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or fix up a can国产chinese男男gay视频网

Please read part one before commencing part 2 or you will surely be very confused.Ms Reynolds new breasts part 2I sat there, feeling rather stupid, I sensed people were avoiding me.My nipples throbbed, all six of them, and as I sat I realised that my legs and particularly my ankles ached from their disuse during my enforced unconscious bed rest and recovery and the extra weight now hanging from my front altered my centre of balance making walking doubly difficult, I slumped further into the armchair.I looked at the digital time and date readout on the far wall, nearly six weekshad passed since I last took notice of what day it was and I seemed to have healed completely from my operation, even the stitches had been removed, I struggled to remember and through a fuzzy haze I remembered being woken and made to stand, and other hazy incidents but clearly I had been drugged and almost unconscious for a very long time. "Excuse me," I said finally, as Helga walked past, "What do I do now?""I have no idea," she admitted, "Dr Richards intended that you would rejoin the herd, but I can't put you there because our tests show you need a high protein diet just to produce basically cow's milk, I really don't know what Dr Richards was thinking about!" she scowled, "Anyway I'm off the HC program now you're finished and I have bullimimoids to look after."Dr Richards walked past, "What do I do now?" I asked."Ah, Helga explained you can't rejoin the herd because of dietary considerations so I think It's probably best that we send you home." he said."What!" I exploded."Send you home, to Singapore, I'm sure your colleagues can find you work there.""I can't go home, I'm from the States, my clothes won't fit and I think I need milking." I explained quite reasonably."Look, I'm a surgeon not a careers advisor." he explained, "Have a chat with Julius Black in H.R.""H.R. Human rescources?" I asked."Oh gosh, sorry you're hardly human any more are you?" he said, "Wait here I'll find you some kids." he promised and he slipped away.Helga came back to see me, she sat down on a chair next to me "Look, Ms Reynolds, sorry about earlier but the fact is that no one wants you, your milk is essentially 80% cows milk, you should be ideal for a fetish bar or something but when we offered you our associate companies on line no one wanted you.""What?" I said in disbelief."You're a woman with four cow teats, they all want six girl teats, like our other milkers, I'm sorry, we thought it would save having to obtain donors but out research let us down.""So, what do I do now?""Well we'll find you some thirsty little goat kids, and then I don't know, I don't suppose you want to do mine clearance do you?""No," I said."Its very very sad, although your pictures are selling very well on the Internet," Helga told me, "Very, very well actually, isn't it odd how men will wank over pictures of you yet no one wants you?""No one wants me?" I asked."Well, your cunt is buried under those lower tits, you seem to shit yourself every few minutes so no one is going to want have sex with you, and your breasts produce 80% cow milk so really you were a mistake.""I can still do admin!" I suggested hopefully."Ha, don't be ridiculous, you need the bathroom every ten minutes." Helga replied as a man I sort of recognised came in."Are you Julius Black?" I asked."Miss Reynolds!" he squealed, "You look." he could not continue as he just about collapsed laughing.."She wants to do admin." Helga laughed."No Helga, reception." Black suggested as he giggled desperately trying to control himself."She shits all the time." Helga protested.Black grinned, "Get a commode, or fix up a can, can you imagine the photo-shoot, sat on a can, all six breasts with suction cups and milk flowing and she is answering the phone," he continued "The cow at the Call centre.""The cow on reception!" Helga added, "I'm bursting." I complained, "Where are the Kids?""Yes," Helga agreed, "Lie down I'll get then."I struggled from the chair, and as I lay down I heard the farting and smelled that I had shit myself again and I was lying in my own shit.Helga and Dr Richards returned with six goat kidsThe kids didn't mind the smell and mess, they soon dived in and suckled up to me, and it felt wonderful, I just needed something extra but I could not get to my clit to bring myself off but I hovered wonderfully on the brink of orgasm for an age."We need head office approval for expenditure of over ten thousand local currency for an individual," Helga announced but Mr Lu has agreed to make a special chair and bucket." Helga told me later, as she hosed me down.I felt incredibly hungry, "Is there any food?" I asked."Oh," said Helga, "I suppose you need proper food, I think there is steak and a salad, and oh, I don't know, but you can't eat in the staff restaurant with your problems, I'll bring you a tray, Steak and fries all right?" she asked."And Coffee?""Yes of course." she agreed.Helga brought a tray for me, a huge plate loaded down with a lovely juicy steak, and a Coffee cup and a coffee pot for refills, and as I started to eat, getting used to using a knife and fork once more I found the taste of the food was absolutely gorgeous, lovely steak, I felt like a cannibal, eating cow meat when I had cow breasts! and the coffee, but I didn't care. Mr Black came to see me, "Ah Erica," he said ominously."Yes?" I answered."Head office have been asking about you." he said."Have they?"I asked."Norm Veitmann" he said, "Is he your boyfriend?""No, he's the CEO," I said, "Oh fuck, he doesn't like people to know his real identity,I suppose you deal with Angus Tiree and Mable Hangermann." "Y'yes," he said as he slowly sat down, "Did head office send you?""Yes.""Singapore?" he asked hopefully."No Stateside, why?"He went white, "Oh,""Can I have some more food, please." I asked reasonably."Certainly" he agreed, "But Head Office?""Yes I work at head office." I told him. "They know I'm here?""They do now," he said."Can I go home?"I asked."Let me think." he suggested, "Well get me something for this stomach upset." I ordered and he scuttled away.There were some very worried people suddenly panicking, tablets were produced by a small Asian man in a white coat, "For you belly!" and within twenty minutes or so I wasgiven more succulent steak, but this stimulated my breasts again and I almost asked for the goats again until I remembered the women I had seen that first day.Helga came to see me, and I asked, "The Donors," I said, "Do we have we any left?""Ah, I think so.""Can they milk cows?""I'll ask," she said, "Why""I thought that was obvious!" I told her."Oh," she agreed.The Donors were brought, six of them, all collared and handcuffed together, all naked, it seemed most peculiar, I noted Dr Richards varied treatments, Helga tried to get them to suck a teat each but it was hopeless, we could not get into a comfortable position."Surely we have some who speak English?" I exclaimed when Helga returned, "and can milk a cow?""Oh, yes I'll see,"she agreed,"Well get rid of these." I demanded.Helga gave an order and they formed up like soldiers and marched away. Helga returned with two little Chinese girls wearing identical little yellow miniskirts, "Dissident Students, executed last week, they we down for conversion to buliminoid this morning." she told me conspiratorially."I need milking,"I explained. "One each side and take those dresses off or you'll spoil them.""We're dead anyway, so we don't care." said the one on the left."Looks like you're still breathing at the moment,sister" I observed, "How about it?""Not naked, please?" pleaded the one on the right."Of course you must be naked, you'll make me feel awkward," I explained, "and I don't suppose you have anything else to wear?" they shook their heads and reluctantly undressed, I was amazed to find they had black bras and panties on and I had to insist they take them off too.Reluctantly they set to work squirting the thin watery milk from my lower breasts onto themselves and the floor, "What about the top ones?" I asked."Only got two bloody hands." said the one on the left."Then suck." I suggested."Yuck" she replied, but her friend decided to try.I felt her warm breath on my and then it was like an angel was making love to my breast, he spoke to her friend but I said "Hey English." and she replied."Mmm, creamy, you want to try it." she suggested."No need to pretend" her friend retorted."I'm not pretending, its," she paused to suck again, "addictive."Her friend tried as well and it was like two angels were making love overlaid on the thrill of my other breasts being milked and it was the nearest to heaven I had ever been."My babies." I called them, "I'll have you two assigned to me I think," I said and when Helga returned I told her what I wanted.She agreed almost too eagerly, the guest room with direct access to the pool which I should have been allocated in the first place was made available and my things were extracted from storage and taken there and they found me a wheel chair and the little Chinese girls wheeled me there.There was a large bed, a lovely soft large bed."What are your names," I asked, they were unpronounceable, "I shall call you Sur Lee and you Sucky." I said, "Surly, get it." she didn't think it funny."I'm thirsty," she announced, I offered her a teat, a lower one."Be my guest!" I suggested.She looked horrified so I said,"Use a glass if you like."She looked relieved and proceeded to fill a glass and drink it."It's like cow milk!" she said in confusion."Is it nice?" I asked."Not bad but nothing like as nice as the creamy." she stopped mid sentence."Dr Richards mis-calculated," I explained, "I'll tell you some time" I told them, "But right now I need sleep."I woke hours later, it was dark, I realised I needed milking.The little Chinese were lying each side of me, so I quickly woke them. It was hugely awkward, it was wonderful, but a huge problem in getting rid of the milk, we ended up at the poolside spilling the milk across the paving where they had to mop it up afterwards, and even I had to admit it just was not working.I had the girls seek out Doctor Richards and he seemed sympathetic, "We have ordered an extra cow milking machine ," he explained, "But what about your own breasts?" he asked. "I think my friends can take care of it, but how long will I make milk for?" I asked."Ah, well the hormone implant should last for another few months but if we keep milking you then the milk will keep coming," he replied awkwardly."So how do I stop?" I asked."Oh god, I don't know,丰满欧美大爆乳性猛交 mastectomy I suppose." he said. "I never had to reverse a procedure.""Well, you better start and not on me!" I ordered. "So where is my milking machine?""Coming this afternoon, we'll bring it round as soon as it arrives." he promised.He did better than that, the milking machine arrived by mid morning, and they set it up by my bed, the relief was wonderful. I had them make it portable, so I could be milked in bed or by the pool or anywhere really, as long as I had my girls sucking and when we finished fine tuning the milking machine it was sheer bliss, not quite orgasmic but pretty close.I tried to masturbate a few times but it was too awkward, and a fuck was entirely out of the question as no one dared suggest making love to me and asking a man was just too embarrassing. There was a TV in my room, so every morning after milking we watched TV and swam and watched TV and they milked me once more and all in all it was quite pleasant,"It's just like being a student again," Sur Lee told me, "watch daytime TV, swim and fuck," she explained, well she missed out the drugs bit but otherwise I guessed she was right!I usually lay by the pool for my milking sessions, the milking machine clicked steadily, as the girls knelt and sucked gently at a nipple each as usual but now I had an air pillow for my head leaving my hands and arms free and I was able to extend an arm under each of them, moving my hands over their inner thighs as they sucked, then exploring the soft downy folds of their labias before my fingers sneaked inside to explore the soft wetness within, and I wuld gently masturbate them as they kept sucking and they looked so happy and content and afterwards they curled up with me and went to sleep instead of bickering and watching TV like they did when they were frustrated..I spent a few days getting used to my situation and then I started making demands, first off I needed a bra, with six cups, it took several tries, the first few failed as they squashed my nipples, well they were cow teats really, so they had to cut the ends out of the cups but eventually they made something reasonably comfortable, and after that they found me some Muslim robes which made me look vaguely normal.The next problem was my girls, officially they were dead, but we created a couple of false identities for them, and with a battery pack for my milking machine I was all set to continue my trip around our facilities. I had to think of the future, getting my figure back, getting my job back, getting laid but I didn't want to think too hard, life was good.It was by that pool side that I had my brain-wave, and within minutes I had Dr Richards sent down to the pool-side to see me.I asked him straight out,"Why did you get into these body modifications?" "Pure research," he stated, "Why?""Because you could have made me, us, so much more appealing." I told him, "Imagine having sex, normal missionary position sex with a woman with six breasts," I suggested."I'm afraid it is of no interest to me Miss Reynolds," Dr Richards admitted, "women are not my, ah, preference." "Well it matters to me," I insisted, "Surely you could arrange for the lower breasts to hang separately, so I could make love normally?""Yes, it would just need longer to stretch the skin, but surely you prefer to use the anus?" he enquired."No!" I protested, "Of course not!""I reposition the clitoris and hysterectomise and," he continued but I broke in. "Look, can you separate my lower breasts so I can have normal sex?""No, not really," He said " I can do it easily enough as a first time but I can't just magic several square centimetres of skin from nowhere can I?""No I suppose not." I said, "What can you do for me?""Quadruple mastectomy?" he suggested."Only the four?" I asked, "You'll leave me two?" I said sarcastically."I can firm them up a bit while I am about it" he suggested."I think I had better get you to do it then, when can you fit me in?" I asked."Five o'clock?" he asked. I assumed he meant for a preliminary investigation."Yes, do it." I agreed, as I lay back and enjoyed being milked for the last time.Helga came to see me, "I've been re assigned," she said,"To get you sorted out, Dr Richards needs some idea of your preferences.""What?" I asked."Tits, surely you want them even and equal?" she suggested.I gulped, I always hoped no one had noticed that I usually had to pad my left bra cup to get them to look even."Oh, right," I said as Helga thrust a pile of fashion magazines at me. "What's wrong with that?" I pointed at a picture of some half naked movie starlet at the Cannes film festival."You want her tits?" Helga queried."Not literally," I corrected her, "but nice and even and firm and elegant and.""Small?" Helga queried."Elegant, so I can go jogging without them jiggling everywhere." I said and Helga simply tore the page out."Ok, fine." she said, and stalked away.They sent a man with a wheelchair for me and whisked me to Dr Richards workshop or surgery, everything looked and smelled clean, and I climbed onto the operating table lay down and Dr Richards put a mask over my face and everything went black.I woke in darkness hours later, my tummy hurt, there were sounds, I was not alone, "Erica, are you awake?" Helga whispered."Yes, I'm so sore." I complained, "What did he do?"."Erica, Dr Reynolds was worried about complications so he, ah." Helga announced. "Oh god what?" I asked, "What did he do?"."He left quite a pronounced scar." She said. "He can remodel it later if you like?""Oh, for heavens sake let me see, put the lights on." I asked."He needs to know if everything is working, he sent me to check." she said. "Can you feel this." Something brushed my left nipple."Mmm" I replied.and again as she brushed the other nipplemoaned, there was absolutely nothing wrong there."And below." she said as her hand groped my abdomen in the darkness."Nothing." I told her."But I'm rubbing your clitoris!" she protested."What about my other breasts?" I asked."Oh, Erica, he removed them, you agreed." she said."What, already, I thought he would need," I said, "I wanted a few more weeks.""But isn't it nice to have your clitoris where I can rub it, like this?" she asked."Wrong place, Down a bit, Ooohhh, yes. that's it, there." I told her, "keep on.""Dr Richards said to check that you become damp." she explained as she worked the little bud between her fingers."Use your tongue." I told her."No way, I'm no lesbian." she protested."Do you want a bad report when I get back state side." I queried, and sure enough I felt her warm breath on my crotch."Erica," Helga said quietly, "Dr Richards said sorry but he had to use abdomen skin on your pubes so you will need treatment if you want pubic hair.""Why would I want that?" I asked, "Where's Sur Li and Sucky.""Dr Richards is going to try the separated breast treatment you suggested." Helga replied, they have the skin stretch balloons in now.""Good, as long as they wont be sent to do mine clearance."It was in the morning that I was given a check by Dr Richards and signed off, "No penetrative sex Ms Reynolds, I understand Helga will oblige if you need relief." he said "and no swimming otherwise please try to get used to your new shape."Some of my clothes fitted, but my bras were useless and then I remembered my ball gown, long and black, backless with a plunging cleavage, with nowhere to hide a bra, I put it on, and suddenly I had this urge to look beautiful, I summoned Helga to comb my hair and help with my lipstick and eye shadow.I felt like a woman again, I paged Dr Richards, "How long until I'm allowed sex?" I asked."Oh, another forty eight hours should be about right." he suggested, "Why?""I would have thought that was obvious." I said.I went jogging, around the trails round the facility, Helga and a couple ofother staff members came as well and I felt a lot fitter and then as I returned on the Friday afternoon I saw a familiar figure waiting in reception."Erica, you look a mess." Norm greeted me for the first time in around nine months, "Where's your room?""Hi Norm." I said shyly, "Down there,""Then what are we waiting for?" he asked."I'm not allowed penetrative sex." I explained as I showed him into my room and locked the door."Of course you are, I told Richards to tell you that," Norm explained, "I just wanted you nice and fresh and horny for me." he looked around, "Bed or poolside.""Poolside." I agreed and slid my shorts and tee shirt off. "Norm, my scar?" I asked."Sure honey, looks like your cunt continues past your navel, get those panties down so I can see." he grinned, "Its beautiful.""Norm, there's a security camera over there." I cautioned but he didn't care as he guided me to the ground and spread my legs apart."Good." he replied and then he was sliding himself in me, I didn't realise I was so excited but suddenly I was completely filled by his hugeness and just about lost in orgasmic bliss. "You're coming home with me." he whispered. "I forgot just what a great lay you are, and now Kathy is doing your job you can be my full time whore.""I'd like that." I whispered."Travel round with me." he suggested."Sure Norm." I agreed."Keep house, entertain, have a few kids, what do you say?" He asked."I'd love to." I agreed, "But I have plans." I had all the new donor girls sent round to check them out, and one day I found a tall willowy girl among them, "She wants larger breasts, she is a customer." Helga suggested."Like these." I asked. She screamed. "The top ones stupid." I suggested."Yes, like those, but just two, customers pay much better for big tits." she explained.I looked at Helga and she smiled back and we had a word with Doctor Richards.Sur Lee and Sucky were most upset when I told them I was due for surgery. I looked with amazement at my new breasts, tiny perfect little breasts, and I thrilled as Dr Richards brushed his hand over my left nipple and I shuddered, her tried the other and to my intense relief the thrill surged through me. Everything seemed to be working, Dr Richards was a genius! I flopped down on the bed once more and slept.He wanted to do another procedure when it healed, he wanted to disguise the scars, but I wanted to get back to work, I had to almost learn to walk again, and it was very different now that my clit was not permanently stimulated by rolls of flab and lower breasts.I wanted to try it out but the question was who did I want to have sex with, Iwanted it to be special after all it was a new first time for me and that's when I realised, it had to be Norm.So I flew the whole Pacific Ocean and more to be with him, and thats where I found everything was still in perfect working order, too perfect as things turned out, in a cheap room in a cheap roadside motel.If we didn't make little Norm that first time then it must have been some other time that week, I didn't even realise until I emailed to ask when my periods should start and they sort of suggested a pregnancy test. I still work for the Company, I see Norm when little Hank has birthdays, because Norm likes all his kids to live at the ocean side facility, and I guess I'm no worse off than the Muslim or Mormon wives who have to share their husband with ten others and twenty five children, but sometimes I think back to the days when Sur Lee and Sucky were my own special milkmaids, before I brought them stateside and they found fame in the movies!And there is Caroline my housemate, but she's another story!


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