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to be more precise国产av女高中生第一次破

"I need to ask you a favor," said Steven."Shoot," replied Kevin."I have to go out of town for a couple of days. Might turn into a week. It's for my dad's company. They need me to approve some things since...you know."Kevin did know. He nodded to his friend, who was stroking his finger around the brim of his glass. The crowd in the bar was dying down, and the music was low enough to have a normal conversation now. Steven seemed to actually enjoy being away from the house for a bit."So what's the favor?" Kevin asked. "It's my mom. I can't leave her alone. The girl who babysits her from time to time can't watch her the whole week. And with her condition I need someone to be around for her. Someone she recognizes and trusts. Help her with small things.""And you want me to watch her?" Kevin asked. "Could you? I know it's a big favor, and I wouldn't want to impose," Steven said.Kevin patted his friend's shoulder. "Dude. It's cool. I got your back," he said.It was the least he could do for his buddy. They had been friends for years, and Kevin was very fond of Steven's mom. Ever since they were kids, she was always very kind to Kevin whenever he was around, often making him flapjacks. Now, as an twenty year old young man, he appreciated her looks as well. She was a sexy 45 year old woman, with long blonde hair and a buxom physique, who had a knack of flirting with younger guys from time to time. He was just happy that she still remembered him after the accident. It happened about six months ago. Steven's parents, Margo and Jeff Brooks, were driving home from an office party. They drove in the most terrible of rainstorms. A wet road. A truck that came out of nowhere. The crash was terrible. Jeff was dead on impact. Margo came off with only minor injuries, but the damage to her was much more extraordinary.It was her memory. Or, to be more precise, her short-term memory. Margo seemed to be incapable of remembering anything that happened beyond an hour or so. Sometimes even less. She's have her moments of clarity, but new faces and names vanished quickly for her. It was especially hard for her, as she'd often do the same thing over and over, having forgotten she had already showered or checked the mail. Margo wasn't helpless, mind you. But Kevin could see how Steven would be more comfortable knowing a good friend was watching her, as he scrambled to keep his deceased father's company afloat. "I'll give you a list of little things. You can help yourself to any booze around the house and any movies you want to order. Just make sure my mom is taken care of, will you?" Steven asked."Don't worry. She's in good hands."#Steven was loading the last of his luggage into the taxi when Kevin showed up. Kevin had brought a small duffle bag with clothes and toiletries. He knew he wouldn't need much at Steven's house. Everything was there in case of guests. He's been staying over since he was seven. He knew the place like it was his own. "Again, thanks for doing this," Steven said."No problem. Were's your mom now?" "Inside. She'll be out in a minute."And indeed she was, walking out no sooner than her son had said that. Kevin was taken aback a bit by how good she looked. She'd always been a great looking woman. After the accident she looked quite ragged for a few months. But now, after enough time of healing, she was back to her old self."Hey there Kevin. Looking good there honey. What brings you here?" she asked. "No mom, remember? I told you. Kevin will be watching you instead of Sophia. For the week I'm gone."Her eyes glazed for a second. Then she nodded her head. "Yeah...sure. I remember. Sort of. You had a job thing...right?""Yes mom," Steven sighed. He shook his head and gave Kevin a look. Kevin just smiled and patted his shoulder. He was going to be there, so his mother would be fine. They waved him off until the car vanished into the distance. Kevin turned to Mrs. Brooks and put his arm around her."Shall we do lunch?""Is it that time already?" she asked, confused.#The first day was nothing special. Kevin had to get used to Mrs. Brooks's condition, that's for sure. There were these odd moments, when she'd walk into the room he was. Each and every time, she was surprised to see Kevin sitting there. "Oh, hi, Kevin. When did you get here?"It was so bizarre. He had never seen anything like it. His interactions with Margo since the accident were fairly short, so he never really noted it until now. He laughed and tried to explain it again. He explanations were shorter each time."Mrs. Brooks, Steven is out for a while. He asked me to watch you. Remember?""No dear, I'm sorry. How silly of me. I must be losing my head," she said with a laugh.That's how the first day went. Kevin would make Margo lunch and dinner, while she's spent her day trying to read, which was often the same chapter over and over because she forgot where she started.But then it happened. Towards the end of the day, Kevin headed into the bathroom. He was getting ready for bed, and didn't realize Mrs. Brooks was taking another shower before bed. He stumbled in on her drying herself off. Her large breasts were right out in the open. He got an eye-full of her ass, reflected in the mirror. She was drying her leg, so her thick bush and her pussy underneath were exposed as well. Kevin stood there, motionless for a good two minutes, watching Margo dry herself. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants, aroused by this sensual display. It was then that Margo noticed him."Eeek! Get out! Oh my God, get out of here!"Kevin did just that, booking out of the bathroom like a bat out of hell. His face felt like it was on fire. He could't believe that just happened. His erection hadn't died down, that's for sure. Christ, this whole week would be awkward. Or at least, it would be, had he not forgotten a little fact.About half an hour later, Kevin was sitting in the living room. He was trying to watch TV, but the memory of Margo's body was still fresh on his mind. Those large tits. That beautiful bush. He knew he was going to rub one out that night. But any further interactions with her were going to be awkward as hell. Steven would kick his ass if he knew Kevin saw his mother like that. He was of course shocked to see Margo suddenly walk into the living room, wearing a pink night gown."Oh, hello Kevin. Are you staying the night?"Kevin immediately realized he'd forgotten all about her condition. Although Margo sometimes seemed to remember small moments, she probably forgot most of the incident. Still, Kevin didn't want to test his luck, and walked toward her. "Ehm, Mrs. Brooks. I wanted to apologize to you.""Oh? For what?" she asked."Our little incident?"She looked at him, still smiling, but completely oblivious to what he was talking about. "I'm sorry dear, I don't know what you mean."Kevin sighed. "Never mind. I'm off to bed. Good night Mrs. Brooks," he said."Good night, dear," she said. Kevin gave Margo another good look over. He had never really paid mind to how sexy she was. Curved body, with a nice round ass and a gorgeous pair of tits. Now he had to rub one out. No doubt about it. It was that night, after a wild orgasm he tried to hide with a muffled moan in his pillow, that a new thought grew in Kevin's mind. It was a devious one. Daring, but dangerous. But if she really couldn't remember, it might just work.The next day, Kevin bided his time until the late afternoon. No mailman, callers or any other visitors would drop by. It was the perfect time. Mrs. Brooks was upstairs, doing her thing. Kevin sat in the living room. He'd cleaned up after lunch, and relaxed on the couch. He gulped, still amazed he was going to try it. But who dares, wins, right? He removed his pants and sat on the couch, legs spread wide. A deep breath, before starting. No turning back now."Mrs. Brooks? It's Kevin. Could you come down, please?"Margo heard her being called, and vaguely remembered that Kevin spent the night at her house. She headed down, throwing on a sweater and yoga pants. She shrieked when she saw Kevin sitting there, with his cock exposed and hard as a rock, pointing right up to the ceiling. The tip already glistened with pre-cum."What are you doing? Oh my God!" she yelped.Margo ran upstairs, red as a tomato and embarrassed. Kevin did nothing. He simply pulled hi pants back on and waited. Made himself a cup of coffee and bided his time. When about twenty minutes had passed, he called again."Mrs. Brooks, could you come down?"Margo entered the living room again with a smile. "Hi Kevin, when did you get here?""I've been here for a while. Steven asked me to make you coffee and keep an eye on you.""Well, aren't you sweet?" she said.She remembered nothing. Kevin's hunch had been confirmed. He could get away with anything he wanted here, and there was no way she'd remember. His mind was made up, and his plan would go into action tonight. #Margo was feeling tired for the night. She was getting ready to lie down. But did she shower? She couldn't recall. She probably hadn't. So she undressed and put on her white robe and headed for the bathroom. Little did she know that Kevin was around the corner, waiting for the perfect moment. In the bathroom, Margo untied her robe, exposing her body to the warm steamed air caused by the running water of the shower. The robe dropped to the ground and she looked in the cabinet for a shower cap. When she looked up, she saw Kevin reflected in the mirror. He was naked, standing right behind her. Before she could react, he grabbed her wrists and twisted them harshly."OW! Kevin, what are you doing?" she gasped."Sshhh, don't struggle. Enjoy it," he whispered.Margo tried to push the young man off her, but her was much stronger than her. He simply pushed her down onto the floor, holding her down with his body and pinning her arms above her head. With his one free hand, he began groping her breasts. Margo was too stunned to say anything. She couldn't believe this was happening. She shrieked when Kevin spread her legs and pressed his hard cock against her pussy. "No, stop!" she wailed. Kevin began to circle the head of his dick around Margo's clit. The hairs of her bush tickled a bit. But he could tell her cunt was getting moist from the attention it was getting. He wasn't going to wait any longer. With a rough push, he slammed himself deep inside her. "Aaaaaah!" she gasped.He'd done it. He was inside her now. He began to rock in and out, fucking her wet pussy. Margo whelped with each trust, as her eyes filled with tears. Unrepentant, Kevin took one of her breasts and kneaded it roughly, sucking and biting on her nipple. He was careful not to leave a mark. He never imagined it would feel this good. To have his way with the woman who made him flap-jacks as a kid. What an amazing fuck she was.He briefly pulled out, then heaved Margo's legs up onto his shoulders, and resumed fucking her. With her heels she tried to push him off of her, but Kevin was too strong and did not relent. He pounded away, enjoying every second of his violation of her body. And so was she, no matter how much she would try to deny it. Not since her husband's death had a man fucked her like this. Her body ached for the attention and gave in, despite Margo's protests. "Please...no more...""You like it. Don't deny it. Aaaw, you're so fucking hot," Kevin gasped. Margo's body began to writhe. Her gasping became more paced. She moaned loudly with each thrust of Kevin's cock. To her own shock, she was on the verge of orgasm. She could feel it rising up. Her pussy was on fire! Her toes curled and nearly scratched Kevin's skin. "Aaaah...no...I'm...I'm cummmiiiiing!!"Margo gasped for air. It was the most intense orgasm her body ever went through. Kevin pushed his cock inside her as far as it could go. Margo was spent. Her whole body trembled from the euphoria of her orgasm. When she caught her breath, she tried to look away from her assailant. She felt humiliated, being forced in her own home, and to top it off, climax from her own rape. Why was this happening?Kevin pulled himself from her wet pussy. He was far from done with her, though. He took Margo by the arm and pulled her into the shower. She didn't struggle, but didn't understand what was going on."What...why are you?""Sssh, quiet," he grunted. "On your knees." She did as she was told. Within seconds, Kevin pushed his dick against her lips. She was going to suck him off. When she refused to comply, he pinched and twisted her earlobes."Open up!" he hissed.She did. With little regard, Kevin jammed his cock deep into her throat. Margo gagged, and slapped him on the hips, but nothing could deter Kevin now. He thrusted his cock back and forth, sliding it over the tongue. At some points, he would hold her head and push her onto his cock and hold it. Margo felt like she couldn't breathe. The pressure built up in Kevin's balls. That tingle. He couldn't hold back. "Aaah, fuck," Kevin moaned. "I'm cumming. Aaah, you dirty slut!"He pulled out from her mouth and aimed it right at Margo's face. An explosion of semen flung onto her face. She closed her eyes just in time, as his cum coated her face. Kevin's orgasm was even greater that the one from the night before. Taking what he wanted aroused him more than anything in his life. Watching Margo wince and sputter as he shot his load on her face was the greatest moment of his life. Margo slid down into the shower. The water was still running, so Kevin took the shower head and began spraying her with it. She resisted, but he managed to wash the cum off her eyes. He also made her lean over and washed her cunt, just to be sure. Before he stepped out of the shower, he smacked her bare ass. He was done.Margo slid into the corner of the shower, holding herself. She quietly sobbed, ashamed and hurt, but still reeling from her orgasm. Kevin hurried out, leaving her alone.For nearly an hour, Kevin hid in the guest bedroom, killing time. He hoped he was right. A tinge of fear ran through him when he imagined that this was the catalyst that would cause her memory to work. He'd be fucked! What could he do or say? Steven would kill him,av动漫 never mind the cops. When the hour passed, he dared to walk out. He heard someone humming from Margo's bedroom. He silently slipped toward the room and pushed the door open, so he could peek. Margo was sitting in front of her mirror, brushing her hair and singing to herself. Kevin knocked. She turned to him. "Oh, Kevin! Are you staying the night?" she asked."Yeah," he muttered. "If there is anything you need, I'll be down the hall.""Thank you dear," she said, with a wink of her eye.He had to ask. "Are you feeling all right?"Margo blushed. "Oh, I feel great," she chuckled. She was embarrassed to say, but she felt like she just had the most magnificent orgasm of her life, and she had no idea why. Kevin had an inkling, but decided to leave it at that. He headed to his room. It worked. His theory had proven to be right. Which opened a whole new world of possibilities. #The next morning, the phone rang. It was Steven. He was just checking up on how his mom was doing. Kevin called her down. She was just coming out of bed, and Kevin noticed she wasn't wearing anything aside from her white robe. She took the phone and began talking to her son. Kevin sat back and watched her.The robe, even though it covered her, did little to stop him from getting a good look at her figure. The way he leaned over the counter gave him a good impression of her curved ass. He watched her bare feet curdling up as she talked to her son. It was time again. He only needed to wait for her to finish."Ok, honey. Yes. Not, I'll be fine. I'm sorry I'm so loopy. I'd forget my own head these days. Yes. Okay. Yeah, okay hon. I love you. Be safe. Bye," Margo said, before hanging up.As soon as she did, two large hands grabbed hold of her breasts., squeezing them roughly through her robe. Margo gasped, shocked by what was happening. Before she could protest, Kevin pulled the robe open. Her breasts popped out. Her right he held tightly in his hand, while his left hand raced down and grabbed hold of her pussy, while he kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear."Kevin! What...what the hell are you...?"She didn't finish, because she shrieked when Kevin pulled her along by her long blonde hair. With ease, he hoisted her onto the table. She fell onto her back. With rushed flailing of his hands, he unbuckled, unzipped and dropped his pants, revealing his hardened cock. Before she could get up, Kevin grabbed her by her ankles and spread her legs, raising them high in the air. "No, please don't," she gasped. "Don't do this!"But he did. There was no stopping him. He plunged his cock deep into her. She wailed, ignorant that this was the second time this was happening to her. Kevin roughly fucked the woman that had been entrusted into his care in her own kitchen. Her breasts jiggled up and down with every thrust. She kept pleading for him to stop, but these became few in between as he went on. Once again, her body was reacting against her wishes. An orgasm was being built inside her. Her body was warm and drenched in the scent of lust, mingling with Kevin's own scent. The ferocity he raped her with was too much for her body. A primal urge had overtaken them both, and they enjoyed the fuck out of it. "Fuck me, your pussy is so fucking wet," Kevin grunted."Please, don't do this..." she moaned."Why not? Don't you like it?"Hesitation was written all over her face. She wasn't crying. She was looking him straight in the eye and grunted along. Her pussy clenched around his cock. Kevin laughed. He knew that look."You're loving this, aren't you? You love having your cunt pounded by me."Margo squinted her eyes. Through gritted teeth, she admitted the shameful truth."Yes...yes, Goddammit. I love you fucking my pussy.""Say it right, Mrs. Brooks. You love what in your where?""Your cock. I love your cock up my cunt.""What is your cunt like?""Wet, sloppy and horny for you. Please fuck me. Fuck me harder," she moaned.Kevin did just that. He pounded away, spreading her legs as far as they could go. With her hand, Margo rubbed her clit. Her other hand pinched her nipples. Kevin fucked her roughly and vigorously. She was perfect. The perfect whore for him, one he could fuck without repercussion. This thought turned him on even more. So much, he was building to his climax faster than expected."Fuck, I'm gonna cum!""No!" Margo gasped. "Not inside me! Please. Not in there!"Kevin ignored her. What did it matter? She wouldn't remember where he came. He kept going, feeling the pressure rise up in his balls to the tip of his cock."Oh fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuck!" he roared."Aaaah, I'm cumming," she moaned. Thick streams of cum blasted into Margo's wet cunt. She squealed as he pumped his load into her. Her hands covered her mouth when she gasped. She couldn't believe it. He came inside her. How could this happen to her? She had no idea why Kevin did this, still unaware this was the second time in two days. Nevertheless, she shivered all over. Her own orgasm overpowered her shame. She exhaled loudly, trying to hide a small smile. For all she knew, it was the best climax of her life. Kevin pulled out from her and watched as his cum dripped out of her wet cunt onto the dinner table. He pulled Margo from the table and pushed her on her knees. "Lap it up," he hissed.He pushed her face into the cum stain on the table. As ordered, she stuck out her tongue and began lapping it all up. Being pushed like that turned her on, even if the taste of his cum was bitter. Kevin, in the meantime, found himself some tissues and began wiping her cunt, getting rid of the cum that stained her wet pussy. "Clean yourself up. Now!" he hissed. She rushed back to the bathroom. He could hear the water run. In record time, Kevin cleaned up any evidence of the violation of Margo Brooks in her own kitchen from the face of the earth. He dressed himself and headed upstairs. Again, he waited. Not as long this time. When half an hour passed, he checked in on her."Hey, Mrs. Brooks. Are you doing ok?"She popped her head from the bathroom door, hiding her nudity. She smiled at him."Hey, Kevin. Give me a minute. I'll be right down. Make yourself some coffee," she said, with a smile and a wink.From the way she walked, he could see she was feeling great. Her post orgasm state put a spring in her step. Kevin grinned. He was in heaven.#And so it went for the following week. Kevin would find himself a moment where he could grab and rape Margo to his hearts content. She'd resist, shocked every time as if it was the first time, leading to an all out fuck fest where she'd submit to his will. He fucked her raw, and in any way he wanted. Her pussy? His. Her mouth? Used and soiled with his cum. Her tits? He groped those whenever he could, even if it didn't lead to a fuck session right away. She'd forget anyway. No matter where or when, he could have her, and she'd be none the wiser afterwards. It was amazing.But the day of Steven's return home was nearing closer and closer. And what Kevin didn't know was the erratic dreams Margo began to have. Some of them were so vivid. Every now and then, she'd find herself exceptionally horny and sore, as if she just made love to someone, but could not remember it. But those dream? A young man? He was rough. Violent even, but bestial in his way. It was exciting. Once, she found herself masturbating on her bed, having no knowledge of when she began. Was it a dream? Or a memory? In either way, she felt amazing, even if she didn't know why. #Kevin watched Margo sleep. She was naked. He made sure of that the night before. He checked his phone. Seven hours before Steven's plane would land. This would be his last day. He enjoyed watching her sleep, and felt it was almost a shame to wake her up now. But in seven hours, he would lose his last chance to do this. He grabbed the lubricant and sat down on her bed. He gently removed her sheets, and began administering the lube on her ass cheeks. He then rubbed it against her anus, to the point that he could slide two fingers right in. Margo moaned, stirring in her sleep. It was time.He placed himself on top of her. Mrs. Brooks woke up, startled. "What? What's going...?""Shh, don't fight it."With that, Kevin lined his cock up with Margo's ass and plunged it deep inside her. She screamed, but as Kevin pushed her face down in the pillow, it came out muffled. With no regard for her, he began sliding his cock in and out of her ass. It felt more amazing than anything. He loved violating her so much. It had all led up to this. What a hot and tight ass. What a MILF she was. He knew he'd never last long. Margo muttered;"You bastard! Get off of me! Stop that!""Give it a bit. You'll enjoy it," he whispered.Margo refused to give it, but he was right. She did start to enjoy it as he went on. Her ass clenched onto his cock, which only invigorated his rapid abuse of her anus. His balls slapped against her skin, hard and mercilessly. Kevin hoisted himself up to give himself a good view of the woman beneath him. Her body rocked back and forth with violent motions. She moaned and grunted as much as he did. Fuck, she was gorgeous. Her ass trembled as he went in deeper and deeper. He knew what that sensation meant."Are you gonna cum?" he asked."Mmnnn...no...""Don't lie. Not to me. Are you gonna cum?"She moaned; "yyeeesss...fuck, I'm cumming!""So am I," he grunted. "You want my cum, slut?""Fuck me!" she hissed. "Cum in my ass!"Kevin pounded harder, letting his orgasm rise up with a loud grunt. His climax was his best one yet, shooting a massive load right into her bowels. She moaned and gasped, tilting her head back as she came loudly at his hands and cock. This was her most intense orgasm yet. Both of them were left a panting, sweaty, cum-stained mess. Kevin pulled out from her and dragged her into the shower. He spread her ass and let his cum leak down her leg, before spraying her with the water. Once he was done with his inspection, he left her alone. He got dressed and headed downstairs. Later that night, Kevin heard a cab roll up into the driveway. It was Steven, who looked tired and ragged from his trip. Kevin gave him a drink, which he wasted no time in throwing back."So how was she? No trouble I hope?""None whatsoever," Kevin said, trying to suppress a smirk. Margo entered the living room, dressed in a nice red suit. "Hi, sweetie. When did you come back?"Both young men were startled by these words. For months, she'd forget her son went out to the store minutes after he left. Since when did she know Steven was gone?"Mom, you remembered?""Not really?" she admitted. "I saw your luggage, and assumed. But I think I'm remembering bits. Was it for a job?""Sort of," Steven said, disappointed there was no real change in his mothers condition. "How are you feeling mom?""I feel much better. Very happy. I don't know why. But I'm all tingly. Tingly and weird. I dunno," she said, with a giggle.Steven didn't think much about this, and his mind wandered off. Kevin on the other hand, blew a sigh of relief. His heart nearly skipped a beat. If her memory improved, he would have been fucked.The three sat down and chatted for a while. Kevin felt a bit awkward whenever Margo would compliment him on his looks and ask him why he wasn't seeing anyone. If she only knew. He knew he'd miss her in the coming years. His beautiful MILF slut, who for a brief time was all his to use on a whim. Later that night, after Mrs. Brooks went off to bed and Kevin was halfway out the door, Steven pulled him aside."Look, I'm sorry to spring this on you, but the company is not doing too hot right now.""Oh?""Yeah. It looks like I'll be going on another trip very soon. Might be longer than a week.""How much longer?" Kevin asked."A month. Maybe more. I know I already asked a lot from you with this week, but...""Say no more," Kevin said with a smile. "I'd be more than happy to watch your mom again?""Really? Oh, God, that would help me so much. Are you sure it wouldn't be an imposition?"Kevin shook his head and patted his friend's shoulder."Of course not. What are friends for?" he said, grinning deviously. END



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