you know what right?So国产av女高中生第一次破

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you know what right?So国产av女高中生第一次破

Amy trembled in fear and shivered because of the cold air. The air so cold that it made Amy's lovely pink,round nipples on her F Cup breasts erected. Amy was 22 years old, 5' 5" tall and has a lustly looking pairs of breasts. She has a normal area peach-pink areolas, and a set of tits that people would like to call ' Silver dollar nipples'. She was of Caucasian descent, and has wavy long brown hair as all the hairs on all other regions are brown.Her hands were chained and she was led by a quite large, muscular man wearing a mask to a chamber which are full of women, all chained up to the wall on their neck. The fact that 7 naked men with their members standing tall on it's own doesn't bother her too much, but the the fact that the women that were chained in that chamber were all pregnant. The men surrounded her, and some words escaped from her beautiful pink lips saying " Why are you guys doing this to me..*hic*..please,I beg you,let me go..". One of the men pulled her hair and said it right into her fairly skinned face " My my,don't be scared little one. Do you really want to know the purpose we brought you here?". She nodded. " There are a lot of things that I would need to tell you why I brought you here.How about we make a deal?You agree to do what we tell you,and when you complete it, we will tell you why you were brought here and when we told you all the reasons, we will set you free.Your choice.Listen and go,or listen while being down here for the rest of your life.Choose.".Amy went with the first choice, and the first thing that she need to do was to put on a handcuff, blindfold and a mouth restrainer. She knew what was going to happen to her curvy,luscious 22 year old body, but she blindly trusted them and let them do what they wanted. The men started caressing her body,two guys licking her ears, two sucking, licking and nibling her wonderful tits.One guy started inserting his cock into her mouth, and sliding it in out of it slowly. One guy was licking her fluffy buldging pink vagina and cute small asshole while the last guy was fingering her, thrusting in and out of her cunthole with his index and middle finger while his thumb was rubbing her clit. Around 8 minutes of the harassment, Amy came about two times which felt like she was on ecstacy. " Good job my little cow.Yes, a cow.You were brought here because of your nice racks. It is suitable for producing milk as it's big in size, and it's natural.But to produce milk, a women must be,ahem, you know what right?So, task number 2: start producing breasts milk,and we'll tell you why.Good luck then.". She couldn't believe what she just heard. No wonder all the women in this chamber are pregnant. By the minute she started to struggle, her body was pinned down by a lot of hands. Those hands lifted her up onto one of the guy's body,av动漫 making her au naturale boobies facing upwards. She then felt something blunt poking both her lovehole and asshole,and it slowly forcing it's way into her lower body's orifices. By the feeling of it, she estimated that there's a 7 inches cock thrusting her pussy and a 9 inches down her puckerhole."Fuck, she's tight.I bet she doesn't fuck around much.Lucky" said her cuntfucker."Yeah bitch, we're gonna fuck you good.Good 'til lotsa milk come out from your horny little tits." as her ass banger whispered to her ears. The raping doesn't stop there. Two cocks were forced into her mouth, one fucking her tits and the other two dicks were waiting for their turn. Amy tried to get herself out somehow, but all is futile. She succcumbed to the men and enjoyed the pounding by strange dicks inside her womb and sphincter. Her eyes began to roll upwards, grunts and moans voiced out from her throat " Ungh...!!Em..ah..agh! Urgh...!!" On her 2nd orgasm that fuck, the men banging her finally gushed out their warm milky seeds into her mouth,cunt and asshole. Those who fucked her pussy and ass rested for awhile, and the two who were fucking her mouth filled the gap in. This pair were a little smaller than the previous one.As she haven't finished inhaled half a breath, two more dicks were placed into her mouth.It moved liked twin pistons, in and out,and the same goes to the lower body. Her love juice kept flowing and flowing,as if the nest welcomes it's invader. She began to think " Oh god, how did I get myself into this?It feels so good...ungh.." as little tears dribble to her cheeks.The friction of the cock in her vagina and asshole kept making her cum, which her body trembled and jerked over and over. Even in her state of pleasure and half-concious, she could still hear what they were talking. One of the men suddenly said " OK men, playtime's over. Let's get serious.".They growled and cheered then. The oral and boob fucking stopped. Amy then felt some kind of oil or lubricant were rubbed around her alredy soaked wet pussy, and then the cock fucking her asshole was trying to fuck her cunt,together with another dick still inside her womb. She let out a cry as her babybox was streched to an impossible extent. The penis went in successfully and they continued fucking,only this time it's faster, harder, deeper and fuller. Loads of sperms were shot inside Amy's uterus to increase her chance to get impregnated. " Man,this girl can fuck! Was she this slutty 'cause of the dope we gave earlier?" Yes.She was drugged earlier when she when she was unconcious. They injected some aphrodisiacs on her clit and pussy lips, and also both her nipples. That was why she didn't resisit much." Ungh..I'm cumming again.." and there she climaxed her 7th orgasm alongside her 9th load of gooey man cum into her fuckbox. The abuse repeated with the double penetration in her pussy and she can't stop moaning and feeling good. Streams and streams of sperms spilled into her until it oozes out of her pussy. " Looks like she had her cunt full." "Yeah and she's starting to expand a little down here.Better stop here if we wanna have fun again" and Amy was free of cocks but full of cum. In her mouth, on her tits and especially her babysack,leaking out precious white men milk. The men chained her up on her neck and removed the blindfold, mouth restriner and handcuffs. A guy in a lab coat came and injected something to her neck. She started to feel weak and collapsed but her eyes were still opened. He continued to inject 2 shots on each boob and one shot on each tit. He heard him say " ....serum on the neck was a mild tranquilizer and estrogen hormone,so she'd get pregnant faster. I shot some boob-enlarging protein so her milk carrying capacity would increase.The shot in the nip would make the milk flow better.".She passed out right on that second.


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