffany laughed.“It’s not funny, Tiff!” Theo said angrily. Then, he cheered up. “Hey, do you think you could, you know, help me again, after mom and dad leave?” “No, Theo,” she huffed. “I already did you once today! I’m not going to suck or jack you every time you get a boner.”“But it hurts!” he lied, cupping his balls.“Too bad!” Tiffany said. She turned and went into the kitchen, returning with a wet rag to wipe off the couch. Theo watched her bending over and stared at her pretty ass. He felt himself getting hard again.“Please Tiff?”“No!”Theo came up behind Tiffany and pressed his stiff member against her butt-crack. She turned, startled, and realized what had pressed against her. “Please sis, just once more?” he pleaded.“No!” Tiffany went to get the vacuum to clean up the grass clipping that had fallen from her father’s clothes. She remembered how she had pulled her father’s pants down in that very spot and saw his big, fat, cock for the first time. ‘Between, dad and Theo, I’ll be sucking cock all day long!’ she mused.Theo watched his sister cleaning and had an idea.“Tiffany!” he yelled over the loud vacuum.“What?” she yelled back, and then turned off the vacuum so she could hear him. They waited until the motor whined down.“Remember?” he said, “I promised I’d do your chores today, and I meant it.” He took the vacuum from her hand, turned it back on, and began cleaning up all the stray grass clippings and then the rest of the room.Their mother and father came out just as Theo was putting the vacuum away. Tiffany had watched him clean both the living room and the dining room, amazed.“Wow, Theo, did you do this?” his mother asked, motioning to the clean vacuum paths on the carpets.“Yeah, no big deal,” Theo said to his mother. “I’m uh, sorry about what happened at the store…,” he added reluctantly. “You’re forgiven, just don’t do it again.” Holly came up to him and gave her son a hug, pressing her breasts nearly into his face as she wrapped her arms around him. Theo decided to take Tiffany’s advice, and whispered something into his mother’s ear.“What?” she said, pulling back from him, “I didn’t quite hear you?” She swore he just said something about a ‘boner.’ Theo leaned in and spoke a little louder. Even Tiffany could make out what he was saying. “I got a boner in the store,” Theo said softly, but clearly. “That’s why I couldn’t come out…,” “Oh, honey!” Holly hugged her son again. “I should have realized How embarrassing for you! I keep forgetting you’re not my little boy anymore!” Actually, Holly certainly knew Theo was growing up and she enjoyed teasing her son. She also knew how much he enjoyed looking at her. Holly was always finding his cum stained socks and underwear in his room when she did laundry, and she was aware that he liked to ‘borrow’ a pair of her used, smelly panties once in a while. Now, with Tiffany growing up to be a cock-tease like her, she could only imagine what sexual trauma Theo was going through. Thank goodness their father was in the other room getting his car keys. He had already talked to her about how he thought she and Tiffany should try to cover up a bit more while at home, to save him and Theo from embarrassment.Holly realized that while she was thinking about Theo and his hard, teenage, pecker, her son’s face was inches away from her breasts. She looked down to see him staring into her cleavage. “I’ll try not to embarrass you again,” she said, then added as he looked up at her, “in public.”“Let’s go, Greg!” she yelled, walking away from her son, but not before noticing the large lump in his pants. ‘My little boy might be bigger than I thought,’ she smiled to herself. “Tiffany, don’t forget to clean the master bathroom after your dad finishes, and Theo, remember the garbage!”After their parents left, Tiffany said to her brother, “No wonder you get boners all the time. I saw you staring at her titties.”“Please do me, Tiff,” he pleaded again. “Look at how hard I am!” he unzipped his fly and pulled out his stiff rod. “My balls are really getting sore again,” he lied. Tiffany looked at her brother’s erect cock and was severely tempted. She did like playing with his cock and enjoyed the feeling of power she had when she made it shoot out his sperm. However, remembering her teacher’s advice and she wanted to remain in control.“Look,” Tiffany said. “You haven’t even finished my chores from this morning and you are already asking for more jack-offs and suck-offs!” She put her hands on her sexy hips and said to him, ”If you finish my chores while I take a nap, maybe, just maybe, I can suck some more sperm out of your balls.”“Oh, thank you Tiff!” Theo cried out with joy.“I didn’t say I would, Theo, I said ‘maybe.’” Tiffany retorted. “And, you’ll have to do more stuff for me, or no deal.”“Like what?” he asked.“I’ll think of something and let you know!” she said, turning her back on her older brother. “And, you’ll have to agree, or all of that sperm can just stay in your big ol’ balls!”Tiffany returned to her room. She was exhausted from the huge orgasm her father had given her. And her jaw and throat was sore from sucking both Theo and her father’s cocks today. ‘Maybe I just need more practice,’ she thought, ‘like when I was doing gymnastics and my arms and legs would get sore, but after I practiced a lot, they got stronger.’Tiffany stripped naked and sat on the edge of her bed. She opened the new jar of cream her mother had bought her and smelled the fresh scent of strawberries. She rubbed the cream into her developing breasts, thinking all the attention her titties have been getting lately had made her titties grow a little fatter. ‘Maybe rubbing sperm in them really does help!’ she thought, just like the girls at school said. She also rubbed a little cream on her tired, naked slit; got under the covers and quickly fell asleep.Theo’s youthful, teenage, cock remained hard while he did his sister’s chores.As he cleaned the master bathroom he thought of his mother being naked in the very room he was standing in. He could imagine her soaping up her big breasts in the shower and slipping a soft, soapy, slippery, feminine, hand into her hairy bush. As he wiped down the water droplets in the shower, he wondered if that some of those very drops had splashed off her warm, wet, naked, tits, pussy or ass.As he cleaned the toilet, he could imagine her squatting down on the seat, dropping her panties before relieving herself. Images of her pussy and ass flooded his mind. He so often dreamed of fucking both his mother’s hot, sexy, holes.Theo walked into his parents’ bedroom, looked around, and imagined his mother getting fucked on his parent’s big, king-sized bed. He imagined it was him between her legs; fucking her with his hard cock and making her moan out loud and scream out his name as she orgasmed on his long, thick, shaft.He rummaged through her laundry basket and quickly found what he was looking for - a pair of her soiled panties. He picked them up, covered his mouth and nose with them, and sniffed deeply. Unlike Tiffany’s sweet, fresh scent, these were more pungent, with a strong, sexy, female order; mixed with a hint of stale urine. Any other day, he would have jacked himself off right now, thinking about his mother; but he knew Tiffany would be waking up before long. He was sure she would give in and have sex with him, so wanted to save up a big, hot, load for her. He wondered how far he could entice her to go and wondered what she would possibly want in return. Taking a final sniff, he dropped the dirty panties back into the hamper, left the room, and began to take out the trash. “It will be worth it,” he mumbled again.Holly and Greg returned from their shopping trip, banging the garage door shut, laughing and giggling like school kids. The noise woke Tiffany. She stretched her naked body and noticed her jaw and pussy were feeling much better. She put a hand down to her zippered slit and felt for her hymen. Her father had given her pussy a good workout with his tongue and fingers. She thought she could feel a small tear at the top of her cherry. She felt just a little sad, thinking about it losing it someday, but realized that once her hymen was completely gone, she would be a grown-up woman. She placed her index finger in the tiny hole and pushed – just a little.“Ouch!” she exclaimed. She pulled back her finger and saw that there was a little blood on it. She gently touched her hymen again and found it was still intact, but felt a bit stretched. She dressed and went to the bathroom to freshen up.“Oh, hi honey,” her mother said to Tiffany as she walked into the kitchen. “Theo said you were taking a nap.” She watched as her tired girl rubbed her eyes. “We brought home dinner. I didn’t feel like cooking.”Her father and Theo were already at the table eating. Tiffany and her mother sat down with them. “Did you guys have fun shopping?” Tiffany asked, before taking a big bite of food. ‘Sex must make you tired and hungry,’ she thought, she was starving!“We had such a blast!” Holly said. “We did a little shopping at the mall; got your father some new shirts; Oh, and I bought you some more of those jeans you like Theo, just a bigger size. Then, we went back to ‘Victoria’s Secret.’“ She smiled. “I think your father had the same problem you did, Theo!”Tiffany and her mother laughed, Theo turned red, and Greg looked up and said, “Huh, what?” Clueless, he went back to his meal.They finished quickly and Theo offered to clean the table. Tiffany was a little miffed, because she thought Theo was getting away too easily. Usually, it was her job to take care of all the dishes and clear the table. Theo only had to throw away the packaging and give the table a quick wipe with a wet rag.After dinner, Holly showed Tiffany some of the new lingerie she had bought for her. As she pulled some pretty bras and panties from the bag, Tiffany noticed that one pair of was missing the material at the crotch.“Oh, those are mine, sorry,” her mother said. She quickly stuffed them back in the bulging bag. Tiffany wondered why someone would need panties with big hole where her cooter was. And, she wondered what else could possibly be in the huge bag. ‘How much underwear did her mother need, anyway?’She thanked her mother for the clothes and the family sat down in front of the TV for a while. Her mom and dad sat on the couch together, spending a lot of time whispering, giggling and cuddling. Soon, her father gave out a big yawn, “I think I’m ready for bed!” he said.Tiffany’s mother yawned to, “I think I’m ready too!” she announced. “Don’t forget your homework, kids!” Giggling, they went into their room and shut the door.“They sure are acting weird today,” Tiffany said to her brother. “It’s awful early for them to be sleeping.”“That’s how people in love act sometimes,” Theo replied. He thought to himself, ‘She is so stupid when it comes to sex!’ He looked at her and noticed how pretty her lips were. She had just licked them and they were glistening in the setting sunlight coming thru the opened window. Suddenly he remembered something. “Hey, wanna do me now?” he asked.“Theo, is that all you can think about?” she asked. “We still have to our homework to do and I still haven’t decided what you have to do for me yet.” She got up and picked up her school bag.“I can rub your feet after school,” he answered, following her into the kitchen table. He had been thinking about it while he was doing her chores today. He wanted something easy to do. Besides, he thought that he could rub her feet, steal glances at her crotch, and get her horny like he did last time. Maybe if he got her really horny, he could even fuck her after school!“No,” she said, sitting down at the table.“I could give you a back massage,” he suggested, thinking about how he might get her half naked, play with her tits, and grind his cock into her ass.“No,” she said. “Just leave me alone for a while, OK?” She started to do her homework. Theo reluctantly gave in and started studying for his geometry examination. He hated geometry.The two studied for a while. Theo grew bored and said. “I’m taking a break. Do you want a drink or anything?”“Sure, some ice water would be great. Thanks, Theo.” Tiffany was surprised. Her brother was really being nice to her lately. But, she knew why he was being nice, and she knew what he was after. ‘So what if I give him a jack-off or a suck-off once in a while,’ she thought. ‘He likes it a lot, and I do too.’ She knew her daddy wouldn’t need her help tonight. Her parents had already gone to sleep. ‘I hope his balls don’t hurt tomorrow!’ she thought, remembering how hard his cock had gotten after licking her little pussy. ‘I’m sure his sperm is all backed-up in his balls again, like Theo’s.’ It never crossed her mind that her father was shooting a big, hot, load into their mother’s cunt at this very moment; Tiffany still thought intercourse was only for making babies.Her brother quickly returned and handed her a drink. He gulped down his soda and then watched her pretty lips and mouth swallow the ice cold liquid.“Hey, Tiff,” he said suddenly, “Show me your titties.” He grinned.“Theo!” his little sister replied, “Mom and dad are home!”“Aw, they’re asleep by now. Come on, show them to me,” he begged. “They are so pretty, and I need something to take my mind off of geometry. Then, I’ll be able to concentrate again!”Tiffany giggled, knowing Theo was lying to her. He just wanted to see her boobies. ‘Oh, well,’ she thought, ‘he likes looking at them and I like showing them off.’ She had already decided to help him shoot his sperm again. She just wanted to tease him some more.“No, Theo,” she said. He looked at her. She looked at him. She smiled wickedly. She brought her fingers up to her nipples and began to circle them. “These are my areolas,” she said, imitating what she had done to tease him last week. “These are my breasts,” she said, breathing a bit more heavily, as she cupped and groped her growing titties. “These are my nipples,” she said, and then pulled down her dress and tugged on her nipples. They hardened immediately. She left her titties hanging out of her dress and said, “There, are you happy now?”Theo practically drooled over his sister’s adorable breasts. Her nipples were the perfect size to suck on; big and fat with large, puffy, areolas. “Thanks!” he said.“Now, get back to your geometry,” Tiffany said. She bent down to finish her homework, leaving her breasts exposed. It felt nice, almost like being naked in the kitchen. It was naughty, and it made her pussy get wet.Tiffany soon finished her homework and announced that she was going to her room. She tucked her titties away.“Aw, that’s not fair!” Theo whined. “I still have a lot of work to do!”“It’s your fault you spent all of your time staring at my tits instead of doing your homework.” Tiffany said. “And, I heard you talking with your friend about your Geometry teacher. I bet if stared at your book as much as you stared at her tits, you wouldn’t be having so much trouble!” She walked past him and pulled down her dress one more time, leaving a breast and nipple inches from his face. He opened his mouth and leaned in to suck it, but she pulled it away and laughed. Tiffany went into her room and began to try on some of the lingerie her mother bought for her. “Wow, these are nice,” she said aloud. “Mom really got me some sexy ones!” These were nothing like her plain, cotton, underwear. She fingered the soft material and loved the feeling of the lacy, silk, undergarments. Some were nearly see thru! She tried on a couple matching sets before deciding her favorite was the hot pink panties and bra she was wearing right now. They fit her perfectly and showed a lot of skin. She admired herself in her mirror for a while, cupping her breasts and bending over to look at her ass. ‘Theo would get really hard seeing me in these!’ she thought.Just then, there was a gentle tapping on her door. “Tiff,” Theo whispered. “It’s me. Can I come in?”Tiffany knew Theo would not leave her alone until he shot his sperm. She decided to have a little fun with him and opened the door wide. She cocked her hip, placed a hand on her waist, and said, “What do you want, Theo?”“You know what I want,” he said, stepping into her room and shutting the door behind him. He stared at her sexy body and lingerie. “I still haven’t decided,” she lied. She walked around her room in her sexy clothes, knowing it would drive him crazy. She bent over and picked up some of her new lingerie, making sure to give him a nice, long, look at her ass.“Aw, come on, Tiff,” Theo groaned. “You said you would!”“I said ‘I might,’” she replied. She walked up to her brother and glanced at the bulge in his pants. “Look, Theo, I’m not going to get your sperm out of you every time mom gives you a boner,” she said sternly. “I might help you out once in a while, but between you and…,” she almost said ‘dad.’ “I mean, if you had your way, you’d have your penis in my mouth or my hands all day long! There are not enough chores in the world for you to pay me back.”“What can I do, then?” Theo asked. His cock was already hard looking at his little sister in her bra and panties. He had forced himself to have a boner most of the day and needed release. He waited anxiously for his sister’s decision.“Here’s the deal, I’ll do you once, or maybe twice a week - just to keep your balls from hurting you - but, you have be nice to me all the time, and still do most of my chores,” she said, watching Theo nodding his head in agreement. “I can’t have you do all of my chores, because mom and dad might get suspicious.”“I’ll do them whenever they are not around and even offer to do them, so like, you could pretend to study for a big test or something.”He was very eager, she noticed, so she pressed her advantage, “And, you have do stuff like, maybe take me to the mall, once you get your driver’s license, rub my feet, give me back rubs, fetch sodas for me, and stuff like that. But, if you start acting like a jerk and I get mad at you, you’ll get nothing. That’s the deal, take it or leave it. Got it?”“Sure! Yeah!” Theo said. He would have agreed to anything she asked for. This didn’t sound like too much work, besides, he would have guaranteed sex twice a week, and during those times, maybe he could pressure her for even more! His cock strained against his pants.“OK then, we have a deal.” Tiffany said. “Take out your penis and I’ll get the lotion.” Theo quickly dropped his pants and underwear and kicked them away. Tiffany watched his hard cock bobbing up and down. It felt strange to her, seeing a hard cock in her own bedroom, with her pink curtains, stuffed animals and childish decorations. She would have to ask her mom and dad if she could redo her room, now that she was grown-up.“T.T.?” Theo said smiling. “Can I please play with your titties first?” They both smiled at his pet name for his sister’s tits. She couldn’t refuse him after seeing his goofy grin. Besides, Tiffany liked her breasts played with.“Go ahead, B.B.,” she said, walking up close to him and cupping her bra-covered breasts. She offered them to him and said, “I think they are getting bigger with all the attention they have been getting lately.” Theo raised his hands and cupped both breasts. He almost shuddered with happiness as he groped his sister; squeezing her budding breasts and pinching her fat nipples thru the thin material. Theo knew Tiffany’s breast would only get bigger, and then he thought of his mother, and all of the big-titted girls at school and their soft, heavy, flesh. He squeezed his sister’s breasts more firmly.“Here, better let me take this off before you ruin my new bra,” Tiffany said. She reached behind her, unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her naked breasts were now completely exposed to her brother. Theo stared for a couple of moments and admired them. His mouth watered. “I think they are getting bigger, T.T.,” he said. “Let me check to make sure.” Just like in his fantasy, he groped her breasts and pulled at her nipples, making them even harder. Her areolas began to swell; fat and puffy. ‘Perfect for sucking,’ he thought. Impulsively, he leaned in to suck her tit. He paused, and looked up at her,国产思思99re99在线观看 asking for permission with his expression. He did not want to upset her. He smelled strawberries.“Go ahead, Theo, I’ll let you this time,” Tiffany said, “You can suck my titties.” His sister pushed the chosen teat towards him.Theo gave her nipple a slow, wet, lick and then circled her huge nipple with his warm tongue. He could even taste strawberries!“Mmmm,” Tiffany moaned. “I like that!” Theo licked the other nipple and then put his entire mouth over the protruding appendage and sucked it softly. It felt so right to have a soft breast in his mouth. He sucked a little harder.“Oooohhhh,” his sister moaned. “I really like that!” Theo continued to squeeze, pinch, suck, and lick her tender breasts, alternating between the two globes of soft, tender, flesh. While his mouth worked on one teat, his hand worked the other. He felt his cock oozing pre-cum. Tiffany felt her little pussy getting wet. It felt so good to have her titties sucked and played with. She thought she could almost orgasm if her brother kept sucking, tugging, and playing with her breasts. Sadly, after a few moments, Theo pulled his sucking lips off her tits with a ‘smack’ and licked his lips. He admired her perky titties, glistening with his saliva. He had his fun, and now he was ready to have his cock sucked again.“Come on,” Theo said. “Suck me off.”Tiffany was feeling very horny. She reached for his cock and felt the pre-cum dripping from it. She rubbed his pre-cum onto his swollen cock-head while Theo continued to pinch her nipples and finger her tits.“We may not even need any lotion, you are almost gushing it out, Theo,” Tiffany said, amazed at the amount pre-cum that continued to oozed from his cock. “Poor thing, you must really have a lot of sperm built up today!” Tiffany dropped to her knees in front of her brother and began to stroke his cock for him. Seeing all the shiny pre-cum, she couldn’t resist it and began to lap at it with her tongue. After a moment, she put his cock in her mouth and began to suck and lick his cock-head, getting all the tasty juice off of it.“Oh, yeah, Tiff, suck it,” he groaned softly. ”Suck my cock!” Then, as he felt her eager lips wrap around his cock he said softly, as if he was talking to himself, “Oh, you fucking slut…” Tiffany remembered he had called her ‘slut’ before; for showing off her tits and pussy. Now, when she was giving him a suck-off, he called her that name again. She wondered what a ‘slut’ was.She didn’t want to ask Theo, because she didn’t want to appear stupid. ‘If a slut is someone who likes to give boys boners, jack-offs and suck-offs, then I guess I am a slut,’ she thought proudly. ‘I wonder if sluts like other sex stuff; like eating sperm, having orgasms, and having tongues up in their vaginas too. I know I do!’Theo began thrusting gently into her mouth, anticipating a huge load of cum shooting down her throat. Sadly for him, Tiffany’s jaw was soon tired from all the cock-sucking she had been doing lately. She knew she had to develop her muscles if she wanted to give a lot of really good suck-offs. So, she worked her mouth and jaw on him for as long as she could until she finally had to pull away. She jacked his shaft and looked up at him. “Sorry, Theo, my mouth is getting tired, I’ll need more practice before I can do this a lot,” she said. She pointed to her dresser and said, “Hand me the big bottle of lotion, please.”Theo quickly grabbed the Vitamin-E lotion and gave it to her, thrilled at her words about ‘doing it a lot!’ And, he wasn’t so disappointed about not cumming in her mouth. He also enjoyed covering his sister’s cute, slutty, face with his thick, warm, sperm.Tiffany rose up from the floor and squirted some lotion in her hands. Then, she sat down in front of him, sitting with her legs crossed. He noticed the wet spot on the lower front of her panties. ‘Horny, stupid cunt,’ he thought. His cock was just above her face. She warmed up the lotion in her hands and gripped his throbbing member with one hand and began to stroke him. She smeared a huge glob of lotion all over his cock-head with her other hand and began to use both of them to tug his cock from the base of his shaft, up and over his mushroom shaped head. She cupped his balls to smear the excess lotion and felt them squirm in her hand. They felt swollen and full of cum. She looked up at her brother and smiled. “I want you to shoot it on my titties this time, Theo. I think your sperm is really making them grow!”“Unghhh,” Theo grunted, both from her firm stroking and the thought of cumming all over the very breasts he had just sucked. He watched his sister as she worked so lovingly at his cock. She began to alternate hands and he watched as she absentmindedly jacked him off with one hand and hefted a breast with the other, as if considering how best to catch his load on it. Just the image of painting her slutty face and chest made his balls tingle. “I’m going to cum soon,” he warned her. Tiffany began stroking faster. She rose up a little and pushed out her small breasts to better catch his sperm. That image sent Theo over the edge.“Unnnggghhh,” he groaned and began to orgasm. His balls tightened and the cum flew up his shaft. Tiffany felt his cock swell and lurch. His first heavy spurt caught her on the lips and quickly dripped down to her chest. Tiffany aimed his cock lower while she continued to stroke his spurting, throbbing, cock. She watched, mesmerized, as the second blast left his piss-hole and landed on her left breast. It oozed onto her fat nipple. She aimed his twitching penis at her right breast and was rewarded with another blast of warm goo on her tit. Tiffany alternated her aim between spurts; pointing at one breast and then the other. Theo’s cum was splattering her face and her chest, with fat droplets of his teenage sperm landing everywhere as it flew from his cock and from her slimy, jerking hands. Tiffany felt a thrill in her pussy as she watched her brother’s thick cum rained down upon her. She could smell the ammonia like heavenly odor and she felt every warm drop as it splashed on her naked skin.Finally, when his ejaculations grew weak, she scooted under his cock to make sure the last few drips were caught on her face and chest so none of his sperm would be wasted.They both stared at their masterpiece. Tiffany’s breasts and face were covered with thick, white goo. “Wow, Theo, you sure shot a lot!” Of course, even though he had cum twice before this, he had been edging himself since then, waiting for another blow-job from his sister. Besides, he was a teenager in his sexual prime. “See what you and mom do to me?” He said. “It’s no wonder my balls hurt all the time, look at all the cum you guys caused me to make!”“Hmmmm,” Tiffany said. She realized that Theo was playing on her emotions and she wasn’t sure if he could be entirely trusted. Heck, she had teased him for a couple of weeks before he started complaining about his ‘blue-balls.’ Now, he was acting like he needed his balls emptied every day! She saw the remaining cum dangling from his cock and her fingers. She licked the goo on her hand between her thumb and index finger, and then licked the last bits of cum from his cock-head. Rolling the thick ejaculate around on her tongue, she swallowed, made a face and said, “Ugghhh! That lotion is nasty! Maybe we should try the strawberry stuff next time.”Theo smiled at her discomfort and put away his cock, satisfied. He simply said, “Thanks, T.T.,” and left his cum-covered sister sitting on the floor. He quietly closed the door behind him. “You’re welcome, B.B.” she said loudly after him, smiling. ‘Big Balls’ or ‘Blue-Balls’ Thompson. It had a nice ring to it!Tiffany immediately began to rub the sperm into her breasts. She also captured the cum from her face and added it to the mixture. “Grow my titties, little magic spermies!” she said aloud, admiring her cum covered breasts. She remembered that she wanted to try putting a finger into her butt-hole, like her dad had done to her (but just the tip of his fat finger). So, still squatting on the floor, she did so, scooping up glob of cum and lotion and then rubbing it around her tight sphincter. She poked and prodded her ass-hole for awhile before firmly pressing her finger into it until her tiny digit was deeply embedded.She slipped her finger in and out for a bit and even tried to get two slippery fingers into her bung. She decided she like her butt-hole played with a lot!She crawled into bed, naked, and left the covers off of her glistening tits so all of her brother’s cum would dry and not stain her sheets.She quickly fell asleep, wondering if her father would want to cum on her breasts and what else she could put up her butt. She spent the night dreaming her dad’s finger in both of her holes while he licked her pussy. She also dreamed of growing huge, ponderous breasts, like her mother.“Tiffany,” her mother yelled, opening her door. “Time to get up and get ready for school!” Tiffany instantly woke up and yawned. “OK, I’m awake, mom!” she said sleepily, rolling over.Her mother flicked on the light in Tiffany’s bedroom. “What’s that on your face, honey?” Holly asked, seeing something shining in the light on her daughter’s cheek.Tiffany reached up her hand and felt her face, feeling her brother’s dried cum. She turned away, embarrassed. She quickly made sure her blankets covered up her sperm soaked breasts. She saw the jar of lotion on the table, near her bed. “Uh, I don’t know, mom,” she lied. “Maybe lotion? Or sometimes I drool at night.” That was the truth, at least.“Oh, OK,” her mother said, not really concerned about it. She has drooled in her sleep quite a few times. “Hurry up and get ready, your father and I overslept today. We, uh, didn’t get much sleep last night. Now, get moving or you’ll miss the bus!”Tiffany watched her mother twirl and leave. She noticed her mother was wearing some of her new sexy things – a black teddy. “Oh, no, poor Theo!” she thought, imaging him getting a boner so early in the morning. As she moved to get up, she felt the dried cum on her chest. Tiffany flung open her blanket and saw the dried, caked, sperm covering all of her chest, breasts and nipples; it was shiny and cracked. “They do look a little bigger this morning,” she said, happily. “Maybe they just need more time,” she said, “and more sperm and more nipple sucking!”As she showered and dressed, she dreaded going back to school. She felt guilty for showing off her developing body to everyone. “Gosh! What about all the boys I gave boners too!” She thought of Timmy’s boner during her anatomy lesson last week, and poor Mr. Stevens! She had even flashed her naked cunt and a tit at him. She had teased him all last week too! She decided to dress more conservatively today. She put on a bra, panties and a plain knee length dress. She still wore a pair of her new, sexy panties, but she didn’t plan on showing them to anyone. ‘What if I gave all the boys and teachers blue-balls?’ she worried.Her mother was in the kitchen, making their lunches. Theo was practically drooling while watching her. “Mom!” Tiffany exclaimed, shocked.She was better able to see what her mother was wearing this morning, now that she was close to her.“What?” her mother said, turning to her daughter.“Do you know you can see thru that thing you’re wearing?” Her mother’s new black teddy was very thin and revealing. Holly had put it on in near darkness this morning and didn’t realize how thin it was. Tiffany could clearly see her mother’s breasts, dark areolas, and neatly trimmed bush.Holly looked down at herself. “Oh, shit!” she said, and practically ran from the room. Theo could see the deep crack of her shapely ass. “Finish packing your lunches, kids!” she yelled back at them. “I have to get ready for work!”Theo walked around the kitchen peninsula and showed Tiffany the bulge in his jeans. “You may have to help me out again tonight, look what mom did to me already!”“I don’t think so, Theo,” Tiffany said. She was not feeling generous today. She was dreading going to school; her mother had almost busted her for having cum on her face. And now, Theo was already begging for more sex, even after she emptied his balls twice yesterday and twice the day before! She grabbed her lunch and left early to wait for the bus.During Mr. Stevens’ class, Tiffany did her best to avoid her teacher. She kept her legs tightly closed so she wouldn’t get him aroused. However, as the long, boring class dragged on, she found herself daydreaming about cocks, and cum. She began slipping down in her chair, relaxing. She suddenly realized that she was slouching at her desk with her legs spread wide! She looked down and saw her hot, pink panties with a big wet spot on the front of them, caused by her leaking pussy juice. She looked up and saw Mr. Stevens staring at her pussy while everyone was suppose to be reading! ‘Oh, no, not again!’ she thought. ‘Mr. Stevens probably has another boner!’Tiffany nervously fidgeted the rest of the class period. If she was giving Mr. Stevens ‘blue-balls,’ he might get mad at her and give her a failing grade! She decided she just had to talk to him after class. After the bell rang, she went straight to Mr. Stevens’ desk. “Uh, Mr. Stevens?” she said timidly.“Ah, my new favorite student!” He exclaimed, wondering what the teasing little slut wanted, probably to ask for an ‘A’ in his class for flashing her cunt and tits at him. “What can I do for you Miss Thompson?”“Uh, I was wondering if you were…, um…, if you were married.”‘Ah, another school-girl-crush,’ he thought. He was actually a little sorry he had to terminate her hopes of marrying him. “Yes, I’m married, Tiffany,” he told her.“Oh,” That made her a little happier. Now, if they were trying to have children, his wife would be empting his balls for him as they performed intercourse. “Uh, do have any kids, or maybe, like, are you trying to have children?” she asked, hopefully.“Well, that is a rather personal question, Ms. Thompson, but no, my wife and I don’t have any children.” Mr. Stevens softly added, “Medically, we can’t have children. That’s one of the reasons I like teaching so much. Being around school-aged students like yourself.”‘Oh no,’ Tiffany thought. ‘That means he’s not having sex!’ She had been giving him boners and made his sperm all backed-up! She had to help him like she helped Theo and her dad! His balls were probably hurting him right-now! How terrible she was, flashing her tits and pussy in class, and hurting him like this!“I’m so sorry, Mr. Stevens,” Tiffany said. “I didn’t know what I was doing, but, I can help you shoot your sperm out!”She didn’t want to fail his class and she sure never meant to hurt him! “Uh…, what did you say?” he asked, confused.“I’m sorry I gave you ‘e-reck-shuns’” she said. She used that word instead of ‘boners’ to sound intelligent in front of her teacher. “And, I’m sorry I gave you ‘blue-balls!’” she was almost in tears. “I was just having fun! I can make it up to you!I can give you a jack-off - if you have any lotion- or I can give you a suck-off with my mouth! Please, let me make it up to you! Oh, please, don’t fail me! Let me help you empty your balls!”Mr. Stevens was stunned. He quietly considered his options while looking at her sternly, his lips pursed.He brought a hand to his chin and rubbed his beard. ‘Hmmm,’ he thought, ‘this cute, little cock-tease was offering to suck him off because she had given him erections, and she wrongly assumed those erections had given him a case of ‘blue-balls.’ He could tell her the truth about sex and blue-balls, or at least tell her she was mistaken and she should speak to her parents about this delicate subject. But, wait…, why should he be the one to tell her?It wasn’t his fault Tiffany was an ignorant cock-tease. That was Miss Mallory’s fault. She’s the sex education teacher and it should be Tiffany’s mom and dad’s responsibility to teach their daughter about sex anyway, not the school’s. He could get in trouble for just talking to her about sex! Besides, he was just a lowly, underpaid teacher, trying to get tenure. Tiffany was the one at fault here, not him! She was the one showing off her panties. She was the one going around braless and letting her tits fall out of her dress. She was the one spreading her slutty legs wide and fingering her bald, little, slit right in front of him!’ He felt his cock stiffening. ‘Hell, if she wants to suck his cock because she was sorry for giving him boners in class; teasing him with her sexy pubescent body; making him hide his throbbing cock under his desk and walk around with a flag-pole in his pants, so be it! If she wanted to be a cock-teasing slut, he wanted his cock sucked in return! After all, he deserved it! He was the one who was teased unmercifully by this stupid, slutty, student - and in the sanctity of his own classroom!’He looked around. The room was empty, the hallway was clear and he had the next period free. Perfect. “Here, get under my desk and suck me off,” he said. “Before anyone sees you, you dirty little cock-tease,” he ordered. “I’m not a cock-tease,” she said, dropping on her knees and crawling under his desk. “Well, I was,” she admitted. “And maybe I still am, sometimes, but just a little…” She certainly wasn’t ‘dirty’ - she just had a shower this morning!Tiffany got on her knees in front of Mr. Stevens’s chair. He fumbled with his pants, pushed them down, and quickly pulled out his nearly hard cock. Tiffany studied it for a moment. After all, she had only seen her brother and father’s cocks before this.She reached out and gripped it with her dainty, little, hand and began stroking her teacher’s cock. It became fully hard almost instantly. Mr. Stevens’ cock was a lot thinner than her dad’s big, fat, cock, and even smaller than Theo’s! Miss Mallory was right about all the different cock sizes. She quickly slurped it into her mouth and got to work getting his sperm out. She didn’t want to be late for her next class! Her first thought was that Mr. Steven’s cock tasted like pee.Still, she had to do this! She licked around his cock-head until his cock tasted fresh and clean. His penis was now very, very, hard.Tiffany sucked her teacher’s penis as deep as she could and started bobbing her head up and down, sucking and slurping like she knew boys liked. She could take her teacher’s smaller cock much deeper down her throat than Theo or her father. ‘Or,’ she thought, ‘maybe she was getting better at sucking cock?’“Oh, you little slut!” Mr. Stevens groaned. He spread his legs and scooted forward, giving his student cock-sucker more room.‘There is that word again!’ Tiffany thought. She was always called that name when she was showing off her body or playing with a penis. She stopped sucking her teacher’s cock a moment to ask him a question.”Mr. Stevens, am I a good slut, or a bad slut?” She had really meant to ask if being a ‘slut’ was a good thing or a bad thing. But, it came out wrong. She wasn’t thinking or speaking clearly, probably because she was too busy trying to get her teacher’s sperm from his balls, by sucking his cock, while hiding under his desk.“Oh, yes, Miss Thompson,” he grunted as she resumed her cock-sucking. “I think you are a very, very, good slut.”Tiffany smiled around his cock. ‘She was the good kind of slut!’ She tried to stroke his shaft and tickle his balls at the same time; to show him how good she was, but it was hard to do since she didn’t have a lot of room under the desk.“In fact,” her teacher continued, “I think you may already be a very good ‘cock-slut’ since it appears you have a lot of experience with cock-sucking. And, in a moment or two, we will find out if you are a very good ‘cum-slut’ as well. As a matter of fact, if you continue your already demonstrated slutty class behaviors, I have no doubt you will graduate to become an exceptional ‘fuck-slut’ and maybe even one of those rare and exceedingly hard to find ‘ass-sluts.’”“I like cocks and cum,” she told him, not really understanding all the different kinds of ‘sluts’ there were.Tiffany assumed she was probably already a ‘cock-slut and a ‘cum-slut’. Fucking was for making babies, so she would probably have to wait until she was married and ready to have children before finding out if she was going to be a good ‘fuck-slut.’ She was sure she would be very good at it. She wasn’t so sure about being an ‘ass-slut,’ since she didn’t like pooping or getting spanked all that much, and she didn’t know what else an ‘ass-slut’ would do. But she did like it a lot when she put her fingers in her bum, and when her daddy played with her ass and butt-hole. So, maybe she would be a good ‘ass-slut,’ if that meant having her butt-hole played with. She would have to practice more and try to be a good ‘ass-slut,’ since she couldn’t be a ‘fuck-slut’ yet. She was determined to show Mr. Stevens what a good ‘cock-slut’ she was and prove to him that she was already a very good ‘cum-slut.’ “I like cum a lot, because it’s really cool when it shoots out, and it tastes good, and it even makes my titties grow!” she told him, looking up at him from under the desk.“More sucking and less talking, class.”Tiffany smiled again, Mr. Stevens said that almost every day in class, but he would say ‘studying’ instead of ‘sucking.’“A little faster, if you please, Miss Thompson,” he hissed. He began breathing heavily. Tiffany sucked him harder and faster, using her tongue on him and trying her best to be a great ‘cock-slut.’ She bumped her bobbing head on the underside of his desk drawer with a ‘bang’, but kept sucking. After all, a real cock-slut wouldn’t stop sucking just because of a little bump on the head!“Mmmm,” Mr. Stevens moaned. “Oh, yes, you are a definitely a dirty, little cock-slut, now let’s see how much you like cum. If you swallow it all down without spitting or making a mess, I would have to admit that you are a definitely a cum-slut too, Miss Thompson. Oh, yes. Mmmmm.” Seven more bobs of her head and Mr. Stevens groaned and his sperm erupted from his balls. “Unnngh!” he grunted as he came.Tiffany felt Mr. Stevens’ cock swell and then spurt. A huge, warm, wad of thick, bitter, cum filled her mouth nearly to the brim; she obediently swallowed it down without spilling a drop. She really, really, wanted to be a good cum-slut! Then, another thick wad of cum - even bigger - filled her up. She sucked and swallowed, again and again. ‘He had more sperm backed up in his balls than both Theo and daddy!’ she thought. Spurt after spurt and swallow after swallow filled her belly as her teacher unloaded his pent-up cum. Then, after what seemed to Tiffany, a very long time, his penis finally stopped ejecting sperm in her mouth.“Ahhh, that was a very good ‘suck-off,’ Miss Thompson,” he said. “I have been told that I expel copious amounts of sperm, and I see that you handled it like a real expert. That means you are both a ‘cock-slut’ and ‘cum-slut’ of the highest regard.” “Thank you Mr. Stevens!” Tiffany said. “I hope you feel better now!” She licked the last drop of oozing cum from his softening penis before he tucked it away in his pants. ‘His cum tastes a lot like coffee,’ she thought. Mr. Stevens was always drinking coffee. No wonder his sperm was bitter. She was learning more and more about cocks and cum how to be a ‘good slut.’Mr. Stevens made sure no one was around and motioned her to quickly get up. As she stood in front of him, smoothing her dress and dusting off her knees, she looked at the clock and notice she was late for her next class.“Uh, Mr. Stevens?” she asked, wiping her mouth, just in case, “Can I have a late-note?”“Certainly, Miss Thompson,” he said. He grabbed a pen and an excuse slip and made out the note. As he wrote it, he said aloud, “Please excuse Miss Tiffany Thompson for being late, she was giving me ‘suck-off.’ There you are Miss Thompson.” He smiled at her and handed her the note.“Mr. Stevens!” Tiffany exclaimed. She quickly read the note. It simply said she was excused for being late do to a class-assignment. She breathed a sigh of relief. “What a joke you played on me!”“And you on me, Miss Thompson,” he said, looking up at her from his desk of authority. “You have learned that your teasing has consequences and that was a very important lesson for you to have learned.”“I have learned it!” she said, thinking of her brother and father, as well as her teacher, “And, I’m really, really sorry, Mr. Stevens, I won’t do it again!” she promised.“Oh, don’t be so hasty, Miss Thompson. Sluts such as yourself can’t help themselves; it’s part of your nature,” he said knowingly. “And if the truth be told, I do enjoy observing your youthful expressions of your budding sexuality.”“You mean you like looking at my tits and stuff?” she asked. He nodded. “But, what about your boners, and blue-balls?” she asked innocently.“Well, as you must have noticed, I have the unique ability to store a large volume of ejaculate.” Tiffany nodded. She knew what ‘ejaculate’ was and he sure shot a lot of it! She wished he could have shot it on her titties! That much sperm would make them grow for sure!Mr. Stevens continued, “Therefore, due to my testicle’s storage capacity, I am mostly immune to the condition known colloquially as ‘blue-balls.’“ He smiled at her. “And, if I ever do need some assistance, I happen to know a pretty, little student who is also a ‘cum-slut’ extraordinaire, who might occasionally offer to provide some relief from my, shall we say, my ‘sexual tension’, since it was most likely caused by said slut’s public and continued demonstrations of her youthful exuberance?”“I didn’t understand all of the big words you said, but if you mean that I can still show you my tits and pussy in class and try to give you boners, and all I have to do is give you a jack-off or a suck-off once in a while, you bet I will, Mr. Stevens!” Tiffany said, then quickly added, “And, thanks for not getting mad at me and everything! I had a lot of fun!”Tiffany was excited she could still tease her teacher in class. She liked making men and boys get boners - it was so much fun to be naughty! So, she didn’t mind ‘providing him relief’ once in a while. Besides, she really needed the practice!“You are aware, of course, that this must be a closely guarded secret between just the two of us?”He added sternly.Tiffany nodded her head up and down, ‘yes’. “We do not want to get you in trouble for public indecently, do we?” Tiffany shook her head back and forth, ‘no.’ “You make a solemn promise to tell no one?”Tiffany nodded her head ‘no’, then ‘yes’, then ‘no’ again, confused by the question. “No, I won’t tell anyone, ever!” she promised“Very well then, we have a binding, unbreakable, agreement between us.” He held out his hand and Tiffany’s small hand shook it. Her hand looked so small compared to his! She quickly grabbed her things and left. Mr. Stevens watched her go. “Cock-slut indeed!” he said aloud. As she walked quickly down the empty hallway to her next class, she saw Mr. Walker, the school janitor. ‘I wonder if he gets blue-balls too,’ she wondered. He was a nice man who was always willing to help the girls with their lockers or other problems. He was always so kind and friendly to all the girls at school!Tiffany suddenly realized that he liked to look at all the young girls too! Tiffany remembered seeing him stare at her friend Kimberly’s butt one day when she was bending over to get a long, cold, drink from the water fountain. She remembered that he watched a lot of girls get a drink from it, like he was making sure it worked or something. She recalled thinking he had some type of big tool in his pants back then, but now realized it must have been his boner! ‘Wow, it must be a really, really, big one!’ she thought, ‘and, since he has black skin, I wonder if his penis is all black too, and what about his balls?’ She was very curious and thought about the possibility of there being all different colors as well as different sizes of cocks and balls. ‘Would his sperm be black too?’ she wondered. She still had so much to learn!“Hi Mr. Walker!” she said cheerfully as she walked passed him. Impulsively, she reached back and grabbed the hem of her dress, bent over and flashed him her pretty panty-covered ass! She giggled and ran off to her next class.© Copyright Undeniable Urges, 2015 - 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.To read my other stories, click on my profile.UU



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