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Brad thought国产chinese男男gay视频网

Brad woke up with someone sucking his cock. It was not the first time it had happened but he still wasn’t used to it. Life is just great, he thought. How many guys were able to enjoy a blowjob first thing in the morning? The woman doing the sucking was no other than his mother. She tried to smile to him when she noticed he was awake, but it was rather hard to do it with a big fat cock in your mouth. She locked her eyes with his and continued to bob her head up and down his massive erection without stopping.Mary was savoring the moment. She felt so much joy and excitement sucking her son’s dick. Her goal was to drink his man juice but the process leading to it was very enjoyable too. The young man noticed his mother was topless. He had a view of her bare shoulders and a good portion of her huge tits. Moreover, her naked breasts were touching his thighs each time she swallowed his cock. This sensation aroused him even more.“Oh, suck my big cock, Mom. Yeah, you love my cock, don’t you Mom?” Brad moaned and Mary purred on his cock.He wondered why his mother was sucking his cock half naked (or totally naked, he wasn’t sure yet). Then he remembered the rules they had agreed the day before. She was actually following them. That was extremely hot. She was sucking his cock totally naked as the rules dictated. He had to see her pussy.“Mom, stop sucking for a second,” he ordered Mary. She looked at him with eyes telling him she didn’t want to give up her treat but she still obeyed. “Stand up, Mom. I want to see all of you.”Flushed with embarrassment, she took his cock out of her mouth and stood up. Her enormous breasts were Brad’s first point of focus. They were just perfect and barely sagged, which was a miracle for tits that big. His gaze then lowered to her flat stomach. Her regular exercise and healthy diet helped her maintain her perfect figure. Her body wasn’t as tight as her daughter’s, although the difference was barely noticeable and for a woman 19 years older it was phenomenal.Her excuse for doing exercise was to be healthy, but that was not totally true. Ever since she was a teenager, men were mesmerized by her beauty. She didn’t like all the comments and the looks they gave her, but they confirmed one thing to her: she was beautiful. She knew it and her vanity made her try to keep her amazing figure. That’s why she did all the exercise and ate healthy. She would never admit it to anyone but her beauty made her feel superior to other women and it was one of the reasons she tried to downplay it. Vanity was a sin and it ashamed her to feel that way.When his eyes captured the sight of her white panties, Brad frowned. The panties were very sexy on his mother but he wanted to see what was underneath. Mary had felt a real dilemma earlier that morning. The day before she agreed to the new rules Brad had set, but after a long night’s sleep she couldn’t go through with some of them. She considered her vagina her most sacred place and nobody, except female doctors, had ever seen it since she was a little girl and needed her mother’s assistance to bath.Her horniness being at level zero, she decided to wear sexy panties and, if Brad complained, she would present her argument. The day before had just been too crazy and they needed to review the rules. However, she didn’t have the chance to do that.“Mom, I’m very disappointed in you,” he said shaking his head. “We just made the rules yesterday and you are already breaking one of them. I expected more from you.”Mary was very aroused and hearing the disappointment in her son’s voice filled her with a sense of failure. She wanted to please him, but showing him her sex wasn’t a step she was ready to take yet. Sure, she had accepted the rule the day before but it had been theoretical then. It was much harder to actually do it. She was about to argue her point but Brad talked first.“Look, Mom. I don’t want to force you to do anything you are not comfortable with. If you don’t want to be my slut, just tell me. Nana and Chris can take care of me by themselves. If you want to go back to just being my mom, just say so. So do you want to be my slut or not?” he asked.“Yes, I do,” she answered in a little voice. She couldn’t look her son in the eyes so she stared at his cock.“Good. Go fetch Nana. We have a punishment to discuss,” he ordered his mother.Mary left his room, her head down, and he looked at his alarm clock. It was only 8 o’clock. Why had she awoken him so early? A minute later, Mary came back to his room followed by Eleanor and Christine. He was surprised to see his sister because it was a school day. Eleanor was wearing a back negligee without any underwear and Christine was wearing an old pink top, which was too small for her and made a breasts look bigger, combined with white panties with red dots.“Why aren’t you in school?” Brad asked his sister.“We are going shopping today. Because of the new rules Mom and I don’t have anything proper to wear. I don’t have anything important to do at school today so I won’t miss much,” she explained.“Ok. Now, we have to discuss Mom’s punishment. She was sucking my cock with her panties on, which is a violation of the rules. What do you suggest Nana?” he inquired.“I have been thinking about it this morning and I believe you should be the one who decides the punishments. I mean, we are your sluts and the rules are only about us pleasing you,” Eleanor proposed.“I agree completely,” Christine said.“Do you have any problem with that, Mom?” Brad asked. Mary just shook her head. “Alright, I think a good spanking is in order.”Mary was astonished. Her son was going to spank her. She wanted to protest, but then she saw her mother and daughter nod in agreement to Brad’s proposition. She knew she couldn’t change their minds and was eager to resume her blowjob, so she resigned herself her fate.“Take your panties off,” Brad ordered his mother.“What?” she said surprised. She thought she would receive the spanking and he would forget about the panties. If the price for not taking her panties off each time she would suck his cock was a spanking, she was seriously considering it. However, his order crushed her hopes.“You are going to be punished because you have your panties on, so it’s only normal that you have to take them off. I still expect to see your pussy, Mom,” he told her.Everyone could see the wet stain on the front of Mary’s panties, so they all knew she was very aroused by Brad’s behavior. And like every time she was horny, Mary didn’t put much resistance. She slowly lowered her panties and kicked them aside. Brad couldn’t look away from his mother’s pussy. It was simply beautiful. The first thing he noticed was how wet it was. He figured she was very excited and any trace of guilt he had in him vanished, not that he had much.Her labia majora was swollen with excitement and her pink labia minora seemed rather little. It didn’t look like the pussies he usually saw in porn at all. It was very cute and looked young and pure.“Wow, Mom. You have a beautiful pussy,” he stated. Mary blushed at the compliment yet her body straightened up with pride.“Now, bend over my knees,” he ordered her as he stood up and sat on his desk chair. Mary followed him and laid her stomach on his lap. She could feel his rock hard cock poking her stomach.“I’m going to give you ten swats on your bare ass. You are going to count each one and, at the end, you’ll apologize for disobeying,” Brad explained.Eleanor and Christine sat on the bed to enjoy the show. They were very excited to witness the spanking and almost wished they were in Mary’s place. The spanking showed them who the boss was.SLAP“One,” Mary counted as Brad slapped her ass for the first time.SLAP“Two,” she continued. He didn’t hit her very hard so the pain was bearable, but it was humiliating to be treated that way by her own son.SLAP“Three,” she half moaned as Brad’s hand made contact with her ass again.SLAP“Four,” she moaned as the pain transformed into pleasure.SLAP“Five,” she purred as the heat in her sex increased and her nipples became harder than steel.SLAP“Six,” she panted as a trickle of pussy juice ran down her thighs.SLAP“Seven,” she moaned again as the pleasure became much more intense.SLAP“Eight,” she counted, already out of breath.SLAP“Nine,” she muttered as the pain in her ass transmuted into heat in her loins.SLAP“Ten,” she shouted. She had a need for release so intense that she thought she was going to explode if the spanking went any further.She didn’t move after her ordeal. It felt nice to be where she was and she didn’t have the strength or the will to stand up. She felt her son’s hand caressing her butt. It hurt a little but he was so tender that she let him continue undisturbed. Brad moved his hand lower and his fingers came in contact with his mother’s pussy lips. She tried to stand up but he easily blocked her with his left hand on her back.“Son, please don’t,” she begged but he didn’t listen.“My, my, you are so wet, Mom. I think you have really enjoyed the spanking I gave you,” he chuckled.He was playing with her labia and it felt so good everyone noticed her protest came out weak and insincere.“Please, stop,” Mary pleaded, but even she knew she wasn’t honest. When Brad’s fingers brushed her clitoris it was the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced.“Shush, Mom. Let me make you feel good,” he whispered to her before easing a finger into her sloppy pussy.The sensation was unbelievable. He had already fingered a woman, this woman being his grandmother, but this was a whole different experience. His finger slid into Mary’s pussy easily. She was so wet he managed to insert a second and third finger without feeling any resistance. Sure, it was tight, but the lubrication in her cunt made his fingers slid into her canal without trouble. Mary felt her body go through an intense wave of pleasure as her son shoved his fingers into her sex. It was an amazing feeling she had experienced a lot during the last three weeks, but never in such an intense way.As Brad slid his fingers in and out of his mom’s pussy a few times, the pleasure became more and more intense until it reached a point where it demanded to explode. She tried to keep it in but when Brad brushed her clitoris her orgasm erupted. Her body burst with pleasure and became uncontrollable. Her pussy gushed juice on Brad’s hand while her hole tightened around his fingers. For a minute, she went through a pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced.Brad took his fingers out of his mother’s sex and put them in his mouth. He sucked on them and could taste his mother’s essence. The taste was delicious, not “better than chocolate” delicious, but somewhat “it tastes like sex” delicious. The juice was tangy with a touch of sweetness. He was addicted after the first lick.“Hmm, delicious,” he commented. “Mom, I think your pussy juice is the most delicious thing in the world. I can’t wait to taste Nana’s and Sis’ if they are as good as yours.” He was looking at the other two women while he said the last part.It took a few minutes for Mary to come down to earth after the incredible orgasm she had had. It was the first one in her life and she finally understood why people were fascinated by sex. If sex was as good or even better than that, she couldn’t wait to be fucked by Brad, to feel his big hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. No, she thought as she shook her head. I can’t think of something like that. He is my son, for God’s sake. If I’m going to fuck someone, it’s my husband. But that thought didn’t sound exciting at all. Maybe she could force herself to have sex with him when he came home. She suddenly felt very guilty. It was like she was thinking about cheating on Brad, even though he was her son.Mary stood up and saw Brad still was very much erect.“I’m sorry for breaking the rules, Son. I promise I won’t ever do that again,” she apologized. “I’m sorry we had to stop your blowjob to punish me, so I’m going to suck your cock to make amends.”“No, Mom. I think you enjoyed the spanking a little too much for it to be considered a punishment. Nana is going to suck my cock and you’re going to watch. It’ll teach you to obey,” he commanded.Eleanor jumped out of the bed as she heard this.“It will be my pleasure, Darling,” she said.Mary was hurt and protested a little, but Brad was right. She had liked the spanking and not sucking his cock was a real punishment. Jealousy burnt in her as she watched her own mother taking her negligee off. Eleanor walked toward Brad and knelt in front of him.She started by planting kisses all over his shaft and balls. Then she licked his cock like it was a big and tasty ice cream. She continued by taking one ball and then the other into her mouth.“Hmmm, I can’t wait to drink what’s in there,” she moaned.Mary and her daughter had a clear view of Eleanor’s shaved pussy and asshole. Her sex was glistering with juice. The blowjob made Christine and her mother very aroused. Mary had just had an orgasm so she was good, but Christine had to witness two incredible arousing shows in a row without the possibility to play with her pussy. She wished Brad would blow his load real quick so she could go to her room to masturbate. She could have left that very moment, but she felt compelled to watch her grandmother suck her brother’s big and tasty cock.Her prayer was answered because Brad shot his first wad of cum in his grandmother mouth a few minutes later. Eleanor was used to the huge amount of semen Brad ejaculated each time so she was able to drink it all without spilling a drop. She even kept a mouthful of it when he finished coming. She looked at him in the eyes while she opened her mouth to show him the cum in it. She played with it for a few second before swallowing it. The girls were in a hurry so she couldn’t play for very long.“Thanks, Darling. I just love eating your cum. It’s so delicious I wish I could live on it alone,” she told him.Christine left his room in a hurry to go to hers. She had to masturbate. Mary put her panties and her robe back on. Brad hadn’t notice the robe lying on the floor. His mother had come to his room wearing only that and her panties. Eleanor also put her negligee back on and the last two women left the room.Brad went to the bathroom to pee and then he went down to the kitchen only wearing his shorts. He saw his mother making toasts and spread jam on them. He sat at the table and she put the plate in front of him.“Can you eat on your own, Honey?” she asked.He picked up a toast using both hand and managed to take a bite.“Apparently,” he said.“Good, because we are leaving. I made you a sandwich for lunch so you can eat on your own. If you’re thirsty, here’s a plastic cup,” she said as she put a cup in front of him. It was like the kind of cup you use after brushing your teeth, not a disposable one. It was filled with orange juice and there was a straw in it. “And you can have tap water. The faucet is easy enough to use with your hand so you won’t die of thirst. If you have any problem or if your balls need to be drained, please call me. I’m on speed dial one on the phone.”“Ok,” he agreed.A few minutes later, the three women kissed him goodbye and left the house. For the first time in three weeks, he was alone at home. Before the accident, he would have used the time to walk around naked or jerk off outside of his room, but it was an everyday occurrence nowadays for him to do just that, although he didn’t do the jerking off himself.He watched a little TV until it was time for his morning run. He thought changing would be easy. He just put a shirt on, but he faced a problem when he grabbed his running shoes. How would he lace his shoes? He thought about it for a few minutes but nothing came to him. He noticed Mrs. Cartwright going to pick her mail and he found the solution. He opened his front door and called for her.Amanda Cartwright was his next door neighbor and an attractive mid-twenties housewife. His family was in friendly term with her. He sometimes mowed her lawn when her husband was too busy with work, or his mother would borrow flour, eggs or whatever from the Cartwrights when she couldn’t go to the store and vice versa. He explained his situation and she helped him putting his shoes on and laced them. He thanked her and went running. He didn’t bother to lock the front door because it was a crime-free neighborhood, and he had trouble manipulating keys.Running alone he was able to run faster than when he was with his mother and grandmother. And since he had nothing better to do, he ran for much longer too. He was really exhausted once he arrived in front of his house.Mrs. Cartwright was working on the flowers she put in front of her house so Brad decided to ask her to untie his laces. He could take his shoes off with his feet even with the laces tied but since she was just there he went to her. She was wearing an old T-shirt way to loose for her, so he could see her tits when she bent over a bush. She had a black bra on, but it was still a very exciting view nonetheless. Her breasts were smaller than Christine’s, she was either a B or C cup, Brad thought, but they were arousing all the same.Amanda straightened up when she heard Brad coming her way. The young man was a hunk and he was apparently very well-hung. His shorts were stretched by his hard cock, so she had the pleasure to admire the merchandise.“My, my, you are a very excited young man,” she teased him.“Well, I know a way to make it go away if you want to help,” he brazenly told her and she slapped his face instantaneously.“How dare you speak to me like that? I’m a married woman, for God’s sake. You should be ashamed,” she yelled at him before turning away from him and going into her house.Brad was dumbfounded. He had been so successful lately when he was aggressive with a woman that he had the feeling he could do no wrong. The slap woke him up. He returned home to chew over what had happened. He managed to take his shoes off with his feet alone and went to the bathroom. He disrobed in there and jumped into the shower. It had been a very stupid idea to talk to Mrs. Cartwright in such a way.The fact his brazen behavior worked with his family didn’t mean it would work with other women. When he thought about it, he realized he had acted kind of like a jerk. Women didn’t like guys acting like jerks or so he heard. Maybe it worked with his family because they knew he loved them. Or maybe it worked because they were submissive like in the stories he sometimes read. They called themselves ‘his sluts’ and they obeyed him. They even seemed to love following his orders.He ate his lunch after his shower and continued his ruminations. His grandmother often told him she liked it when a man took charge. It turned her on. He had asked her for advice about how to act with girls and she told him to be confident and take charge. As long as he left them enough time to say no and respected that answer, he would be fine. He always had the feeling she never said no to guys she liked. In any case, she never said no to him. That’s why he came to the conclusion she was submissive.He thought about his sister and how much she had changed in a matter of hours. He didn’t know what to make of it. Christine never had struck him as a submissive, so her willingness to be his slut was shocking. For the last three weeks, he hadn’t really thought about what was happening because it felt like paradise. But now that he was alone, he could think clearly for the first time in days. Thinking more about his sister didn’t help him understand her behavior. He had the feeling she was obeying his instructions because it was fun and not because she was submissive. Maybe it was just an excuse for her to explore her sexuality or whatever. It was puzzling.When his thoughts focused on his mother, he was lost. He was constantly humiliating her and she seemed to love it. As long as she was horny, she was willing to do about almost anything he suggested but, once her arousal disappeared, she thought about what she did and reconsidered things. Thank God sucking his cock turned her on or else he wouldn’t have gone so far with her.After lunch, he read some lessons his teachers had sent him by e-mail on his iPad. He was bored out of his mind and his balls were starting to ache, so he was glad when he heard a car parking in the driveway. Fun time could finally restart. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his mother. The doorbell rang and a man asked to see Mr. Stevenson. Brad told him it was the house on the other side of the street and closed the door.He decided to watch some more TV and found a baseball game on. He liked basketball better but the season was over so there wasn’t any new game until next season. His mind wandered during the game, one team was crushing the other and it became boring soon enough. He thought about the stress ball his dad had in his study. His father was always squeezing the thing when he was stressed and Brad thought he could use it to develop his fingers’ muscles. He turned off the TV and went to his dad’s study. He took the plastic ball on the desk and resumed his homework while pumping the ball.He didn’t know if the ball would help him gain a stronger grip but at least it helped him put up with his arousal. He needed some relief and if the girls didn’t come home soon he would have to masturbate on his own. That thought depressed him because he had gotten used to blowjobs and jerking off had lost its appeal it once had. He was sure he could find a way to jerk off, but it didn’t sound fun anymore.Finally, a little after 5, he heard a car parking in the driveway. A few minutes later the front door opened and Eleanor, Mary and Christine came in. They were carrying a lot of bags but what stunned Brad were the clothes they were wearing. The three women wore the exact same dress, but in different colors. Eleanor’s was yellow, Mary’s was white and Christine’s was pink. The dresses were extremely revealing and Brad was very pleased by the sight presented to him. The hems of the dresses ended right below the women’s bottom cheeks. The fronts were just two strips of cloth tied behind their neck so there was a plunging neckline that Brad could admire. He saw they weren’t wearing bras and he found that very sexy. When they turned around to go back to the car, Brad saw their backs were bare. They, of course, were wearing high heels which matched their dresses.He was too stunned to speak and he could only watch as the women brought bag after bag filled with clothes. He wondered how they could have fitted all that in his mother’s car. As the last bag was brought into the house, Brad thought he had waited long enough.“All right, who wants to suck my cock?” Brad asked the women, who all volunteered.“Ok, Sis, you’re first this time. I’m so horny I’ll probably cum twice,” he announced and he saw the sad expressions on his mother and grandmother’s faces. “Don’t worry, Mom. You’ll get the second load. In the meantime I want you and Nana to make out with me.”On cue, the three women reached behind their necks and untied their dresses, which fell onto the floor. They weren’t wearing panties either. Brad was speechless because he never thought his mom or sister would ever go commando, especially outside.“Naughty girls,” he exclaimed playfully. “It seems you forgot to put panties on.”“Not naughty enough I think,” Eleanor retorted. “We only put the dresses on just before we left the mall so we only spent 2 minutes there without panties before entering the car. I wasn’t able to convince your mom to do this until then.”It sounded like a reproach toward Mary. All day, Eleanor tried to influence Mary. She managed to make her buy slutty clothes and other surprises for Brad, but she failed to make her dress sexily until it was time to go home.Brad sat on the couch and was soon followed by Mary and Eleanor. Both women knelt on the couch on both sides of him. Christine took her place kneeling in front of Brad and quickly engulfed his cock into her mouth. She was hungry for his cock and it showed by the way she attacked it. She didn’t try to tease him or made it last. She just sucked him fiercely.Brad tried to hold on as much as he could and he succeeded a little. To keep his mind busy, he focused on the two women by his sides. He kissed his mother passionately and she reciprocated. She wouldn’t admit it, but their shopping adventure had excited her.With her mother and daughter, they had gone to a mall 50 miles away. It was the nearest mall where there were stores which had underwear and clothes for very slim and stacked women, and it was the place where Eleanor usually bought her clothes. With the advent of plastic surgery, more and more women had huge breast and thin waists so the mall manager made sure a few stores could supply the goods for this particular clientele. Since it was one of the few places you could buy such clothes in the area (except in the Internet, but you can’t try clothes online), it was very profitable.They started by buying Sunday dresses, the kind you can wear at church. They were sexier than all of Mary’s clothes anyway but they were still appropriate for wearing them at Church. Of course, Mary didn’t think so and bought them for arousing her son. She thought the dresses were slutty enough for her.When Eleanor understood that, she changed tactics. She went to another store to buy clothes for her. She didn’t intend to buy much during that particular trip and she was just there to assure her daughter and granddaughter bought sexy clothes. But that plan had failed. Mary wasn’t aroused so she was prudish and reluctant to go out of her comfort zone.So, Eleanor played the only card she could think of: jealousy. She modeled a lot of slutty outfits and bought most of them. She raved about how much Brad would be excited to see her wear those clothes and it made Mary panic. And with Christine following her grandmother example, Mary felt left out.She could picture the scene where Brad would be all over Christine and Eleanor in their slutty outfits while he wouldn’t pay any attention to her wearing her, what she now described as,丰满欧美大爆乳性猛交 plain dresses. She didn’t want that at all. She wanted Brad all to herself so she had to be sexier and sluttier than the other two busty beauties. And, just like that, she joined Eleanor and Christine in buying clothes that were more and more revealing. It was a competition that none of them wanted to lose.Before they knew it, it was pretty late and they were worried about Brad. It had been hours since he had his last ejaculation and he was probably dying to cum. But Eleanor had a kinky idea before they left. She thought they should buy some sort of official slut uniform. They would only wear it at home so it had to be very slutty and meant to arouse Brad more than ever. It should be the same uniform for all of them so that it would show their status to Brad. They argued a lot about the uniform until they found one they agreed upon.Once they decided it was time to go back home, Eleanor took one of her bags and started to go to one of the bathrooms. Mary stopped her.“Where are you going?” she asked.“I’m going to change. I want to suck Brad’s cock when we arrive home, so I’m going to put on something sexy,” Eleanor explained.The women argued about it for a little while. Mary wanted to go back home immediately, but soon Christine joined her grandmother’s side. She had a top and a skirt that would drive Brad crazy with lust. Then he would surely ask her to suck his cock. After much discussion they decided to buy and wear the same dress. That way none of them would have any advantage. It was a decision made after Mary threatened to take her husband’s SUV back home and leave her mother and daughter there if they went to the bathroom. She wasn’t ready to wear something so outrageous in public, so she couldn’t compete with the other beauties. Buying a new dress seemed the best compromise.It wasn’t easy to convince Mary to buy the dress Eleanor and Christine chose, but they managed to accomplish it.“Think about what Brad will think when he sees you wearing that! He’ll just grab you like a sack of potatoes and bring you to his room. Then he’ll tear your dress apart and shove his big fat cock in your willing mouth. I’m sure he’ll be so excited he won’t last a full minute without cumming,” Eleanor whispered in Mary’s ear as the young mother stood in front of the cabin mirror wearing the dress they have decided to purchase. Mary was still a little reluctant so her mother tried a different approach. She frowned like she was thinking about something awful. “Now that I think about it... Maybe buying this dress isn’t such a good idea after all. You were right, let’s just go home.”Hearing the apparent jealousy in her mother’s voice convinced Mary to buy the dress. She doesn’t want me to wear this because Brad will only have eyes for me, she thought. I’m definitely buying this dress!After some more conning, Eleanor tricked her daughter into going panty less. It all led to their current arrangement, servicing Brad in the living room’s sofa.Brad stopped kissing his mom and turned to his grandmother. He kissed her with the same passion he had kissed Mary. His tongue explored her mouth and battled with her tongue. He had his hands on the women’s backs and he slowly lowered them until they reached their butts. He left Eleanor’s mouth and went back to kissing his mother. Mary was so hot she didn’t protest when she felt her son’s fingers touching her pussy. She remembered the amazing pleasure she had experienced that morning and she wanted an encore.Brad was also touching his grandmother’s pussy. The two women were so horny and focused on their pleasure they forgot about Christine’s blowjob. She was bobbing her head over Brad’s cock and using her tongue to stimulate his sensitive areas. It worked like a charm and soon her brother was discharging the biggest load of cum ever. His cock literally exploded in his sister’s mouth and she gulped wad after wad of cum without letting any of it escape her mouth. Every women in the household was getting used to swallow Brad’s copious discharges and they loved every second of it.Her mother and grandmother didn’t notice Brad cumming. He was still hard after that so Christine continued sucking his cock, but this time more gently, she just wanted to keep his cock in her mouth. The young man was still very excited and pushed a finger in Eleanor and Mary’s pussies. He wanted to see them cum so he rapidly inserted another finger in each of their openings. He wasn’t gentle as he pumped his fingers in and out of their boxes. He knew a woman’s clit was her sensitive area so he also rubbed the women’s clitoris as best as he could.Very soon, his mother was panting in his mouth so he speeded up his fingers and stopped their kiss. He lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it like he was trying to get some milk. Brad had always been fascinated by big breasts, and sucking an enormous tit was a huge fetish of his. Since his mother’s rack was the best one he had ever seen in real life, pictures or videos, this moment was so much sweeter than he had ever imagined. Mary was quickly reaching an orgasm. She had her own son playing with her pussy and for some reason it excited her so much. He was rough, but she loved it. She never had any idea that being treated that way could feel so good. It reminded her of that morning’s spanking. Instead of suffering through her ordeal, she had loved what Brad did. She couldn’t wait to disobey again just to have another one. If I had known it would feel this good, I would have made Carlisle play with my pussy long ago, she thought. But as soon as the thought came, she knew it was wrong. Her pussy belonged to Brad only.NO, don’t think that. It’s wrong, she quickly reprimanded herself, but it was too late. The thought of belonging to her son turned her on even more and Brad chose that moment to suck on her breast. Having her son’s mouth on her boob and his fingers inside her pussy was too much for Mary and her orgasm exploded. She moaned while her body convulsed and her pussy contracted around his fingers. A lot of fluids were released and soaked her son’s hand. When her orgasm ended she fell on Brad, breathless.On Brad’s other side, Eleanor wasn’t going through the same ordeal as her daughter. Brad’s fingers were clumsy and if he wasn’t her grandson she wouldn’t feel much pleasure from them. She would have to rapidly teach him how to treat a woman’s treasure. She wouldn’t always be very hot from a day of shopping for sexy clothes and being part of a foursome. He was too rough on her clitoris so she bent her head to his ear.“Darling, don’t be so rough,” she whispered to him.He stopped what he was doing to her fearing he was hurting her. She sensed his distress.“Take your fingers out and rub my lips, gently,” she advised.He followed her advice and slowly caressed her pussy lips. That was much better for her. She liked it rough sometimes, but it was only when she was very, very, horny.“Try to rub every part of my pussy lips but don’t touch my clit. Wait until I’m really aroused,” she explained.He circled his finger around her lips without touching her clit. She was ready for clitoral stimulation but she had to teach him the proper way to treat her sex. She wouldn’t always be wet when he touched her pussy. After a few minutes of gentle brushing she made an exaggerated moan to signal him to touch her clit. He understood the message and gently caressed her clitoris. She was still bent over his ear so only him could hear her talk.“That’s it. You got the speed right, Darling. Just don’t focus only on my clit. Continue to rub my lips and maybe put a finger in me,” she commented.Brad wanted her to feel good so he did as he was told. He inserted a finger in her twat and slowly pushed it in and out of her. He could feel her getting wetter so he shoved another finger in her slit. He also took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it like a baby. Brad was surprised he couldn’t feel any real difference between feeling his grandmother’s enhanced breasts and his mother’s natural ones. The plastic surgeon had done a terrific job with Eleanor’s boobs. She was too aroused to teach him how to play with her tits, but it didn’t matter at the time. An orgasm was fast approaching and nothing could stop it.Brad felt his grandmother’s pussy squeeze his fingers strongly and knew she was having an orgasm. She didn’t convulse like his mother, but her hands clutched his arm and she exhaled a long guttural moan. He felt like a king for having made both his mother and grandmother cum. He almost had forgotten about Christine but her mouth around his cock made it impossible.The young woman witnessed the two women on the couch having an orgasm and was jealous. It seemed to be so much more intense than the ones she gave herself. If she hadn’t had his cock in her mouth she would have demanded he did the same to her right away. But it would have to wait. Her brother hadn’t cum since early this morning, so ejaculating once wouldn’t be enough to satisfy him. He wouldn’t still be hard otherwise.She had been very gentle since his orgasm because she knew guys were sensitive after blowing a load. She slowly increased the pressure of her touch to see when it was too much. Apparently, he had fully recovered because he didn’t complain when her mouth clasped tightly around his cock and her tongue brushed his cockhead.Once she was sure he was good to go, she took his cock out of her mouth. She looked him in the eyes when she licked all the length of his cock over and over again. She even licked his ball sack while she stroked his cock with her hand. How do you like your big sister sucking your cock like a ten dollar whore, Bro? She asked him in her head. She wanted to say this out loud, but with her mother and grandmother resting on Brad it just didn’t feel like a good time for dirty talk.She closed her mouth around Brad’s cock once again and tried different technique she had read online. She used her hand to masturbate the base of his cock while she sucked the other end. She even tried to deep-throat his cock, but it was too big and she gagged a few times. Her efforts were rewarded soon enough.“Oh Fuck,” Brad shouted as he started ejaculating in his sister’s mouth for the second time in a row.She swallowed everything he gave her except a mouthful she kept at the end. She knew he liked when his women played with his cum. So she opened her mouth to show him it was filled with semen. With her tongue, she coated her teeth and lips with cum and she even gargled a little. Brad was enjoying the nasty show, but having ejaculated twice in a row meant his cock couldn’t come back to life and show his sister how much he enjoyed what she was doing. Finally, Christine swallowed the cum in her mouth and Brad relaxed on the couch. He had his arms around Mary and Eleanor, who were cozy with their heads on his shoulders.The two women saw Christine playing with Brad’s cum and they thought he had only blown his first load.“So, I guess it’s my turn now?” Mary questioned.“What? No, Mom, I’m beat. Sis just made me cum twice so I’m drained,” he explained and Mary sat up straight.“She has sucked you twice? That’s not fair! It was my turn,” she complained.“You snooze, you lose. If you hadn’t been so focused on yourself and your own pleasure, you would have noticed him blow his big tasty load of cum down my throat,” Christine taunted her mother.Brad sensed it could become ugly so he stepped in.“Don’t worry, Mom. I’m sure I’ll be able to go another round after dinner,” he reassured Mary with a kiss on the cheek.“All right,” she conceded.After this exchange, the three women stood up and put their dresses back on. They grabbed the bags in the lobby and brought them to their respective rooms. While the women were busy tidying up their closets, Brad put his short back on and turned the TV on. He found an interesting documentary on Jeremy Lin, an NBA player.During dinner, the conversation turned around the shopping trip and Brad’s day alone. The women were sorry he had been so bored, but they were secretly pleased he missed them and couldn’t spend a day without them. While Mary and Eleanor did the dishes, Christine received a phone call from an old friend, Diana Cordero. She sounded really distressed so Christine agreed to come over her place. She informed her mother she was going to see a friend who needed her help. Mary was a little relieved because they were planning to wear their slut uniforms tonight and they couldn’t do it without her daughter. A part of her was eager to show the uniform to her son but the uniform was also humiliating, so she was embarrassed of having to wear it. When Eleanor learned about Christine leaving she was disappointed because, with Carlisle coming home the day after, they wouldn’t be able to wear the amazing uniforms she had chosen for the next five days.Diana didn’t live far. She used to be Christine’s best friend before high school, but they grew apart during their freshman year. Diana was a pretty girl with a great figure so she became popular really quick. She could have been a cheerleader but she found cheerleading offensive to women. Parading in revealing clothes just to cheer a bunch of jock tossing a ball around was pathetic to her. Nonetheless she hang out with a group of cool kids and tried to bring Christine in. But even though Christine was more beautiful than any other girl at school, she just didn’t fit in. The girls in the group were obsessed with boys and she considered the boys were perverts. Since Christine didn’t like being with the group, she and Diana saw each other less and less until they only said hi when they ran into each other in the hall.Christine arrived at Diana’s house and Mrs. Cordero let her in. After telling the young woman how much she missed seeing her around, she let her go to Diana’s room. The girl was crying and Christine tried to comfort her. For the last year or so, Diana had been dating Ryan Spikes, a basketball player. Their high school football team wasn’t any good but the basketball team was one of the best in the region. Basketball players were the most popular guys in high school. Ryan was not in the varsity basketball team when Diana started dating him. She was in love with him and was very happy when he joined the varsity team a few months after the start of the school year.When he became a first-team player a few weeks back Diana was ecstatic. Her status changed because she was a first-team player’s girlfriend. But it didn’t last long. Cheerleaders started to be very familiar with Ryan and Diana was jealous. One girl paid special attention to Ryan: Leslie Ellis. She was a pretty blonde girl with medium sized breast and a little brain it seemed.Earlier that day, Ryan had dumped Diana because of Leslie. He told her he and the dump bitch had something special and he was sorry to hurt Diana, but he couldn’t help his feelings. The crying girl knew what the truth was. Ryan wanted to date a cheerleader and now that he had the opportunity he went for it. The worst part was Leslie wasn’t all that beautiful, Diana thought she was much prettier than the shallow man stealer. Leslie was one of the less pretty cheerleaders, so it hurt more to lose Ryan to her.While she was comforting her hurt ex-friend, Christine wondered why the girl had called her. Diana had other friends who could provide her a shoulder to cry on. It had been more than three years since the last time they actually spoke so Christine found it inappropriate for Diana to call her just to complain about a bad break up. If she wasn’t such a kind girl, Christine would have told Diana off and leave her crying by herself.After what seemed hours of whining Christine learned the true reason of Diana’s call.“Chris, do you think Brad could talk to Ryan? They are teammates so I’m sure he can reason with Ryan. If he could just tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me, I’m sure Ryan will listen,” she begged Christine.The busty young woman was astonished. What a selfish and delusional girl Diana was! It had been three years and Diana just called her because she was Brad’s sister. How rude. And if she thought Brad could influence Ryan into coming back to her, the poor girl was deranged. For one Brad, and Ryan weren’t friend, and two, if the guy dumped her, it was because he wanted to. You don’t break up a one year relationship just because you are confused. The guy liked Leslie for a reason and Christine doubted begging would change anything. She couldn’t believe she missed an evening of sexual fun at home just for an ungrateful girl like Diana.Meanwhile Mary was pacing in her room. Her closet was open and she was debating what to wear. Enough time had passed for Brad to be ready to cum again and this time it was HER turn to suck his cock. She hadn’t had a dose of his cum since the previous day so she desperately needed one. She had made a mistake that morning and it had cost her a big load of delicious cum. Being aroused, she put aside all prudish thoughts and focused on just one thing: Brad wanted her to be a slut and she would show him how good a slut she could be. And it meant choosing the right outfit to wear when she would go to his room.Brad was on his bed, watching a movie on his TV, when his mother knocked on his door.“Come in,” he responded.Eleanor was busy reading a book downstairs. Her daughter had warned her she didn’t want anyone interrupting her moment with Brad, so Eleanor stayed in the living room. Mary had sounded very serious and on the verge of finally accepting her slut status.When Mary entered her son’s room, Brad’s jaw hit the floor hard because his mother looked amazing. She was wearing a red lace top baby-doll with stockings, and a matching thong. Her hazel hair was cascading over her shoulders like a chocolate river. Her eyelashes were darker than usual and made her eyes captivating. Her lips were as red as a strawberry and inviting.Her top was a large band of red cloth circling her body just under her breasts. It covered her lower back and the top of her butt cheeks, but there was an inverse V opening so you could see her navel and her thong. Two stripes of red lace cloth were attached to that band to cover her breasts and they were joined behind her neck. It showed a very deep cleavage and the stripes were so sheer you could see her nipples under them. Her stockings were attached to the red thong, which had a bow at the front, by the red suspenders. To top it all, Mary was wearing red open tow high heel slippers which made her legs look very long and sexy.Mary was the loveliest and sexiest woman Brad had ever seen. Not even top models could compete against her beauty, and he fell in love with his mother at that very moment. Until now, she was just this sexy woman who sucked his cock and happened to be his mother, but not anymore. He felt ashamed by the way he had treated this angel. He vowed to make it up to her.“Mom, What…argh…urgh…what,” Brad managed to say. He was at a loss for words before such an impressive goddess.“Cat got your tongue, honey?” she asked playfully. She was thrilled to have made her son speechless. If he couldn’t find any word to praise her beauty, it meant she was beautiful beyond words. She even made a sexy pose using the door frame for support.Brad shook his head to lift the fog in his brain.“Wow, Mom, wow,” he complimented her. “You are stunning… simply stunning. I have never seen a woman look as pretty as you.”Mary smiled at the compliment. She was utterly happy her son found her so beautiful. She walked toward her son swaying her hips like she had seen her mother do.“Thank you, Son. That means so much to me,” she said before lovingly kissing him on the lips. It was a kiss that shared their love for one another.Mary left her son’s lips and stood up. She kept a finger on the border of her lips and her other hand as pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. She tried to look innocent and sexy at the same time.“Do you like my outfit? I bought it especially for you,” she timidly asked her son.Brad’s cock rose at the sight of his mother striking a very sexy pose. When Mary entered his room he was so mystified by her beauty he forgot to become aroused. This pose reminded him she was a flesh and blood creature and not an angel fallen from Heaven.“Of course I love it. The person who designed it was a genius,” he truthfully replied. He was sitting on the border of his bed by now. He took one of his mother’s hand and pulled her toward him.Mary got the massage and straddled him to sit on his thighs. Brad put a hand behind his mother’s head and brought it to him. Their lips met and they shared a kiss like they never had done before. They didn’t probe each other’s mouths with their tongues like horny teenager, but kissed like two lovers being reunited after a long time.Obviously, that didn’t last. Their arousal grew more intense and they started to make out. Brad’s tongue invaded Mary’s mouth, but she willingly welcomed the intruder. Her tongue played with his as it explored her oral cavity. The young mother’s pussy was getting wetter by the second and she was so hot so she began to unconsciously grind her crotch against her son’s hard cock.One of Brad’s hands went to his mother’s ass and kneaded it like it was made of dough. His other hand made its way between their bodies to grab one of her huge boobs. He squeezed the mound of flesh and all Mary did was moan into his mouth. His arousal prevented him from thinking clearly and he was very rough with his mother. He was treating her ass and tits like he wanted to crush them. However, instead of feeling enormous pain, she only felt intense pleasure. She loved him treating her like she was just a piece of meat. He was using her for his own pleasure and didn’t care for her own. Why would he? she thought, I’m just his slut and only his pleasure matters.Of course, Brad would have stopped at any sign of his mother being uncomfortable, but all she did was acting like she enjoyed what he was doing. Even though he was acting without thinking, he would have noticed it if his mother was being hurt and would have changed how he played with her body.They made out like this for a good ten minutes before Mary remembered why she was there. She was there to suck her son dry. She broke the kiss and, feeling incredibly horny, she lost all sense of modesty.“Do you want Mommy to suck your cock, Son?” she whispered in his ear. Calling Brad “son” reminded her he was her own flesh and blood, but instead of feeling guilty, the taboo nature of it increased her arousal. “Do you want your slut of a Mom to kneel before you like some kind of slave and shove your big fat cock in her dirty mouth? Do you want to fuck your mother’s face until you blow a big load of tasty cum in her eager mouth? Do you want me to drink your cock juice like it is some kind of ambrosia?”“Yessss,” he answered in agony.Mary was delirious. Never before had she talked like that or even thought she was capable of doing so. However, she was so horny and in such a cum withdrawal that she lost all restrain. It even excited her more to talk like that. As for Brad, he couldn’t believe the words that had come out of his mother’s mouth. She sounded like a dirty slut and not like the good Christian mother he had always known. It made him more excited and he was in real danger of cumming in his shorts. To help him calm down, he thought about a documentary he had seen while zapping channels one day. It showed an open heart surgery and it made him so sick he quickly changed to another channel. Thinking about the beating heart out in the open made his arousal diminish greatly.Mary stood up and left her son’s lap. She reached behind her back to take her baby-doll off, but Brad stopped her.“No, don’t take it off,” he told her. “You are so sexy in it I want you to keep it on.”The busty and horny mother smiled at her son and bowed.“As you wish, my Lord,” she playfully responded before kneeling in front of him.She grabbed his shorts and took them off. He helped her by lifting his butt and she tossed the piece of cloth toward his desk. Not wasting another second, she took his shaft in her hands. They looked so tiny compared to the big fuck stick.“God, I love your cock, son,” she commented as she began to lick his long shaft.There was a lot of pre-cum so she savored each lick. Mary brushed her tongue over every inch of her son’s mighty weapon. She even spent some time warming the sperm in his testicles by taking them in her mouth one at a time. All the time she did that she never lost eye contact with her son. Brad could see the desire to please him in his mother’s eyes and it made him even hornier.After a few minutes of intense licking, Mary couldn’t hold on anymore and took her son’s dick into her warm mouth. She sucked his cockhead while twirling her tongue all around it. That action made Brad’s cock release more pre-cum for his mother to enjoy.She then began to bob her head over his cock very slowly. She sensed her boy was near his limit and he wouldn’t last very long, but she didn’t want that. She wanted to savor sucking his amazing cock for a few more minutes.Unfortunately, she just couldn’t control herself. Soon enough she was moving her head very fast and furiously using her tongue to stimulate Brad’s cock most sensitive areas. Mary felt the cock in her mouth swell and knew it would explode right away.“Oh, fuck,” Brad shouted when he started painting his mother’s mouth with his cum.The slutty mother had only her son’s cock head in her mouth and was jacking the rest of his shaft off with her free hands. The first wad of cum landing on Mary’s tongue felt like the first drop of water after a hot day wandering in the desert. She felt like being brought back to life. It was only one day since she had her last taste of her son’s cum but, for the mid-thirties housewife, it had felt far too long.She greedily drank all the semen shot by the dick in her mouth and she was so thirsty she forgot to keep some cum in her mouth for show to taste it better later. Mary, Eleanor and Christine all knew how much Brad enjoyed when the woman eating his cum kept a little amount of it in their mouths to play with it. The teenage boy loved the nasty show and his sluts loved performing it for him. Regrettably, the cum-loving big titted slut kneeling in front of him at that moment swallowed all the man juice shot from his cock.After cleaning his cock with her tongue, Mary disengaged herself from Brad’s shaft.“Thanks, son. That was delicious,” she announced, licking her lips in the process.“You’re welcome,” the boy replied. It was another thing he found unbelievable. The three busty women actually thanked him after they sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, as if he was doing them a huge favor. Sometimes, he was afraid it all was just a dream and he would eventually wake up.Brad noticed his mom’s panties were soaked. She was very excited and he knew just the thing he had to do in order to remedy that.“Do you want me to make you cum, Mom?” he politely asked. Before that evening, he would have ordered her to do what he wanted, but he didn’t dare anymore. His dick was flaccid so his brain was functioning and he remembered you don’t treat an angel like he used to treat his mother.“Yes, please,” Mary answered.Two times her son had played with her pussy and two times she had experienced pleasure beyond what she could have ever imagined. That was why her reluctance over Brad seeing or touching her pussy was forgotten when she was horny. Not that she would have put much of a resistance if she wasn’t horny.Brad stood up and took his mother’s hand. He helped her stand up too and lovingly kissed her on the lips. He could taste his own cum, but it was a small sacrifice worth doing to kiss the angel before him.He brought her to his bed and laid her down onto it. He kissed her again but didn’t linger on it for too long. Gently, he moved his lips to her left ear to lick it and playfully bite it. Then he landed kisses on her neck. Mary was dumfounded by her son’s gentleness, he was usually more brutal. She liked it very much. It didn’t excite her as much as his roughness, but it made her heart skip a beat. Seeing her son so loving and tender made her love for him deepen. She forgot about everything except him and her. He wasn’t her son anymore, he was her lover and she would give herself to him completely. Brad could make love to her right now and she wouldn’t protest one bit. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that.He continued his descent over her body and reached her breasts. He took the stripes of clothes barely covering his mother’s boobs and pulled them aside. Mary’s breasts were now bare and her young boy took advantage of it. He kissed them all over for a long time. The horny woman loved it. Her breasts were very sensitive and it gave her much pleasure when they were touched. She really had enjoyed having them fucked by Brad’s cock the previous evening and would love to have his cock trapped in her cleavage once again.However, Brad had other ideas. He resumed his journey down and licked his mom’s incredibly flat and beautiful stomach. He even French kissed her navel, which she found delightful. She was panting like crazy by now and wanted her son’s fingers in her cunt as soon as possible.He carefully unclasped the suspenders from her stockings and he slid the red thong down his mother’s legs. The piece of cloth was completely drenched and Brad was certain he could fill a glass with her fluids if he squeezed the material over it.His mother’s musky odor hit Brad’s nose strongly. The smell was enchanting and calling for him. All his plans were forgotten at the first sniff. He spread her legs as wide as he could and, before Mary could say anything, plunged his mouth toward her pussy.He lapped at her juice like a dog. The busty woman’s sex had released a lot of juice since she came into her son’s room so Brad had a lot to lick. Mary was enjoying her son’s tongue so much the idea of protesting never crossed her mind.Brad used some tricks he had read online. He spelled the alphabet with his tongue on her pussy lips and his mother became delirious. From time to time his tongue brushed against her clit, but it never dawdled on it for too long so she would have an orgasm too soon. He even shoved his tongue inside her slit and rolled it inside her opening. Mary was going crazy with lust and she desperately yearned for release.“Please,” she begged her son. “Make me come.”Brad couldn’t deny such a request, so he took his mom’s clit between his teeth and gently bit it. This simple act was enough to drive Mary go over the edge. She had the most intense orgasm of her life (being only her third one, it wasn’t much of a challenge) and squirted juice all over her son’s face. Brad was able to drink some, but most of it was splashed over his face and dripped all over his sheets. The liquid was exquisite and Brad was very disappointed of being able to savor so little.As for Mary, she was long gone. Her orgasm had made her entire body convulse and she passed out from the overwhelming bliss. Brad watched his mother lying on his bed, unconscious for a few moments, before going to the bathroom. He washed his face and peed in the toilet. He hadn’t bothered putting clothes on because the women in the house were already used to see him naked.He shook his mother when he came back in his room and she lazily opened her eyes. She looked at him adoringly.“Oh, Honey. That was amazing,” she told him. Then, she planted kisses all over his face. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”“It is my pleasure, Mom. We can do that anytime you want. I could literally spend all day long with my mouth on your pussy because your juice is delicious,” he assured her and she smiled happily. She was tempted to take him on his offer.They spent the next 20 minutes lying on the bed in each other arms. They were just happy to be together.Later in the evening, when Eleanor sucked his cock before bedtime, she sensed something was wrong. She noticed how blissful her daughter had been after she returned from Brad’s room so she knew something important had happened. The young man seemed uninterested in Eleanor’s blowjob and he seemed to put up with it just because he wanted to cum. He couldn’t help but think about what had happened earlier with his mother.Christine came back home after 11, way past her curfew, but nobody noticed. The others were all in their respective bedrooms and dwelling on their own issues so they didn’t notice she had arrived home too late.When Brad went to bed, he felt a little lost. He was eager to see his dad the next day, yet he was depressed at the same time because he wouldn’t have so much sexual fun for the next few days. And with his doctor appointment on Friday approaching, he was scared this week was his last chance to enjoy that newly found sexual fun with his willing lovers. And after what happened earlier with his mother, going back to normal would be way too dreadful.


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