free and clear国产av女高中生第一次破

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free and clear国产av女高中生第一次破

Monica, a 39-year-old divorced white mother of two, had returned home a little after 1pm when she had finished her part time job at the Old Navy store for the day.As she often did, she went into the family room, put on soft music and started doing nude yoga.Between yoga, tennis and jogging, Monica kept herself in great condition.She had high firm c-cup tits with large nipples that always showed thru the tight blouses that she normally wore, and a small waist.She was 5'3" and weighed about 110 pounds.She looked younger than she was. She would do yoga for an hour and be finished before the kids got home from school. Her final pose was always in the lotus position, which she would stay in for about ten minutes with her eyes closed, almost in a trance.The only thing that she did different than most was that when she got into that position she would take her vibrator, turn it up full and shove it deep into her cunt.As she sat like that, the pleasure would build till she had a wonderful orgasm.She had to work hard to stay still in position and keep her eyes closed till she came back down and completed her hour and her orgasm.But she always felt wonderful after that and was ready to face the rest of the day. When Monica opened her eyes all she could see was an erect cock right in front of her face. She opened her mouth and the cock moved forward filling her opening.She closed her lips tightly around it and sucked.The shaft started moving in and out in a fucking motion while she stayed as still as she could with her eyes closed again. After a short time the 7 inch, slightly down curved penis had worked it's way fully into her throat.She could feel the ridge of the head rubbing the walls of her throat as it slid in and out, from when just the head was in her mouth till her nose was buried deeply in the cock owner's pubic hair.Monica controlled her breathing and worked hard to hold as still as she could as she sucked on the prick.Each time the cock was mostly out, she would lick her tongue around the head and enjoy the taste of the pre-cum that was coming out of the sperm hole. She had not yet taken the vibrator out of her pussy before this started and soon she was having another orgasm. 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Some nights any one of them might bring home an overnight guest and spend the night behind private closed doors.Sometimes the guest and all of the family would get together for some group fun.Theirs was a very sexually open family.Later that afternoon, Judy got home and went to her room to do her homework.Ty went in and stood behind her, reached around her and started fondling her b-cup titties.Judy stopped and leaned back in her chair, enjoying the tit massage.Judy was a cute blond with shoulder length hair.She was 5'5", athletically built and weighed about 120."I've invited Mike to come over Friday and spend the night.I hope you and Mom are up to joining us.I'm sure he'll enjoy it,av动漫" Judy said to Ty. "Sounds like fun to me and I'm sure Mom will be up for it.Have you fucked Mike before?""No, this will be the first time but I know he has fucked some of the other girls in my class and even at least one of our teachers." Mike was in Ty's class and Ty knew that he had fucked Mrs. Davis, their math teacher, because he had also been there double fucking her and happily sharing all three of her fuckable holes. Ty had seen that Mike had a big cock and could last for a long time.At supper, Judy told her mom about her plan."Sounds good to me," was Monica's reply. 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"Ya, actually you'll be spending the night with all of us if you want."With that Judy reached over and opened her mother's robe and pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor and leaving Monica naked in front of the three youngsters.Mike's jaw dropped as he stared at Monica's beautiful naked body."Go give my mom a hello kiss," Judy said.Mike stepped toward Monica and she did the same.Mike gave her a little peck but she put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep, sexy kiss and rubbed her tits back and forth on his chest.When Mike turned back to Judy, she had her top off and she dropped to her knees in front of him and reached for his belt. Mike was in shock and didn't know what to do. He just stood there as Judy pulled down his pants and shorts and wrapped her lips around his big erection.Monica joined Judy on the floor and took Mike's thick 8 inch cock from Judy and shared giving him a blowjob.Mike looked at Ty and said, "Wow."Monica and Judy passed Mike's cock back and forth until Mike finally came in Monica's mouth.Monica and Judy then shared a deep kiss, swapping Mike's cum back and forth.Ty was standing there stroking his cock, which was about 7 inches and a medium thickness."I hope you are not planning to get any sleep tonight Mike." Mike again could only say Wow as the two women continued sucking his manhood hoping to get him quickly back to full hardness.Monica deep throated Mike and he hardened and Judy turned to her brother, stripped out of her shorts and told him that it was his turn as she put her lips over Ty's cock. 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The guys sat on the edge of the bed and Mother and daughter moved into the 69 position licking cum from each others well fucked asses as it flowed out and down their cracks.They rolled over several times so first one then the other got the top position.Each had one last orgasm while being eaten, Monica by Judy and Judy by Monica. Mike then took Judy to her bed and Ty stayed in his mothers bed.Ty spent several minutes sucking his mother’s tits then they cuddled and fell asleep.Mike and Judy, on the other hand, were far from done for the night.They fucked and sucked several more times. Judy got in the tub and let Mike piss on her.He had to go really bad so he pissed in her hair, on her tits and all over her.Finally he put his spewing cock in her mouth and pissed down her throat.Judy swallowed his hot salty yellow fluid as fast as she could but piss ran out her mouth and down her body and dripped off the end of her tits.It was a good thing that she was in the tub. Then Mike climbed in with her and they shared a shower. Mike fingered her cunt and rubbed her clit till she orgasmed one last time.They went back to her bed and cuddled.The sky was just starting to get light when they fell asleep. It was about 10 am when Mike awoke feeling his cock being sucked.He reached down and said, "Gee Judy, I really like the way you suck cock.What a great way to wake up."Then he looked down and saw that Judy was gone and it was Monica with his cock down her throat.She pulled off long enough to say, "Good morning sleepy head.We thought you were going to sleep all day.Get up and come to breakfast.Don't bother to get dressed." 1110



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